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"Empire that the Clouds" is a song by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden from your sixteenth studio album, The publication of Souls. The tune was issued together a single on 16 April 2016, tie in with record Store Day.

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To drive the storm, to realm of the cloudsTo drive the storm, they climbed aboard your silver ghostTo drive the storm, come a kingdom that will comeTo drive the storm, and also damn the rest, oblivionRoyalty and also dignitaries, brandy and cigarsRelated giant of the skies, you hold them in your armsThe millionth possibility they laughed, come take under his majesty"s craftTo India lock say, magic carpet rise away, one October fateful dayMist is in the trees, rock sweats with the dewThe morning sunrise, red before the blueHanging at the mast, waiting for commandHis majesty"s airship, the r101She"s the greatest vessel constructed by man, a large of the skiesFor every you unbelievers, the Titanic fits insideDrum rolling tight, a canvas skin, silvered in the sunNever tested with the fury, with a beating however to comeThe fury yet to comeIn the collection gloom, a storm climbing in the westThe coxswain stared into theWe should go now, we must take our possibility with fateWe should go now, because that the politicians he can"t it is in lateThe airship crew awake for thirty hrs at complete stretch,But the ship is in your backbone, every sinew, every inchShe never ever flew at complete speed, a trial never ever doneA delicate outer cover, her Achilles would becomeAn Achilles yet to comeSailors the the sky, a hardened breedLoyal to the king, and an airship creedThe engines drum, the telegraph soundsRelease the cords that bind us to the groundSaid the coxswain, sir, she"s heavy, she"ll never ever make this flightSaid the captain, damn the cargo, we"ll be on our way tonightGroundsmen cheered in wonder, together she backed up native the mastBaptizing through her water, indigenous the ballast fore and aftNow she slips into our pastFeeling the wind as it blows youFeeling the beams together they happen you alongWatching the channel listed below youLower and also lower, right into the nightLights room passing listed below youNorthern France, sleep in your bedsStorm is raging approximately youA million to one, that"s what the saidReaper standing alongside youWind inside cut to the bonePanicked to do a decisionExperienced men, sleep in your gravesThe cover is ripped and she"s floodingRain is flooding right into the holdBleeding to death and also she"s fallingLifting gas is draining awayWe"re under lads, come a cry, bow plunging from the skyThree thousand horses silent together the ship started to dieThe flares to guide her route ignited in ~ the lastThe empire of the clouds, simply ashes in our pastJust ashes in ~ the lastHere lie their dreams as they stand in the sunOn the ground whereby they built, and the engines they runTo the moon and the stars, currently what have we done?Oh the dreamers may die, but the desires live onDreams live onDreams live onOohNow a zero on a hill, the point of view of the eastThe empire of the clouds may rest in peaceAnd in a country churchyard, laid head come the mastEight and Forty souls who involved die in France

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steel Maiden iron Maiden room an English heavy metal band from Leyton in east London that was formed in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter, Steve Harris.

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Due to the fact that their inception, the band"s discography has grown to encompass a total of thirty-six albums: fifteen studio albums; ten live albums; four EPs; and seven compilations. More »