In this post, we will certainly take a look in ~ the three Fire TV devices obtainable in the industry presently – FireStick vs FireStick 4K vs Fire TV Cube (3rd Gen). The function of this article is to assist you select the finest Fire TV streaming machine for your needs.

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Released in October 2016, FireStick second Generation is one of the most widely offered streaming devices across the world. In October 2018, Amazon released an upgraded version of FireStick (3rd Gen) through 4K support, referred to as FireStick 4K or Fire TV rod 4K.

Both, FireStick 2nd Gen and also FireStick 4K are in the market and also sold at Amazon and various retail partners.

The first Fire TV Cube with built-in Echo dot was exit in June 2018. However, this model has actually been discontinued and also an upgraded Fire TV Cube 2nd Generation started offering from October 2019.

Here space the three devices we will certainly talk around in this article:

FireStick 2nd Gen (NO 4K)FireStick 4KFire TV Cube

FireStick vs. FireStick 4K vs. Fire TV Cube

In the adhering to sections, we will certainly evaluate the 3 devices based on Speed and Performance, Storage, Resolution and video Quality, Audio Support, Alexa Integration & Voice Support, remote Controller Support, and also Pricing and also Value because that Money.

I hope this comparative evaluation helps you pick the ideal streaming Fire TV device.

Firestick 2nd Gen in this snapshot is an older model. The new variant comes with the very same remote as Firestick 4K and Fire TV Cube.

Speed and Performance

Device / SpecsProcessorCPU WidthRAM / Memory
FireStick 2nd GenQuad-Core 1.3 GHz32-bit1 GB DDR3
FireStick 4KQuad-Core 1.7 GHz64-bit1.5 GB DDR4
Fire TV CubeHexa main point (Quad-core 2.2 GHz+ Dual-core 1.9 GHz)64-bit2 GB DDR4

Fire TV Cube specs encompass a Hexa-core processor v Quad-core (2.2 GHz) and also Dual-core (1.9 GHz) packed right into one. This an equipment definitely has much more processing prowess 보다 the various other two. However, with integrated Alexa Echo Dot, i m sorry is constantly listening, Fire TV Cube additionally has an ext work come do. Nevertheless, that is faster and also the difference is notable.

FireStick 4K v a Quad-core 1.7 GHz processor is faster than FireStick 2nd gen through a Quad-core 1.3 GHz. The difference of just 0.4 may not seem like much. However, the fact that Fire TV pole 4K has a 64-bit processor and also FireStick second Gen depends on 32-bit makes rather a little of difference.

With the same set up apps and also same settings, FireStick 4K feel smoother.

On the lamb front, Fire TV Cube is a clear winner v 2 GB memory. However, again, due to integrated Echo Dot, Fire TV Cube has to work a little bit harder.

Fire pole 4K has a slightly larger capacity lamb at 1.5 GB. Yet, it tends to offer far better performance as result of DDR4 modern technology as contrasted to FireStick second Gen, i m sorry still depends on DDR3.

Overall, Fire TV Cube is the fastest, however FireStick 4K uses decent performance.


FireStick 2nd Gen8 GB
FireStick 4K8 GB
Fire TV Cube16 GB

When it concerns storage, there is nothing to choose between FireStick second Gen and also FireStick 4K. Both offer the storage capacity of 8GB (almost one-third of i m sorry is booked for the OS and also preinstalled apps).

Storage has constantly been a challenge with the Fire TV devices. Fire TV Cube walk a little better in this room by prolonging the capacity to 16 GB. However, in mine opinion, even that is no a lot.

You have the right to increase the interior storage by attaching an external storage device. Despite the procedure is slightly complex and you must buy the storage device additionally.

Resolution and video clip Quality

DeviceOutput Resolution
FireStick second GenUp come 1080p
FireStick 4KUp to 2160p
Fire TV CubeUp to 2160p

If you have a TV the supports UHD (4K) and also you are in search of a rich cinematic experience, you will either want FireStick 4K or Fire TV Cube. Both these devices offer approximately 2160p resolution, while FireStick second Gen will carry out 1080p at best.

But, the is not all. Fire TV stick 4K and Fire TV Cube additionally support HDR 10 and also Dolby Vision, which space the two significant content layouts these days. These layouts offer lot richer and also crisper colors and overall dramatically much better video quality.

Buy FireStick second Gen just if your TV supports a max resolution that 1080p. If you have actually a 4K TV or planning come buy one, I would recommend at the very least FireStick 4K.

Audio Support

DeviceAudio Support
FireStick second GenDolby Audio v 5.1 surround sound, up to 7.1 HDMI audio pass-through, 2ch stereo
FireStick 4KDolby Atmos with 7.1 surround sound, up to 5.1 HDMI audio pass-through, and 2ch Stereo
Fire TV CubeSame as Firestick 4K

FireStick second Gen supports Dolby Audio, which limits the surround sound come 5.1. On the other hand, FireStick 4K and also Fire TV Cube support a lot superior Dolby Atmos technology with 7.1 surround sound.

