This Halloween decoration attributes each through a various shape and all v a confront cutout design. Each item is constructed of glittering tinsel that is wrapped about a sturdy wireframe. A linked total the 60 warm white LED bulbs light from behind providing off a soft glow.

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LED lights space energy-efficient and long-lasting

This beautiful steel tabletop Jack-o-lantern pumpkin is a perfect addition to her halloween or autumn décor! they make great gifts as well!

Overall Product Weight: 2lb.

Set of two delightfully spooky lighted cutout jack-o-lanterns! every light shines in rotating colors, making because that a great Halloween effect! made of magnesium because that durability.

Overall: 7.48'' H x 10.04'' H x 8.66'' W x 7.87'' W x 8.66'' D x 7.87'' DOverall Product Weight: 8.27lb.

This cute jack-o-lantern basket is hand-dyed orange in color with a quirky jack-o-lantern challenge that is hand-crafted from tough shell gourds through a tiny team of professional crafters. The consisted of battery-operated tea light provides a subtle flickering glow come brighten her space. It has actually black and orange berries wrapped approximately the handmade wire handle. This little piece is perfect for decorating little spaces and makes a terrific hostess party gift or party favor.

Overall: 5'' H x 4'' W x 4'' DOverall Product Weight: 1lb.

This stack of lovable jack-o-lanterns is a terrific way to celebrate Halloween and the loss season! Each item is hand-crafted the end of a tough shell gourds. The bottom jack-o-lantern is dyed scorched orange, the middle witch is dyed green while the top ghost is painted white. Each various fall challenge is handcrafted by professional crafters. The comes v a wood biscuit base and also raffia.

Overall: 10.5'' H x 4'' W x 4'' DOverall Product Weight: 1lb.

This classic jack-o-lantern luminary is certain to liven increase your home for the loss season because that years to come. Hand-crafted from difficult shell gourds by a little team of expert crafters, this adorable architecture shines bright with a heat amber glow come brighten her home. His face and gourd leaf space hand-cut because that a truly unique piece.

Outdoor Use: No

This Halloween decoration features three glowing jack-o-lanterns every at a various height and also all through a corresponding happy confront cutout design. Each piece is built of a soft towel that is wrapped around a sturdy wireframe. A full of 50 warmth white LED bulbs irradiate from inside offering off a soft orangey glow.

Overall: 15'' H x 8'' H x 10'' H x 13'' W x 7'' W x 9'' W x 13'' D x 7'' D x 9'' DOverall Product Weight: 1.8lb.

This decor is hand-crafted out of a difficult shell gourd. He sit on a lumber biscuit base. That is hand-dyed burned orange and also has a hand-cut environment-friendly gourd leaf attached to his stem.

Outdoor Use: No

This decor is totally hand-crafted native a tough shell gourd. This jack has actually a hand-dyed burnt-orange jack-o-lantern top top the bottom v a white ghost top. That comes with an electrical light that shines light with his captivating hand-crafted faces.

Overall: 17'' H x 6.5'' W x 6.5'' DOverall Product Weight: 2lb.

This decor is a classy jack-o-lantern that is hand-crafted from difficult shell gourds. His face and also three leaves room hand-cut by professional crafters. He is hand-dyed burned orange and caramel. Raffia adorns his neck and also a pumpkin stem rests on peak of his head. His colors enable him to fit in with any kind of fall decor.

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Overall: 9.5'' H x 5'' W x 5'' DOverall Product Weight: 1lb.