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While suppliers in the united States operate under the generally accepted audit principles (GAAP), many other countries use the global Financial Reporting standards (IFRS). Over there are many differences in between both systems, an especially in just how they act inventory accounting.

One the the most simple differences is that GAAP permits the usage of all three of the most common methods for inventory accountability—weighted-average price method; very first in, an initial out(FIFO); and also last in, very first out(LIFO)—while the IFRS forbids the use of the LIFO method. GAAP and IFRS likewise differ on list reversal write-downs and also costing formulas.

Though this two systems are various in plenty of ways, they have some similarity in their approach to perform costing. For example, inventory costs must incorporate all direct expenses to prepared inventory because that sale, including overhead, and must exclude selling costs and also most general bureaucratic costs.

Let"s take it a look at few of the vital differences between GAAP and IFRS"s treatment of list accounting.

Companies in the united States run under the typically accepted accounting principles (GAAP), while many other nations use the global Financial Reporting standards (IFRS).GAAP permits the use of all 3 of the most common methods because that inventory accountability; the IFRS forbids the use of the LIFO method.IFRS calls for that list is carried at the lower of cost or network realizable value; U.S. GAAP needs that list is carried at the reduced of cost or marketvalue.IFRS allows for some inventory reversal write-downs; GAAP go not.

inventory Valuation

Under GAAP, perform is taped as the lesser of expense or net asset worth (NAV) under FIFO. According to the Financial accounting Standards board (FASB), the company responsible because that interpreting and also modifying GAAP, together of 2017 this technique should be used rather of using replacement cost.

The IFRS lays down slightly various costing rules. It says that perform is measured as the lesser of price or network realizable value.

This is a subtle difference because both entities usage the expression "net realizable value" to typical slightly different things. The IFRS"s meaning of net realizable value is equal to the estimated selling price minus any reasonable costs linked with a sale. Because that GAAP, net realizable worth is the ideal approximation of just how much "inventories room expected come realize."

Reversal of perform Write-Downs

Both systems need that list be created down as shortly as its cost is higher than its net realizable value. In a sense, this means the perform is "underwater."

Sometimes the network realizable worth changes and also adjusts back up; meaning, for some reason, the list assets have actually appreciated in value. The IFRS permits for reversals to be made and also subsequent rises in worth to be recognized in jae won statements. These reversals should be known in the duration in which castle occur and also are restricted to the lot of the original write-down. In contrast, GAAP prohibits reversals altogether.

accounting Methods because that Inventory costs

International standards are an extremely different. Unless specifically exempted together "not ordinarily interchangeable interchangeable for goods and also services produced," all inventory should be accounting for using the FIFO or weighted-average expense method. The method selected must remain consistent. According to IAS 2, "the same price formula need to be supplied for all inventories with comparable characteristics as to their nature and use come the entity."


Because of the man that can arise between the differences between the IFRS and GAAP, accounting bodies in the U.S. And elsewhere have actually expressed a desire come converge bookkeeping rules in between the two systems. The is likely that such convergence initiatives will eliminate the use of LIFO costing in the U.S. And create a much more consistent an interpretation of net realizable value, amongst other significant accounting changes.

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