In wake up of current events, this phrase is more impactful than ever — music is a global language. Imagine dragons reminded Denver that the important role that music has actually in the world at The Pepsi Center. Over there is normally a feeling of skepticism when national chart-topping acts come v Denver. Jargon such as “sell-out” and “generic” is frequently thrown around and also people typically expect an over the optimal production v all sorts of bells and whistles. Imagine dragon proved just the opposite this weekend. Despite having a huge repertoire of hits that have actually consistently peaked on The Billboard charts because 2012, the las Vegas-based alternate rockers make Denver’s 18,000 chair arena feel prefer an intimate showcase.

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One that the many emotional moments of the show came once Reynolds take it his time on stage to talk about mental health and also it’s wrongfully taboo duty in society. The lead singer admitted to enduring from depression at a really young age. Reynolds called the crowd how writing music enabled him to cope with his depression prior to singing the fitting first lines the the band’s 2012 hit “Demons.” 

As the final stretch the the present reared that is head, the five-piece ensemble ventured come the ago end that the arena floor where an additional stage was collection up through acoustic instruments. In honor of the so late Tom Petty, the band paid your respects through a beautiful covering of “I Won’t earlier Down,” which matched the triumphant design template of the evening rather well. The group delivered a consistent wall surface of sound from start to finish. The sound engineering crew to be holding increase their end of the display with terrific mix that shredding guitar and thick yet concise bass.

Many music lover attend concert to experience the very same music lock love carry out in a different way. V that in mind, the band placed a compelling twisted on their most popular song, “Radioactive.” Right before the critical chorus, all five members that the tape picked increase drumsticks and stood in a group approximately center phase where every performer had their own set of acrylic drums set up (apart native the main drumset). Reynolds, McKee, Sermon and drummer Daniel Platzman began to all north at the exact same time, do each impact shake the floors the The Pepsi Center. donate by a string track of the song’s chord progression, this break down gave the popular hit a refresh update suitable for arena performances.

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It is common practice to view bands leaving the phase to develop tension prior to they return because that an encore. Well, the Nevada-rooted quintet walk away with the “norm” and also went directly through their collection with no breaks. Reynolds was explaining come the Denver crowd just how making us wait for an encore would certainly mean much less time for music and how in the times of today, no minute should be wasted. The band wanted to give Denver as numerous songs together they can in your two-hour set. In the 50-plus concerts I’ve seen, I’ve never witnessed a mainstream artist carry out something as distinct as Imagine Dragon’s Denver performance.