After Jane, Rafael, Petra and also JR every go the end together, mrs is bothered to learn that JR doesn’t favor her. Jane and Rafael brush turn off a big relationship moment, but they both try to make up for the in various ways. Rogelio is nervous come tell Darci the he is no much longer able to it is in a ”Danny” for this reason he provides Xo as a scapegoat landing that in warm water v both Xo and also Darci. Meanwhile, Jane help Alba privately prepare for the greatest test in she life.

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Serie: woman the Virgin

Director: Gina Lamar

Guest Star: A.J. Rivera, Alfonso DiLuca, Anthony Mendez, Ella Allan, Helen Hong, Keller Wortham, Mia Allan, Norma Maldonado, Priscilla Barnes, Rosario Dawson






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