Ajinkya Rahane scored his maiden hundred at house while Ravindra Jadeja take it his 4th five-wicket haul together India took a commanding 213-run lead over southern Africa in ~ stumps on job 2.

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Welcome come the LIVE updates of work 2 of fourth Test between India and also South Africa from Feroz shah Kotla (Scorecard)


India second innings

16:54 IST: STUMPS. India did no enforce the follow-on after taking a mammoth 213-run lead. The umpires asked Hashim Amla his an option of bowlers and also he claimed pace - lock promptly referred to as off play offered the fading light. Shikhar Dhawan and also Murali Vijay will start afresh in the morning and also extend their lead.

South Africa 1st innings

16.46 IST: WICKET! Ashwin take away his second wicket, gets rid of Tahir, who was smartly caught by instead of fielder Lokesh Rahul. Southern Africa space all out for 121 and also India lead by 213 in the an initial innings. Not sure whether India room enforcing the follow-on. 

16.40 IST: WICKET! Jadeja completes his fourth fifer in test cricket but much more importantly, he has removed abdominal muscle de Villiers (42), who was sensationally caught by Ishant Sharma close to the ropes. Southern Africa are 118/9 and trail India by 216 

16.37 IST: nine overs space left to be bowled today. India will certainly be backing themselves to bowl south Africa the end by stumps. De Villiers has detailed strong resistance yet will that be enough? He requirements some support from Morkel, who is at the crease and also Tahir, that is come follow. 

16.23 IST: WICKET! Jadeja snares his fourth as he sends off Dane Piedt. De Villiers must be emotion really lonely now as he contemplates means of saving South Africa the blushes in the very first innings. The task of saving the test will start later. SA 103/8 and also trail India by 231. 

16.08 IST: AB de Villiers came out all guns blazing and was feather really good but he has been stifled through the loss of regular wickets at the other end. This is a catastrophe for south Africa, who had actually a good chance to salvage part pride ~ above the ideal pitch in the series.

16.02 IST: WICKET! Ashwin is finally amongst the wickets as he clears Abbott for 4. South Africa room in deep problem at 84/7, rolling India by a massive 250 runs. 

15.57 IST: WICKET! Ishant joins the party. He has actually castled Dane Villas, that has had a terrible series. Southern Africa 79/6 and also in real risk of not getting to the follow-on target below after India piled increase 334. 

15.46 IST: This has been completely India\"s session so far. It continues to be to it is in seem if bad lights force at an early stage stumps yet the south Africans would not yes, really mind heading ago to the safety of your dressing rooms ideal now. SA 79/5

15.35 IST: Ashwin back in the attack. This is a dangerous step of beat for southern Africa, who are already battling to remain in the Test. India have actually their tails up.  

15.28 IST: South Africa (66/5) need 69 an ext to prevent the follow-on. It\"s i can not qualify India will certainly enforce it but it will certainly another major embarrassment for the Proteas. However unless abdominal muscle fires, they are going come fall way short of the mark. 

15.25 IST: WICKET! What a shipment from Umesh Yadav - that squared Duminy up and also rattled his timber, castling him for 1. Southern Africa 65/5 and trail India by 269 runs on day 2. 

15.23 IST: Kohli is operating through his 2 wicket-takers this particular day - Umesh and Jadeja. Ashwin is however to strike but his spells will certainly be key to exactly how India fare in this Test. 

15.14 IST: Duminy has actually joined de Villiers at the crease. This is southern Africa\"s last well-known batting pair and it will certainly be a an essential stand for the visitors. Can the duo save the Indian attack at bay for the rest of the day? Remember, play was dubbed off early on yesterday early out to bad light. 

15.11 IST: WICKET! Jadeja has three now. Another South afri batsman falls to another poor shot. Faf du Plessis shaped to beat the paddle scoop but is captured by Rahane because that a duck. South Africa 62/4 

14.40 IST: WICKET! 2nd one for Jadeja together he gets rid of Amla. Bad shot-selection by the southern African skipper, who is the end for 3. SA 56/3 after ~ India were bowled the end for 334.

2.32 IST: WICKET! right up after ~ tea, Jadeja strikes to remove Bavuma, that was play a risky game. His technique was almost everywhere the place and he pays the can be fried price - loser his wicket. south Africa 40/2 in overs 

2.16 IST: TEA - This session at least helped South Africa nippers back. ~ bowling India out for 334, the Proteas had their finest opening stand of the series with Elgar and also Bavuma including 36. However, Umesh gotten rid of Elgar no long prior to the 2nd break. India will currently hope for the spinners come come right into play in the last session the the day. 

