I am an extremely interested in the Inter-American college of Puerto Rico optometry school. The biggest draw for me is that ns could development my Spanish speaking skills, in order to go on come do medical missions in Latin America. However, i noticed from the ASCO website that their entering GPA and also OAT scores space the shortest of all the schools. Additionally, the admissions dates are later than everyone elses dates. Does this mean that that is a "plan B" school? ns hope not, since it"s actually my very first choice. (2nd=Southern college of Optometry, Memphis TN). Ns do understand that that is completely accredited.Please tell me the BUZZ top top this institution if you recognize it. Good and/or Bad. Thanks!!

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i was a pre opt junkie, i median i knew every little thing you needed to know about optometry school, i have even visted 7 (that"s gotta be some type of record) but i never heard anything around Puerto Rico, great or poor (and trust me that schools favor to speak "we space #1,or 2 , this other program is too researched based, blah blah".)if spanish exams is her goal - PR sounds choose a an excellent deal. I in reality did not apply because i was also scared the the spanish necessity (i *think* you have actually to be able to do an test in spanish by 2nd year and i was afread)one thing i would indicate to you would be to discover an alumni and also see what they thought of their regime - a recent grad would certainly be best. (the admit office should have actually a list)


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The Inter American university is the greatest private university system in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with about 44,000 students; that is additionally the an initial institution out of the continental United states to it is in accreditted by middle States association (since 1944). It has 9 campuses throughout the island and two professional schools, one of them is law and also the other is optometry. I am an alumni indigenous the Bayamón campus where a brand-new state of the art optometry school building is under construction. It will be inaugurated by fall 2007.I am not an optometry student (actually ns am a MD-MPH student), I visited the Inter American college for undergradute. However, i can give you some info that you can find useful. The concern of the lower scores required in the standarized test (OAT, MCAT, LSAT) for admission to graduate or experienced school in Puerto Rico is because most the the world in the island speaks spanish with English together a 2nd language and the scores room down scaled come reflect this reality, (imagine yourself taking a test favor the OAT in spanish - OUCH!!!). The very same happens because that Med School and also Law School. You must not be worried about accreditation due to the fact that the school is fully accreditted, so you will certainly not have any problems as soon as you go ago home to practice the profession. I have the right to assure you the the high quality of the education and learning that you will receive, if you decide to attend, at IAUOS will not be any type of less than any other similar program in the United states or Canada. I need to warn you around something the language issue. Lectures are carried out either in English or Spanish, and sometimes a mix of both (it depends upon the instructor); however, terminology, books and exams are always in English. You will need to understand and speak Spanish (at the very least to a simple level) since your patients in the clinical practice will be largely Spanish speakers. A piece of advice: always follow her heart to wherever it leads you. Numbers doesn"t typical anything (#1, #2, etc.) it is approximately you to do a distinction and constantly do your best. If what you desire is to offer in Latin America friend must know some Spanish and Puerto Rico is the perfect ar for accomplish your two purposes to come to be an optometrist and also to enhance your Spanish language skills. Take it care!!!!!Useful links:http://optonet.inter.edu/home.html http://www.inter.edu/en/index.asp