In much less than 5 months of its premiere, Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 has gone turn off air. The last episode has currently been aired. It is, of course, a crude shock to the fans, yet Barun Sobti appears to have taken the show's fail well.

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Barun Sobti talks about Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 failure. 

In July, as soon as actor Barun Sobti carried to television screens the 3rd installment of Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, the show that catapulted him come fame 6 years ago, that was believed nothing might go wrong. ~ all, below was a show, easily among the top romances ~ above Indian television, with a fanbase so faithful that when the show’s team moved on to various other projects after the shut shop in 2012, the fans stuck to only one thing, a need for its comeback.

In less than five months that its premiere, Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 has gone off air. That is, of course, a rude shock come the fans, yet Sobti appears to have taken the show’s failure well. In one interview come, the actor, whose Bollywood career ultimately looks like its on track through the unanimous acclaim the his recent film Tu Hai Mera Sunday has actually received, weighs ~ above in the fail of IPK 3 (as it’s lovingly called) and why Indian television desperately demands an overhaul.

“These are the failures that you have to see to save yourself grounded because there is a time when you begin thinking everything is right. I choose these kind of failures. Lock tell girlfriend the reality, that sometimes things job-related out and also sometimes lock don’t. There’s no rocket science in this,” claims Sobti, virtually assuring you that he is no as influenced by the show’s bad performance together one would believe, provided it to be his “big” comeback to television after five years.

But what does influence and harass the gibbs is the sad state the Indian television. Sobti claims that the shows are so driven by TRPs that the makers and also the channels are living in a consistent fear of what will work-related with the audience, and also that at some point hampers the high quality of their products.

“It’s very sad. The fact is the is therefore TRP-driven, i can’t also tell exactly how you how poor the situation is. That is really bad. That is so encouraged by TRPs that it has instilled are afraid (in the makers’ mind). Imagination can’t exist if there’s fear. Big production homes need to take it the lead and also churn much better content.” Sobti insists the the television sector needs to change focus to finite reflects if it desires to deliver quality entertainment come the audience.

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“One or two actors cannot carry out anything. If I gain down to being stubborn, thinking that what I believe is right, ns am walking to be (perceived) as a tantrum king. However the just solution is holistic. The totality industry has to adjust its sample of thinking. The producers have to relax, and also for that i think finite mirrors are very important. If you do 5 years of very same characters, very same shows, a writer cannot store inventing miscellaneous phenomenally new. That’s why it needs to be a begin to finish finish regardless of whether of the ratings.”

Talking around the different constraints the interfere through the top quality of contents on television, Sobti cites instance of his very own show, together he says, “In fact, IPK 3 was likewise finite. Yet then everyone desires to make money, so, lock said, ‘Let’s carry out for a year.’ yet even that’s okay due to the fact that even climate it was a start to finish show. However we must look at finite stuff since we require to understand what we are getting into. We can’t be composing tracks really week based on the ratings.”

With his reply, it is particular that the gibbs will only sign limited series, if he choose to continue his tv career. “Of course, that’s the idea. Yet I haven’t signed anything brand-new right now. Ns haven’t figured out yet how I desire to place my career (whether the TV take a backseat as result of career in films). However I think I will go because that the finest content, regardless of of the medium,” the says, adding that besides acting, that is writing that interests the a lot, and he has been arising a manuscript from sometime now.

“I am composing something. Nothing serious has come the end yet, yet yes i am composing a script. It should be all set by following year.”