About A tale Of 2 Citiez

"A tale of 2 Citiez" is a track by American rapper J. Cole indigenous his 3rd album, 2014 woodland Hills Drive. The track samples "Blocka" by Pusha T and also "Bring Em Out" by T. I.. The was created by Vinylz.

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Since a youngin" always dreamed of gettin" richLook at me mine niggaFantasize around a white picket fenceWith some trees mine niggaUsed to desire a pathfinder with some tintsThats all I need my niggaThrow part 20"s on the bitch and get the wrenchedBut currently I watch my niggaThat the worlds a lot of bigger ever before sincePicked increase the record and they say mine nigga Eddie recorded a body, I"m convincedAnybody is a killer, all you gotta carry out is push "em to the limpsF*ck being timid in the CivicPoliticin" with the pushers and also the pimpsI"m tryna write a story, deserve to I gain a glimpse?Yeah can I gain a glimpse?Last night I had a bad dreamThat i was trapped in this cityThen ns asked is the really such a negative thing?They robbin" niggas top top the dailyKeep on blamin" nigga the ain"t never had thingsGuess not, last night they pulled up on mine nigga in ~ the light likeUh, pretty watch, run itHands in the air now, hands in the air, run itSmall city nigga Hollywood dreamsI recognize that whatever that glitters ain"t goldI know the shits no always an excellent as it seemsBut phone call me it rotates you obtain it how can you knowHow could you know? How might you know?Listen up I"m about to go and also get richF*ck with me mine niggaWe gonna slug about the Ville and also hit a lickCop part tree mine niggaAnd some powder, bag that up and make the flipYou gon" view my niggaOne day we gon" graduate and also cop a brickAnd that"s the an essential my niggaAnd listen up I"m bout to go and also get richStand back and watch if you want to niggaMe I desire my pockets fat around a bitchTired the seein" niggas flaunt, i wanna flaunt too niggaWatch part rollers in the fuckin" Crown VicTryna lock a nigga up, that"s what they won"t execute niggaWanna recognize a funny thing around this shit?Even if girlfriend let em" death your dream it"ll haunt girlfriend niggaLast night I had actually a bad dreamThat ns was trapped in this cityThen ns asked is the really such a bad thing?II look about like do you want to be an additional niggaThat ain"t never had actually thingsGuess not, critical night us pulled up on mine nigga in ~ the irradiate likeUh, pretty watch, run itHands in the wait now, hand in the air, run itFather forgive me for me, childish waysI look outside and also all the clouds room grayI require your hands to take me, miles awayYour great is my command, mine command, mine command, butBefore you walk I"ve gained to, desire you nowWhatever goes increase surely, have to come downAnd you get your piece but no peace, won"t be foundSo why just take me man, take it me man, take me manYour great is my command, mine command, mine command

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J. Cole Jermaine Lamar Cole (born January 28, 1985), better known by his phase name J. Cole, is a German-born American i know well hop recording artist and record producer native Fayetteville, north Carolina. In 2009, he ended up being the very first artist to sign to Jay-Z"s Roc country label. His long-awaited debut album title Cole World: The Sideline Story to be released on September 27, 2011. The album debuted at number one ~ above the united state Billboard 200, height R&B Albums and also Top lab Albums chart, selling more than 217,000 in its first week sales.

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He got a nomination for Best brand-new Artist at the 54th Grammy Awards. An ext »