Broward county Sheriff’s Office’s Public details Officer,Veda Coleman-Wright, has proclaimed the report of the alleged sexual attack between Dedrick Williams and men believedto it is in friends with Kodak black is “unfounded.” Williams is right now awaiting trial because that the murder ofXXXTentacion.

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Dedrick Williams, a suspect in the murder instance of slain rapperXXXTentacion, was apparently sexually struck by a group of men believedto be affiliatedwith Kodak Black.

The incident, reported by blog hip Hop Overload Thursday (June 28), asserted Williams was approachedby a team of males in the showers and also attacked. While the blog reported there to be an test rape, screenshots common by the source state the 22-year-old was actually raped by Kodak Black’s friends.

The assault was a reported retaliation because that the death of XXXTentacion.

XXXTentacion, bornJahseh Onfroy, was close v Black. The Florida rappers came together to record Black’s fight single, “Roll in Peace,”last year.

Black payment tribute to XXX ~ above the main of his fatality by play the rapper’s song, “A Ghetto Christmas Carol” on the critical day that his job Baby tour.


A write-up shared by The large Stepper (
kodakblack) on Jun 18, 2018 at 6:12pm PDT

Willams is currently being organized at Broward ar jail on charges of first-degree murder, probationviolation and also a control infraction.

thedesigningfairy.com got to out come Broward county Jail for much more information top top the alleged incident.

This is a developing story.

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