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kinds of Elections: General Elections - an election to fill public offices. Primary Elections - an election before the basic election in i m sorry voters pick the candidates that will operation on each party"s ticket. Primaries are likewise used to select convention delegates and party leaders, and may be open or closed. a. Open up Primary - an election that permits voter to select on choice Day the party major in which they great to vote. They may vote because that candidates of just one party. (A blanket or "free love" primary is a type of open up primary. In the poll booth you mark a ballot the lists the candidates for nomination of all the parties, and also thus you can help select the democratic candidate for one office and also the Republican candidate because that another.) b. Closed Primary - the choice of a party"s candidates in an election minimal to registered party members. Avoids members of other parties from "crossing over" to influence the nomination the an the contrary party"s candidate. c. Runoff Primary - if no candidate it s okay a majority of the votes, a runoff is organized to decide who should win. choice Vocabulary

Electoral college - A group of persons called "electors," selected through the voter in every state, that officially elects the president and also vice president. The variety of electors in each says is equal to its number of representatives in both dwellings of Congress.

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Initiative - an electoral procedure through which citizens can propose law or constitution amendments and refer the decision to a popular vote through obtaining the required number of signatures top top a petition.

Machine - A hierarchically organized, centrally led state or neighborhood party organization that rewards members with product benefits (patronage).

Office-Block Ballot - A ballot listing every candidates for a provided office as that office; likewise called a "Massachusetts" ballot.

Party-Column Ballot - A ballot listing every candidates that a offered party together under the name of the party; likewise called one "Indiana" ballot.

Split-Ticket poll - Voting because that candidates of different parties for various offices in the same election. Because that example, voting because that a Republican because that senator and also a Democrat for president.

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Straight-Ticket voting - vote candidates who are all of the same party. For example, voting because that Republican candidates because that senator, representative, and also president.

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