After girlfriend beat the key story, you"ll with the division 2 endgame. You might think there"s not as lot to carry out after you with level 30, however the reality of the matter is the you"ve barely even scratched the surface of the game by that point. The department 2 endgame has actually so much more content for you to feast on, from invaded missions and also raids come level four control points and exotic weapons.

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You"ll have to prepare yourself though, due to the fact that The division 2 certainly doesn"t get any kind of easier. The black color Tusk faction invade and they"ve lugged a bunch that weaponised robot dogs with them - scary stuff. Here"s whatever you must know about the division 2 endgame.

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How to reach The department 2 endgame

The department 2 level lid is set at Level 30. If you"re doing everything feasible to occupational your method through the game"s main missions, you need to hit the by the moment you"ve taken earlier full control of DC. That course, if you"re wondering exactly how to level up fast in The department 2, we"ve gained you extended too.

But, as soon as you do hit Level 30, you may be wondering what exactly"s changed. The map looks almost identical, as well as the illustration of a new Stronghold to the eastern of the map. This, and also the truth that one of the 3 Dark Zones unexpectedly has gear normalisation disabled, is usually the starter to her endgame buffet. To access the actual banquet of content, make certain you"ve perfect all three of the Strongholds - True Sons, Outlaws and Hyenas. They"re long, and also incredibly difficult, also as a foursome, yet you"ll acquire loads that XP and also tasty loot for doing them. Oh, and unlock the whole endgame.

On completing all three, you"ll be teleported to civilization Tier 1, i m sorry is the signal you"ve entered department 2 endgame territory. You"ll acquire a cutscene, and it"s then that the whole map usually resets. The black Tusks are here, and also they"ve taken back control the DC, meaning you"ve obtained to begin from scratch.

The division 2 human being Tiers

In a nutshell, division 2 people Tiers room basically the identical of level in the department 2 endgame. But, not just do they decide on her agent"s level, they also have an influence on how solid your foes will be, along with the top quality of gear and also crafting blueprints you"ll have the ability to discover and also use. As you"d expect, through every civilization Tier, the challenge of the missions accessible also rises.

There are currently four people Tiers obtainable in The division 2 endgame, however a fifth is coming later along the year-long roadmap. To development through the human being Tiers, all you need to do is complete Invaded missions, make certain your gear is at the correct level and also then to win the connected Stronghold.

If you"re acquainted with Destiny 2, you"re going to find that the department 2 gear Score is usually its version of power Level. As soon as you reach The division 2 endgame every little thing you own will it is in assigned a equipment Score number - each gear piece, weapon and also mod. This all contribute to your as whole Gear Score, i m sorry is then used to measure her combat power, and also overall progression. People Tier 1 is capped in ~ 300 equipment Score, Tier 2 to 350, Tier 3 to 400 and also the 4th to 450.

Two essential things to note are:

1) It"s cleared up from the equipment you have actually equipped, so shot to choose the kit the gets friend the highest score possible. That way you"ll progress through the world Tiers much faster, also if you take it a slim hit on your stats.

2) Your gear Score dictates the score because that the loot the drops, yet not native your existing Gear Score. It"s in reality from the highest possible score indigenous all her gear across your inventory and also your stash. Mmmm. Very delicious Loot.

The best method to make certain you"ve gained the highest possible Gear Score is with crafting. The specifics of exactly how it all works is in ours The department 2 crafting guide, however the an essential difference because that endgame make is the you"ll need to upgrade her crafting bench because that each new World Tier, in order come ensure your crafted equipment drops at the highest equipment Score possible. Don"t forget to inspect gear merchant shops too, as occasionally they"ll have some sweet equipment too.

Because The division 2 endgame is based all about Gear Score rather than your agent"s level, unexpectedly the PvP locations become extremely useful. Its in the Dark Zone and also in dispute that much of the highest-rated loot reside, so take some time the end of the main DC area to head right into either of these activities when you can. Both modes are fantastic sources of money, products and powerful gear. Although, be certain to open caches as quickly as girlfriend et them, as the equipment inside is locked in ~ the level you uncovered it. That means the ingredient inside might be outdated by the time you open it.

The division 2 endgame attacked missions and also Strongholds

Anyone that played the original division will mental the Legendary objectives that gained introduced in its second year. Well, The division 2 endgame invaded missions work-related in a comparable way. Top top paper, they usually sound prefer replaying the key missions in ~ a greater difficultly level. But, that"s not totally true. The initial foes have now been changed by the 4th faction enemies, The black Tusks, which space seriously nasty beings that fortify objectives in various ways. Plus, there are new story beats to discover and new objectives to mite off. Invaded missions are much much more interesting and cleverly designed 보다 they suggest.

