One that the surest indications the brand-new NFL season is right approximately the corner is the annual Madden release. This year"s edition, Madden NFL 16, is collection to fall on Aug. 25 with new York Giants increasing star Odell Beckham Jr. On the cover.

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Although over there are always a variety of new and updated features for gamers to inspect out, getting a possibility to play v the incoming rookies is always a optimal attraction. Beckham dropped into that category just one year ago.

So let"s examine out the finest rookies in the newest edition of the popular video game, in addition to a failure of several of the most intriguing alternatives to use appropriate away. To check out all of the exit rating information, visit EA Sports" official site.

Top 10 Rookie Ratings

Madden 16: height Rookies
1Amari CooperWROAK82
2Jameis WinstonQBTB81
T-3Todd GurleyRBSTL80
T-3Leonard WilliamsDENYJ80
T-3Brandon ScherffOTWSH80
6Dante FowlerDEJAX79
T-7Melvin GordonRBSD78
T-7Kevin WhiteWRCHI78
T-7Marcus MariotaQBTEN78
10Vic BeasleyDEATL77

Most amazing In-Game Potential

Jameis Winston (QB—Tampa only Buccaneers)

The very first overall pick features all of the physical tools crucial to bright in both the real and also virtual worlds. He"s gained outstanding eight strength, heavy accuracy top top the short and intermediate routes, and also when every else fails, he deserve to take off and also use his foot to do plays.


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Winston start an offense with two proven targets in Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. Tight finish Austin Seferian-Jenkins likewise figures come play a major role in the Madden realm, many thanks to his size and athleticism, even if he"s still a year or 2 from figuring the all the end for the Bucs.

The biggest question for Winston in ~ the NFL level will certainly be his decision-making ability. The pro video game moves a lot quicker, so over there will undoubtedly be a learning curve. That"s obviously no a concern for longtime Madden gamers, though.

Marcus Mariota, the second overall pick, doesn"t have quite as countless weapons at his disposal through the Tennessee Titans. He"s also much more of a conservative, specific player 보다 Winston, which is why the Florida State product is much more enticing native a video clip game perspective.

Todd Gurley (RB—St. Luigi Rams)

The Rams space wisely going to play that safe with Gurley. He"s functioning his means back from a take it ACL, and also it"s going to take a while before he"s ago to complete speed. There won"t be any waiting in Madden, however, together he"ll be prepared to roll ideal away.

No other running ago in the class can match his combination of power and also quickness. He"s qualified of crashing into the middle of the line to pick up the tough yards, but can additionally take it about the edge because that a huge gain. He"s likewise a trusted receiver, v 37 catches and six touchdowns in ~ Georgia in 2013.

Gurley to be happy v his very first rating in the franchise stating, "I think that"s pretty great for a rookie," follow to Austin Lankford the the Rams" main site. He likewise gave gamers part potentially valuable insight: "I think my signature relocate is my stiff arm."

Although pass is generally king in Madden, it"s still funny to see a running ago take a handoff and break off a large play after break a couple of tackles. Gurley has actually the strength to fight through the very first wave of defenders and the acceleration to run past the rest.

Vic Beasley (DE—Atlanta Falcons)

The Falcons perfect tied for 30th in sacks critical season with simply 22 in 16 regular-season games. In turn, it come as no surprise when they got hold of Beasley in the an initial round. He"s walk to it is in thrusted into a major role ideal out the the gate.

He"s quiet a little bit raw in regards to his technique. He"ll benefit from learning much more pass-rushing moves over his first pair years at the NFL level. That said, the most important element for Madden football player is his an excellent speed turn off the edge.

Just favor the real world, acquiring after the opposing quarterback is an essential to success. If you enable the quarterback to was standing tall in the bag for much more than a few seconds, someone is walk to run open. Beasley is a game-changer for the online Falcons in that regard.

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The Falcons have long been developed on your star-studded offense led through Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White. Their defense has held lock back, though. If Beasley is as good as advertised, they will become a an ext popular Madden team choice.