You won’t notice a lot of of difference if your audio output is simply the speakers of your TV. However, if you have a much better audio system, speak a home-theater through Dolby Atmos support, Fire stick 4K and Fire TV Cube sell an appreciable distinction in the audio experience contrasted to FireStick 2nd Gen.

Alexa Integration and Voice Support

DeviceAlexaVoice Support
FireStick second GenYesWith Alexa allowed voice remote and also Fire TV app (free come download ~ above iOS, Android, and also Fire OS)
FireStick 4KYesSame together Fire Stick second Gen
Fire TV CubeYesSame together Firestick 2nd Gen + Near-field and also far-field voice support with built-in Echo Dot

Alexa integration is a offered in any type of Fire TV machine on revenue now. You have the right to command Alexa to show you the weather report, find the restaurants nearby, open any kind of app you acquired from the Amazon Store, play movie titles, aid you v your purchase list, and even ask her to tell you a joke.

The Alexa-enabled remote is consisted of with all the 3 devices. You simply need come press and hold the Alexa (mic) button on the remote to obtain started through voice support.

However, Fire TV Cube take away the voice point a couple of notches up. Fire TV Cube clubs Echo Dot and also the continual streaming hardware right into one. It comes with near-field and also far-field support. Meaning, you have the right to give commands to Alexa without having to background the remote. And, Echo Dot will certainly hear you also over loud noise.

In addition, friend can control your smart gadgets with Echo Dot including smart lights, her TV, and also a most other devices. Echo dot in Fire TV Cube additionally works v the IoT (Internet the Things) gadgets.

Fire TV Cube additionally has a built-in speaker enabling you to use it elevation of her TV.

So, if enhanced voice support is her thing, Fire TV Cube is the one because that you.

Remote Controls

All three tools come with the specific same out-of-the-box remote. As well as the Alexa button, the remotes have the standard navigating Ring, Select/OK button, Back, Home, Menu, Rewind, Play/Pause, and Forward buttons.

In addition, the remotes feature infrared TV control buttons including Power ON/OFF, Volume UP/Down, and Mute.

If girlfriend bought the FireStick second Gen controller a few months ago, it would not have actually the TV control buttons. However, every the tools feature the TV control.

If you shed your remote or it quit working, you might buy a new one for $29.99 (with TV manage buttons) or $27.99 (without TV manage buttons). Yes, that’s pretty steep because that a remote. But, it is what that is.

If you are in search of something cheaper, there are plenty the cheaper, third-party remote controllers top top Amazon. However, in mine experience, your Fire TV maker works finest with the Amazon controllers.

You can likewise use your mobile or tablet computer as a remote controller through the Amazon Fire TV far app. This application is accessible for totally free on Android, iOS, and Fire OS devices. Remember that the Remote app does not feature TV controls.

Pricing and also Value because that Money

FireStick second Gen$39.99
FireStick 4K$49.99
Fire TV Cube$119.99
FireStick 3rd Gen$39.99
Fire TV rod Lite$29.99

Even though FireStick 2nd Gen is the cheapest the the three, ns recommend FireStick 4K. The 4K version prices only $10 much more and offers much much better video and also audio quality. It likewise has a much faster processor and bigger RAM.

If you have actually a non-4K TV v max 1080p resolution, I would still say walk for FireStick 4K. You wouldn’t need to invest in a new an equipment when friend upgrade her TV. Furthermore, if you have actually a Dolby Atmos compatible audio system, you will have actually a superior cinematic experience with Fire TV stick 4K also if the video clip resolution maxes the end at 1080p.

Fire TV Cube is a various league altogether. This machine is design to administer a much more futuristic (or some may want to contact it nerdy) experience. That is mainly meant for those who prefer the AI experience. With integrated Echo Dot, much faster processor, and bigger RAM, Fire TV Cube obviously prices the most.

Which one need to you buy?

If i were to choose one, I would say go for FireStick 4K.

Especially if you space struggling to choose in between FireStick 2nd Gen and also FireStick 4K, the last is a clean choice.

For a price difference of $10, you gain many new features including Dolby Vision, HDR 10 support, and also Dolby Atmos audio. These functions are not just any marketing gimmicks. They have the right to be the difference between the median cinematic experience and superb cinematic experience.

I would recommend Fire TV Cube only if you room into progressed voice support and AI. Girlfriend can regulate smart devices and also use the integrated Echo period independent of remote controller or TV. If it is what girlfriend want, Fire TV Cube is a clear choice.

On the various other hand, if streaming is the primary reason why girlfriend are in search of a Fire TV device, FireStick 4K is a reasonable middle-ground in between FireStick 2nd Gen and Fire TV Cube.

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I hope ns was maybe to assist you choose the finest streaming maker as per your requirements. You have the right to buy any kind of or every one of these devices from And also don’t forget to bookmark ours blog because that all her cord-cutting and also troubleshooting requirements.

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