Then there are the Strongholds. They"re back! The black color Tusks have invaded castle too, and to unlock each of castle you should beat their two corresponding Invaded missions. Here"s exactly how it works:

District Union Area: Unlocked by completing attacked Grand Washington Hotel and Invaded Jefferson profession CenterRoosevelt Island: Unlocked through completing invaded Federal Emergency Bunker and Invaded Potomac occasion CentreCapitol Hill: Unlocked through completing invaded Air & an are Museum and also Invaded room Administration HQ

A 4th Stronghold will likewise be listed on her map, yet won"t unlock until a) you"ve beaten all three of the various other Strongholds, and also b) human being Tier 5 drops.

The division 2 endgame bounties and bosses

There are a total of 52 named bosses that will certainly wander roughly Washington DC in The department 2 endgame, compared to the currently rather measly sound 15 native the original. They"ve been dubbed the Deck the 52, since each the them will certainly drop a collectible playing card once defeated. The card will be significant with one of the 4 factions, as if they to be suits in a deck of cards. In bespeak to obtain the best loot, you"ll need to complete the whole deck that bosses and also gain the rewards before... Yes, girlfriend guessed it... Castle respawn. It"s fairly a feat to gain them all, but if you"re a completionist this will certainly come prefer music to her ears.

Then there space the bounties. These space targets that are assigned come you by one NPC dubbed Otis Sykes, and they"re a tiny different come the bosses in that you have about 15 minute to get to your location and also start fighting them. Once you"ve discovered them and engaged in combat, the timer thankfully stops so you"ve obtained time to take it them down like any other enemy. However, if girlfriend die, you"ll fail and also that bounty will have to be reassigned come you. Signing approximately take under a bounty from Sykes will expense you Intel though, i m sorry is a source that you"ll get just by playing the game.

However, there is a means to pick up bounties because that free, and also that"s through another NPC called The Snitch.

If The division 2 had actually Xur, he"d usually be The Snitch. He travels approximately the map, and if you uncover him, talk to him since he"ll entrust you a rewarding bounty the comes in the kind of one of the Deck of 52. That way you mite off a bounty and also a ceo in one foul swoop.

Plus, speak to the Snitch then marks the ar of Cassie Mendoza, another travelling merchant who will offer you high-level, yet expensive, gear.

Another addition to The division 2 endgame will certainly come in the kind of Heroic Bounties, which will arrive with world Tier 5. As you deserve to imagine, they"ll be lot harder than standard endgame bounties, however will offer better rewards for taking them out. Any more details about them is scarce as yet, but we"ll find out an ext in the comes months.

The division 2 endgame manage Points

Remember as soon as all your regulate Points to be glorious green blobs on your map? Well, The division 2 endgame undid all of that an excellent work, for this reason prepare yourself to miss all the green. Endgame changes Control point out considerably, as shortly after you"ve taken one back, The black color Tusk will certainly sweep back in to reclaim ownership.

It all renders moving around DC much more facility and stressful, yet also means that every time you reclaim a manage Point, you"ll get accessibility to a completely replenished supply Room filled through swag. They"re a really good source that loot and crafting materials, and also if friend refill the manage Point"s resources you"ll obtain a an increase of XP the will push you towards unlocking your next field Proficiency Cache.

One tip though, make certain you"ve unlocked all the safe residences on the map before you gain to The department 2 endgame as they"ll be necessary for quick travel movement. The Theater and also White residence are the just two places entirely unaffected by The black Tusk, as the Campus, because that example, will routinely need you come clear black Tusk blockades prior to you can get back to it.

Other The department 2 endgame activities

Of course, there space plenty more division 2 endgame tasks to stay too. On top of the public executions, are controls, source convoys, and also other activities you"ve no doubt participated / quit along your division 2 trip so far, there room Elite execution to be undertaken too. This usually appear as Unknown tasks on the map, i m sorry are significant with a question note on the map, and will prize you v extra unique high-level loot.

I"d recommend completing as many of these as you can, as it"ll typical your XP is constantly boosted towards that next Cache, and also you"ll earn dropped loot, tick off job requests and more. They"re much much more than a boy detour.

There"s more division 2 endgame contents to come

Even at this stage the amount of content accessible in The department 2 endgame is staggering, but there"s an ext to come in the close to future. That course, there"s civilization Tier 5, but likewise raids, which room eight-player goals that are much harder and an ext unique than the Strongholds. There are much more specializations on the method too - read much more about The division 2 specializations in our overview - along with more story and other updates come come end the following year.

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