The Sun"s TiradeStudio album by ReleasedRecordedGenreLengthLabelProducerIsaiah Rashad chronology
September 2, 2016
Top Dawg Entertainment

Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith (exec.)The AntydoteAl B. SmoovCam O"biCarter LangChris CalorCrooklinD. SandersDeacon BluesD.K. The PunisherDZONYBEATSFrancisGotHeatFree PJ. LBSJowinPark Ave.PlussPopsTiggi
Cilvia Demo(2014)The Sun"s Tirade(2016)
Singles from The Sun"s TiradeThe Sun"s Tirade is the debut studio album by American rapper Isaiah Rashad.

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<1> It to be released on September 2, 2016, and is his 2nd release with optimal Dawg Entertainment, following 2014"s Cilvia Demo.

Isaiah Rashad - Heavenly father 426 33 comments Count base D, a other MF doom collaborator, will come out with more information ~ above Mr. Fantastik this Saturday at 1 afternoon EST live ~ above his Instagram.

Isaiah Rashad - Hereditary 02. Isaiah Rashad - Webbie flow (U Like) 03. Isaiah Rashad - Cilvia Demo 04. Isaiah Rashad - R.I.P. Kevin müller 05. Isaiah Rashad - Ronnie Drake (Ft. Isaiah Rashad - West Savannah (Ft. Isaiah Rashad - Soliloquy 08. Isaiah Rashad - tranquility 09. Isaiah Rashad - Menthol (Ft. Jean Deaux) 10. Listen complimentary to Isaiah Rashad – Welcome to The game (Probation, sound From Friday Morning and also more). 16 monitor (49:31). Discover much more music, concerts, videos, and also pictures v the largest catalogue digital at

The album, recorded throughout a duration in i m sorry Rashad competent struggles through depression and also addiction, functions a strongly reflective and conscious tone with manufacturing that takes affect from i know well hop, trap, expedition hop, soul, and jazz. It features guest appearances from SiR, Zacari, Kendrick Lamar, Deacon Blues, Kari Faux, Syd tha Kyd, Hugh Augustine, Jay Rock and also SZA.<1> The album"s production was taken on by numerous producers, including Mike will Made It, D. Sanders, video camer O"bi, J. LBS, The Antydote and also Chris Calor.


The Sun"s Tirade to be met with an essential acclaim indigenous music critics, and also appeared on plenty of end-of-year finest album lists from various publications.<2> The album debuted at number 17 on the us Billboard 200, selling 19,000 duplicates its first week.<3> The album was supported by the critically acclaimed lead single, "Free having lunch ".

3Critical reception

Background and also promotion

Prior come the release of The Sun"s Tirade, Rashad struggled v alcohol and also Xanaxaddiction, together with depression and also isolation for 2 years.

On respectable 26, 2016, Isaiah Rashad announced the album"s title, relax date and also the expose of the artwork.<4> On august 30, he common the album"s track listing, which functions guest appearances native Kari Faux, Syd and also SiR, along with Top Dawg label-mates such together SZA, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar.<1> Rashad exit The Sun"s Tirade on September 2, 2016.<1>

During various interviews in promotion of the album, Rashad revealed that he to be addicted to Xanax and also alcohol, and was suffering from depression, anxiety and also isolation throughout the time between the relax of Cilvia Demo and also The Sun"s Tirade. That further declared that he "fucked up", and virtually got reduce from optimal Dawg entertain a complete of three times during the record of his album.<5>

I simply want lock to gain themselves listening to this project. I hope this do it less complicated for castle to strategy me, do you feel favor you’re talk to a consistent person. As far as learning around me, i don’t know. You’ll learn I acquired range. I acquired some much more range the you didn’t think i had. I want human being to it is in like, “Damn, this nigga have the right to do this?” since that motivates me a lot.

