CAS No. 7798-23-4 chemistry Name: COPPER(II) PHOSPHATE Synonyms Hsdb 267;CUPRIC PHOSPHATE;COPPER PHOSPHATE;Einecs 232-254-5;COPPER(II) PHOSPHATE;copperphosphate(3:2);cupricphosphate,anhydrous;cupricphosphate(cu3(po4)2);copperphosphate(cu3(po4)2);Cupric phosphate, tribasic CBNumber: CB1405518 molecular Formula: Cu3O8P2 Formula Weight: 380.58 MOL File: 7798-23-4.mol

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melting point: >300℃ Water Solubility Insoluble v water and ethanol. Dissolve in ammonia, ammonium hydroxide, acetone. Merck 14,2648 Solubility Product constant (Ksp) pKsp: 36.85 Stability: Stable. Not compatible with solid oxidizing agents. CAS DataBase reference 7798-23-4 FDA UNII N8NP6FR80R EPA problem Registry device Phosphoric acid, copper(2+) salt (2:3) (7798-23-4)
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COPPER(II) PHOSPHATE chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

Light-blue powder. Dissolve in acids,ammonium hydroxide; insoluble in water.


Analysis, fungicide, catalyst, oxidationinhibitor because that metals.


Copper(II) phosphate trihydrate, Cu3(PO4)2·3H2O, <7798-23-4>, MW 434.61, is a pale-blue powder that is insoluble in cold water and slightly soluble in warm water, yet it dissolves in ammonia solution and mineral acids. That is prepared by the reaction the copper(II) sulfate systems with soluble alkali phosphates and also it precipitates together a voluminous, almost gelatinous material. Copper(II) phosphate trihydrate is supplied as a corrosion inhibitor and fungicide.

COPPER(II) PHOSPHATE ready Products and Raw materials

Raw materials

Preparation Products China 30159 84 Energy chemistry 400-005-6266 021-58432009- 021-58436166 sales8178 China 19997 64 Chengdu XiYa Chemical modern technology Co., Ltd. 400-990-3999 0539-6365991 sale China 10578 57 West Asia Chemical an innovation (Shandong) Co. Ltd 400-990-3999 0539-6365991 3007715519 China 27467 60 Guangdong wengjiang chemistry Reagent Co., Ltd. 13927877953 0751-2886750- 0751-2886750 3005811397 China 14234 58 Guangzhou Jhd chemistry Reagent Co., Ltd. 020-84383047 020-84380294 sales China 9203 65 Shandong Ono chemistry Co., Ltd. 0539-6362799(To 20) 0539-6362799(To 20) 861669111
Cupric acetate monohydrate Triiron tetraoxide Nickel COPPER(II) SULFIDE Stannous chloride dihydrate COPPER(II)PHOSPHATE,ORTHO calcium copper phosphate CYCLOPENTADIENYL(TRIETHYLPHOSPHINE)COPPER (I) dicopper hydroxide phosphate COPPER (II) PYROPHOSPHATE Potassium copper(II) phosphate COPPER(II)PHOSPHATE,PYRO Copper(Ⅱ) phosphate anhydrous chloro-copper COPPER(II) PHOSPHATE-2-HYDRATE,Copper(II) phosphate dihydrate Cupric phosphate trihydrate
copperphosphate(3:2) copperphosphate(cu3(po4)2) cupricphosphate(cu3(po4)2) cupricphosphate,anhydrous phosphoricacid,copper(2+)salt Phosphoricacid,copper(2+)salt(2:3) phosphoricacid,copper(2++)salt(2:3) tricopperbis(orthophosphate) CUPRIC PHOSPHATE COPPER(II) PHOSPHATE COPPER PHOSPHATE Cupric phosphate, tribasic Einecs 232-254-5 Hsdb 267 Cupric phosphate, Copper orthophosphate 7798-23-4 Cu3PO42 Cu3P2O8 Inorganics

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