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Interest group, also called special attention group, advocacy group, or pressure group, any kind of association of individuals or organizations, commonly formally organized, that, on the communication of one or an ext shared concerns, make the efforts to influence public policy in that favour. All interest teams share a desire to affect government plan to advantage themselves or their causes. Their goal could be a plan that specifically benefits team members or one segment of culture (e.g., government subsidies because that farmers) or a policy that developments a broader public function (e.g., boosting air quality). They attempt to attain their objectives by lobbying—that is, by attempting to bring pressure to bear on policy devices to obtain policy outcomes in their favour.

Interest teams are a organic outgrowth of the communities of attention that exist in all societies, native narrow groups such as the Japan Eraser Manufacturers association to broad groups such as the American Federation the Labor–Congress of industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) and also to even more comprehensive organizations such together the military. Politics and also interests room inseparable. Interests are a prevalent, permanent, and essential aspect of every political systems—democratic, authoritarian, and also totalitarian regimes alike. Furthermore, interest groups exist at every levels the government—national, state, provincial, and also local—and progressively they have occupied vital role in worldwide affairs.

The typical goals and also sources the interest groups obscure, however, the fact that they differ widely in their type and lobbying techniques both in ~ and throughout political systems. This write-up provides a large overview that explains these differences and also the duty that interest groups play in society.


As defined above, one interest group is generally a formally organized association that seeks to affect public policy. This broad definition, increasingly used by scholars, contrasts with older, narrow ones that include only private associations that have actually a distinct, formal organization, such as Italy’s Confindustria (General Confederation the Industry), the unified States’s National education Association, and Guatemala’s shared Support team (human legal rights organization). One difficulty with such a narrow meaning is that numerous formally arranged entities room not private. The most vital lobbying forces in any culture are the assorted entities of government: national, regional, and local federal government agencies and institutions such together the military. Another reason to opt because that a broad definition is that in all societies there are numerous informal teams that are, in effect, attention groups yet would no be spanned by the narrow definition. For example, in all political systems there are influential teams of political and also professional elite that might not be well-known as officially groups yet are nonetheless an essential in informally influencing public policy.

Some interest teams consist of individuals such together ranchers or fruit growers that may kind farm commodity organizations. In various other instances, an interest group is composed not of individuals yet of organizations or businesses, such together the Histadrut (General Federation of Labour) in Israel and Amazon Watch, which includes environmental and indigenous institutions in number of South American countries. These species of institutions are referred to as peak associations, together they are, in effect, the major groups in their area of attention in a country.

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The hatchet interest rather than interest group is frequently used come denote broad or less-formalized politics constituencies, such as the farming interest and also the eco-friendly interest—segments of culture that might include numerous formal interest groups. Similarly, interest is frequently used once considering government entities functioning to affect other federal governments (e.g., a local government seeking to secure capital from the nationwide government). In authoritarian and developing societies, where formal interest groups are minimal or not also developed, interest is regularly used to designate more comprehensive groupings such as government elites and also tribal leaders.