—Isaiah Rashad, via XXL<6>

"Free Lunch" to be released together the album"s lead solitary on respectable 7, 2016.<7> The music video for the single, command by APLUS Filmz, was uploaded to top Dawg Entertainment"s YouTube channel on respectable 10.<8>

On respectable 27, 2016, Rashad carry out "Free Lunch" with Kendrick Lamar during Lamar"s headlining collection at FYF Fest.<9> on September 17, 2016, that performed "Tity and Dolla" in ~ the bet Hip Hop Awards, i beg your pardon aired in the following month.<10> Rashad additionally released music videos for the songs "4r da Squaw" and "Park", which have actually not been released as singles.<11><12>

Music and lyrics

The Sun"s Tirade, much like the predecessor, is a loose concept album. The task is defined by its personal themes, such as substance abuse, depression, and also Rashad"s personal struggles with alcohol and Xanaxaddiction. The album incorporates stylistic and also production elements of southern hip hop, jazz, neo soul, catch music, and progressive i know good hop. Musically, the project has actually been noted by publications for its diversity and also unique sonic palate, and also for being "much more jazzy and upbeat" than Cilvia Demo. Rashad"s vocals room layered and also textured. His voice transparent the record screens a "heavy rasp" and also "sing-songy flow".

Critical reception

Professional ratingsAggregate scoresSourceRatingReview scoresSourceRating
The line of best Fit<14>
Consequence the SoundB+<15>
Pitchfork Media8.1/10 <17>
Drowned in Sound<18>

The Sun"s Tirade received crucial acclaim from music doubters upon that release. In ~ Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating the end of 100 to reviews from critics, the album obtained an typical score the 80, which indicates "generally optimistic reviews," based upon 11 reviews.<2> Sheldon Pearce the Pitchfork Media praised The Sun"s Tirade, dubbing the album "a complicated portrait that a male in transition", and further applauded Rashad for "wear his anxieties" on his sleeve.<17> Ryan Lunn of heat of ideal Fit lauded the album, speak "while the album may have actually been crafted throughout a two-year tsunami that struggle, Isaiah Rashad still manages to sound together calm together an ocean’s tenderness waves; sounding so effortless has actually never taken so lot effort."<14> Andy Kellman that Allmusic likewise praised the album, citing that creativity and production together a highlight, while additionally directing prayer at Rashad"s rapping, stating "Rashad"s voice is dispirited, ~ above the brink the disintegration".<13>

Stephen Kearse of consequence of Sound the review the album favorably, noting the album"s "experimental aesthetic" as an ext refined 보다 on Rashad"s ahead efforts.<21> In a less positive review, Michael G. Barilleaux of No Ripcord found the album to it is in boring, stating "Each song on this album renders its very own point, but does that in specifically the same tone as the last. The end result is 17 tracks of one sound in a row, all bleeding into each other."<22>


The Sun"s Tirade appeared on countless end-of-year best album list from various publications.

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Isaiah Rashad Welcome to The game Zip

Commercial performance

The album debuted at number 17 on the us Billboard 200, marketing 19,000 duplicates its first week.<3>

Track listing

Isaiah Rashad Twitter

all tracks written by Isaiah McClain, unless otherwise denoted.No.TitleWriter(s)Producer(s)Length
1."where u at?"Dave Free0:44
2."4r da Squaw"FrancisGotHeat3:52
3."Free Lunch"Cam O"bi3:12
4."Rope // rosegold" (featuring SiR)
13."Dressed like Rappers"DK the Punisher3:26
14."Don"t Matter"2:56

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"by george (outro)"Jowin3:18
17."Find a topic (homies begged)"
Total length:63:12


Chart (2016)Peak positionBelgian Albums (Ultratop Flanders)<34>Canadian Albums (Billboard)<35>Dutch Albums (Album top 100)<36>French Albums (SNEP)<37>New zealand Albums (RMNZ)<38>Swiss Albums (Schweizer Hitparade)<39>UK Albums (OCC)<40>UK R&B Albums (OCC)<41>US Billboard 200<42>US elevation Albums (Billboard)<43>US height R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard)<44>

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