2.09 IST: Tea is minutes away now and also Ashwin is in his fifth over. There has been no great turn, no real rip turn off the key yet. The southern African batsmen have safeguarded comfortably. Yet surely, the key is going to cracked up later. SA 37/1 

14.04 IST: Umesh has actually been expensive and even erratic in his line however that window of Elgar has operated wonders because that his confidence. The is working up very good pace and also that\"s what Kohli likes. Can he take it out another South afri batsman before tea? 

15.00 IST: Hashim Amla, the new man in, has not been among the runs in this series, however has presented remarkable resilience in hard conditions. This is currently a very great pitch come bat on and also the southern African captain is a class-act. Can he steer the visitors here? 

13.57 IST: WICKET! India\"s most expensive bowler on present today, Umesh Yadav strikes to remove Dean Elgar because that 17. It to be a full ball and also the southpaw edged it come Saha, who made no failure behind the stumps. south Africa 36/1 

13.46 IST: south Africa are 27/0, rolling India through 307 runs v tea approaching fast.

13.43 IST: The actual test for south Africa starts now. Spin introduced with Ashwin in the attack.

13.31 IST: south Africa space off come a heavy start right here - Elgar and Bavuma have taken the hosts to 22/0 after ~ India to be bowled out for 334. The hosts would want at least one wicket prior to tea. 

13.12 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings for Bavuma as Umesh continues to bowl an erratic line. That was a superb shot and also South Africa reach 14/0 in the 6th over 

13.10 IST: another loud very nice one by Ishant versus Elgar but Dharmasena continues to be unmoved again. He is working up some good pace here. South Africa 10/0 ~ India were bowled the end for 334. 

12.58 IST: loud appeal because that lbw by Ishant versus Elgar however umpire Kumara Dharmasena is unmoved. However, Sunil Gavaskar reckons it\"s a good shout. 

12.56 IST: FOUR! Bavuma gets turn off the note in layout - he has replaced valve Zyl in the opening slot and he will be expected to acquire a huge one here. southern Africa 4/0 after 2 overs

12.50 IST: Ishant Sharma will start proceedings for India through the new ball. Southern African openers Elgar and also Bavuma are challenged with one uphill task here. 

India first innings

12.35 IST: WICKET! Abbott clears Ishant for a duck and also completes his 2nd fifer. The finishes with 5/40 on a pitch that virtually had actually nothing because that the pacers. India are 334 every out yet they will certainly be really happy v this initiative from your batsmen. Over to the bowlers now. 

12.32 IST: WICKET! Abbott cases his 4th as he removes Ashwin for 56. That was a splendid knock under pressure. India room 334/9 after lunch as south Africa seek to bowl India out quickly now. 

12.15 IST: Kyle Abbott will start proceedings for southern Africa after ~ lunch. India\"s next target will certainly be 350 and that would be a substantial score in this circumstances. Yes, the key has definitely eased out however South Africa\"s batsmen have actually been in an extremely poor form and India\"s spinners have actually been top top fire. The key is supposed to turn as the game progresses and also that has acquired to count for something. 

11.35 IST: Lunch. This conference belonged entirely to India. They added 95 runs for the ns of Rahane, who dropped for 127. Ashwin perfect his sixth fifty as the hosts saw lunch on 326/8

11.27 IST: SIX! Ashwin brings up his sixth fifty in style. What a knock this has actually been under pressure. India are 323/8 through lunch approximately the corner. 

11.20 IST: Ashwin is pull close a fifty and also India room in a strong position now. After an additional top-order failure, the lower-order rallied about Rahane as India went previous 300. This are an extremely useful runs being included by the tail. India 316/8 

11.05 IST: FOUR! Umesh Yadav gets turn off the mark with a boundary but that\"s additionally due to some poor work close to the ropes. It bring up India\"s 300. They are 301/8 

11.01 IST: WICKET! That\"s the finish of Rahane\"s lengthy fightback. Tahir strikes finally and also gets rid the the centurion because that 127 and also he walks turn off to a heat applause from the Kotla crowd. India 296/8 

10.44 IST: Rahane has actually been sensational - not only has he gained his maiden hundred at home yet he stitched 3 invaluable stands through Kohli, Jadeja and also Ashwin as India edged closer come 300 - that will certainly be another very first this series. 

10.30 IST: Rahane actions on the gas through two sixes soon after his hundred. V Ashwin additionally getting a move-on, 300 is looking really good.

10.16 IST: Four! Brilliant effort from Rahane. Bring up his maiden ton at residence with a fantastic straight drive. He acknowledges the Kotla crowd. Will certainly this it is in the start of Rahane\"s an excellent run at home? IND 257/7.

