It’s been nearly 2 years because Iron Maiden released your well acclaimed 16th studio initiative “Book that Souls.” well 36 countries and a year and half later, steel Maiden wrapped increase their global tour with earlier to ago sold out mirrors at the Barclays center in Brooklyn, NY. This is the first time the band has actually played Brooklyn because its society days together they played Lamour’s back in the beforehand 1980’s. were there to cover their 117th and last show. As any type of show to wrap any type of tour goes, it might be unpredictable and you can say in parts, it sure was.

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As the intro track “Doctor Doctor” plays by UFO, the group starts jumping and also getting revved up together the bans is just about to take the stage. With a phase that incorporates Mayan theme, the present starts off with vocalist Bruce Dickinson at the top of the phase with singing right into a bellow of smoke comes from a pedestal. The remainder of the tape then appears for the track “If Eternity need to Fall.” with guitarists Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and also the ever before so energetic Janick Gers moving about. Each six stringer to be on cue play off each other band not lacking a beat. Gers is well-known to dance, throw his etc around and also play his guitar in miscellaneous positions, and he walk that.

Dickinson self was anywhere the phase using every inch the he could. The ran around a ton and also wore a few masks transparent the set. The wore a monkey mask and tried come pass out bananas come Murry throughout “Death or Glory.” prior to tossing them out to the audience. Then then proceeded to toss out the monkey mask he offered for the entire tour as well. In fact, Dickinson tossed out much more souvenirs because that the fans but an ext on that later. He climate wore a rings mask for “Powerslave.” Dickinson sounded terrific. The has shown no ill results from the cancer he fought just end 2 year ago.

Besides the powerful & melodic riffs the band is well-known for; they likewise interject the acoustic guitar once needed. Gers did this at the beginning and also end the “Book that Souls” and Smith did this for “Children of the Damned.” iron Maiden is iron Maiden there is no its ring leader bassist Steve Harris. Harris is the straw that stirs the drink because that the band. His timeless bass playing flows through and charges the band and their fans throughout each show. Also though friend can’t watch him for many parts of the set, drummer NickoMcBrain plays off Harris and also sets the tone for the band and also that enables the others to execute what castle do. The did stand up at the end of the 1st part that the collection and in ~ the end of the present to throw out signed drum heads, drumsticks and also wristbands.

What’s an stole Maiden present without an figure of the most renowned mascot in music…Eddie. Edie made his appearance throughout “Book of Souls.” Gers makes his way in and also out under his foot while play the guitar. Then Eddie confronts Dickinson top top the other side the the stage. Dickinson leans in and also grabs his heart out his chest and also then sprays the materials all over the stage before tossing the out right into the crowd.

Lots of pyro accompanied components of their collection especially at the beginning and also for the title monitor “Book the Souls.” Dickinson provided a nice speech at the end talking around they don’t care what faith sexual orientation or anything like that. If you’re a transsexual and worship Darth Vader that’s fine and are welcomed to the family. Then the segued into the critical track “Blood Brothers.” after ~ this song, Dickinson climate proceeded come thrown nearly every component of apparel into the audience. Cargo pants, sweatshirt, boots and even socks. Yes SOCKS! He stated “you sure you desire these?” Really?” he said to the crowd. Climate the sweaty soiled socks make their means in together Dickinson to be left in pretty lot boxer shorts come the amusement that his bandmates.

Most bands that release brand-new music often tend to just play a few tracks (at the most) and laden the rest of the set with classic tracks that everyone is an ext familiar with. Steel Maiden is one of the few exceptions to the rule. Generally the band is known for going hefty on the more recent tracks and also spraying in a few hits. This again was the case as they played 6 tracks turn off “Book the Souls.” nevertheless of just how the band constructs the setlist, your fans are still there and support them.

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Attending an stole Main show is choose no other. Fans take trip from all about the world with your custom-made iron Maiden flags and show a true kinship through one another. It was a tremendous wrap up and also Dickinson made comments the they are already to work on the following project. Us all can not wait to view what is up next for among the biggest rock bands top top earth!


If Eternity should Fall

Speed that Light


Children that the Damned

Death or Glory

The Red and also the Black

The Trooper


The an excellent Unknown

The book of Souls

Fear of the Dark

Iron Maiden


The variety of the Beast

Blood Brothers

Wasted Years

We would choose to thank Todd Nakamine indigenous Funhouse Entertainment team for the credentials to testimonial the show.