How us make is as necessary as what we make. Putting world first. Opened doors with education. And protecting theplanet.

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In extraordinary times, health and safety continue to be thepriority.

From the minute the danger of COVID‑19 emerged, took action. Working very closely with clinical experts and our suppliers, we put the health and safety of the civilization in our supply chain first. We applied standard steps like an individual protective equipment, deep‑cleaning protocols, and health screenings. Yet we went much further, reimagining whole factory layouts and processes come ensure that people could practice appropriate social distancing. We continue to support our suppliers roughly the world and also have common our best practices and lessons learned v partners across theindustry.

We take it immediate activity to keep world safe throughout the COVID‑19crisis.

We work hand in hand through our suppliers everywhere the civilization to assist keep your employees safe by redesigning manufacturing facility floor plans therefore everyone have the right to be socially distanced, implementing deep‑cleaning standards, staggering schedules, and also offering onsite trial and error in numerous locations. Us share what we discover with the end 170 member suppliers of the Responsible company Alliance (RBA) and recently updated ours Supplier password of conduct with expanded Infectious disease Preparedness and solution measures, helping all providers to far better prepare for, prevent, and also respond to contagious diseases. We likewise take proactive measures to make sure that the health, safety, and well‑being of providers employees remain our top priority. And we strengthen our work with nonprofit establishments to administer education around COVID-19 to the many vulnerablecommunities.

Safety is constructed in indigenous the verystart.

Health and also safety actions are installed into our product style process. Our evaluate of supplier safety and security practices begin long prior to employees work with a brand-new machine. We occupational alongside designers as they develop machinery and manufacturing approaches to do sure procedures are safe. Then, during our continuous supplier assessments, we check to be sure all health and also safety requirements are being met. Plenty of chemicals are prohibited outright, and when chemicals room used, strict procedures are required. And we continue to advancement industry standards, help manufacturers throughout industries embrace safer, greeneralternatives.

We partner with local experts to help people live healthierlives.

Our partnerships permit us to produce customized health training programs to help supplier employees much better manage their wellness inside and outside the workplace. These programs have reached end 1.9 million people and also cover topics favor nutrition, self-examination for at an early stage cancer detection, and reproductive health and wellness — knowledge human being can also share with theircommunities.

A+For the third year in a row, was awarded one A+ rating because that eliminating toxic chemicals by more secure Chemicals, Healthy family members as component of its mental the Storeranking.

21.5 million human being trained top top theirrights.

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Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and to have their rights respected. As part of our Supplier code of Conduct, we call for our companies to carry out their employees through training on their rights. likewise directly engages with thousands of supplier employee on their workplace experiences. Since the an ext we listen and learn, the far better we allare.