Modify the script, the does the following: 1. Create a new variable (it walk not need to be an setting variabl

Solution and Explanation:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# output document name because that stdout



# output paper name because that stderr



# opening and pipe come cmd1 and output of cmd1 pipe to cmd3 and giving file for stdout and stderr

cat | ./cmd1 | ./cmd3 > $FILEOUT 2>$FILEERR

# finish OF SCRIPT

# NOTE: that is come make certain all papers in same magazine including

After to run

$ ./



____ is the surname of the perpetual software application package that has individual applications that can be set up on a solitary compu


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Image map

Typically, internet pages use different species of inline images. Animage map defines one or much more areas together hotspots and also is a special type of inlineimage. For instance, every hotspot in an image map is may be to link to adifferent page.

2. Headings

Once the web page framework is set, you deserve to now entercontent of the internet page informational text paragraphs and also headings. Headings separatetext or add new topics top top the page. Headings are suggested by the tag all v to

3. Deprecated tags

Bydefault, W3C support 3 paper types because that XHTML HTML, frameset, transitional, and also strict. Strictis specified when you desire to illegalize usage of deprecated tags. Deprecatedtags room tags that W3C hasearmarked for ultimate removal from their specifications since these tagshave been changed by much more newer and functional tags.

4. Frameset paper type

As mentioned above in question 3, W3C supports 3 documenttypes because that XHTML HTML, frameset, transitional, and also strict. Frameset documenttype is provided to support frames top top a page and enables the use of deprecated tags.

5. Definition list

Definition list is an instance of a list the offsets information ina dictionary like style. They room not frequently used as compared to unordered andordered lists and are necessary in developing a glossary like list of definitionsand items.

6. Virus.

A virus is a malicious software application code the multiplies andreplicates by copying chin to one more application, document, boot sector andchanges how a computer should operate. Typically, a computer system virus can not reproducewithout programming a document or a file.

7. Width Attribute

This attribute specifies the width of picture and theheight specifies the elevation of one image. Both space measured in pixels and thevalue must constantly be in pixel. It mentions the width of a cabinet attribute andis provided to collection a predefined width of a cell.

8. Alt attribute

Commonly used with the tag, the alt attributespecifies an alternative image or text, if the photo is not in a position to bedisplayed. The required alt attribute provides info of picture if a user forknown or unknown reasons cannot view it.

9. Color property

It defines the text for one HTML element. It is stated bythe shade name, a HEX value and also an RGB value. The most common ways amongstthese three is the HEX value. You can additionally use shade name by instead of the HEXcode through the surname of the color.

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10. Source Code

Source code is that HTML code which is interpreted into agraphical internet page by a browser. The is possible to view the source code for anypage from within the web browser. Using this feature, it can help one examine his orher own code or for another developer.