10.10 IST: Ashwin is obtaining a relocate on here. His timing has been brilliant. 

Morkel and also Abbott have kept the tight v the second brand-new ball. India have controlled to include 16 operation to the overnight complete in the an initial half-an-hour.

10.04 IST: Kumble divulges stats around average scores top top the first three days in ~ Kotla. The scores on job 3 and also day 2 are an ext than the first day\"s play. Is the pitch getting far better for batsmen? Will southern Africa have the ability to make usage of the improving batting conditions?

10.00 IST: Amla has actually dropped an additional one, or it fell brief of him. That hasn\"t to be able to organize onto also one in this innings. Abbott watch a little bit unimpressed with the initiative at the slips. Ashwin survives. IND 244/7.

9.52 IST: Ashwin doesn\"t look favor the potential allrounder he was meant to be. He has been recognize fielders since the start of the day\"s play. Where has Ashwin - the allrounder - gone?

Rahane\"s previous finest score in India was 15. Is he going to score the very first century that this series?

Both this batsmen are looking focused here. India would certainly love them to bring on and take your team\"s total past the 300-run mark. Rahane is inching in the direction of his ton.

9 47.IST: Four! Nice timing from Ashwin. Whips Abbott\"s distribution off the pads to bring up the first boundary that the day. IND 240/7.

9.30 IST: and also Rahane gets turn off the mark for the day. He tucks the sphere towards the square foot boundary. With that single he moves into the 90s - 10 away from his maiden ton in India. IND 232/7.

9.28 IST: Morkel maintains a perfect seam position and also the pace is additionally good. Rahane is spring a little bit uncomfortable against the tall fast bowler. 

9.04 IST: The sunlight is out as Sunil Gavaskar gives the pitch report. Sunil claims the pitch demands batsmen to use themselves, as with how Rahane walk on Wednesday. There will certainly be less movement for the seamers, the adds. There are a few spots appearing on the pitch. Shuan Pollock predicts an ext turn on job 2. Batting will be a bit easier than what it was in Nagpur and also Mohali.

9.00 IST: Nice it will be cold breeze at the Kotla, claims Harsha Bhogle. Anil Kumble highlights the importance of very first session, claims whichever team bring away the initiative will certainly take the momentum through them. Just how many much more can India score?

8.35 IST: A tiny less than one hour to walk for the begin of second day\"s play. Ajinkya Rahane has steered India the end of danger here in Kotla. Can Rahane and Ashwin take it India to a competitive an initial innings total? The pitch need to remain mainly the same as yesterday. Southern African bowlers will look to use the early morning conditions to choose up beforehand wickets. A cracked day\"s pat ahead. IND 231/7.


It to be an engrossing very first day the the fourth and final Test in between India and South Africa at Delhi\"s Feroz shah Kotla. ~ opting come bat, India were off to a reasonably sound start before Dane Piedt and Kyle Abbott ripped with the hosts\" middle-order, sharing 7 wickets between them. However, a counterattacking 89 no out through Ajinkya Rahane and also useful contributions by skipper Virat Kohli (44) and also Ravindra Jadeja (24) aided India finish the job on 231/7.

South Africa will rue some missed avenues to key the Indians out for less than 200. Amla dropped Rahane when he to be on 27 if Imran Tahir to be shoddy. Had he rotate up at the Kotla with better form, the Proteas would have gone earlier to the adjust rooms a much happier unit on Thursday.

However, work 2 brings through it the prospect of some interesting cricket. Rahane is ~ above the verge of his maiden test hundred in ~ home. No batsman has scored a hundreds in the collection so much - undoubtedly it will be distinct for Rahane if the does get there. Besides, he has R Ashwin in ~ the crease v him and also India would be banking on this pair to get them to 300, a very good score top top a pitch the Anil Kumble think will compromise as the enhance progresses. He have to know because he as soon as took every 10 Pakistani wickets top top this same ground.

South Africa\"s batsmen would have likewise spent a sleepless night reasoning of means to tackle the Indian spin twin of Ashwin and Jadeja, who have actually so far combined 40 wickets in the collection so far.

The Proteas have discovered Ashwin practically unplayable if Jadeja has actually made crucial breakthroughs at an essential moments. Yet first, the tourists will should overcome a potent pace strike comprising Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav, that will save the openers honest.

Can Hashim Amla, abdominal de Villiers and also Faf du Plessis assist South Africa get rid of the odds and salvage some pride? they came below as the No.1 team however their pride has actually been severely dented by India, who finished their nine-year-old untouched streak in away series on pitches the turned square.

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