Jayne Posner is the first wife the singer Neil Diamond. Jayne and Neil room not with each other anymore. She additionally worked as a institution teacher ~ completing she education.

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Jayne Posner and Neil Diamond

Jayne Posner and also Neil Diamond dated each other as soon as they to be in high school. He was a teenager in ~ the time and also attended Abraham Lincoln High School. ~ graduating native high school, he to be a waiter in the Catskills will area. He offered to compose poems. He met Jayne while he was functioning as a waiter in the resort area.

American singer Neil Diamond (Source: YouTube)

They date for part time and decided to offer their connection a brand-new direction. They walked under the aisle in in march 1963. Their marriage was walking well. They ended up being parents to 2 beautiful daughters Elyn Diamond and Marjorie Diamond.

With time, their relationship started transforming bitter. They decided to separate from every other. They divorced on 25th November 1969. After your divorce, she has actually not come into the limelight. The was date Marcia Murphey once they were still married which could be the factor for their divorce but there is no lot known around it. Jayne Posner is very private about her life and there is no much known about her.

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Who did Neil Diamond marry after ~ Jayne?

After almost 10 days of Neil’s divorce v his very first wife Jayne, the went on come marry Marcia Murphey whom he was date for a while. She to be a manufacturing assistant. They walked down the aisle on 5th December 1969. After gaining married they sold their home and also moved to Malibu beach house.

Unlike Jayne, he was married to her for 25 years. They had actually two children Jesse and Micah. They likewise divorced each other in 1995. For your divorce settlement, Neil paid her $150 million which was one of the biggest in history.

He was questioned for him to which the said,

“That’s what the papers said yet it wasn’t true. Somebody comprised a number i m sorry was completely untrue. Ns told my previous wife, ‘Honey, ns wish it were true. I’d love to give that come you."”

Marcia Murphey and ex-husband Neil Diamond (Source: BecomeGorgeous)

He added,

“We’d been married because that 25 years and also it to be difficult.” as soon as he married for the 3rd time, the said, “I don’t want a fourth wife. I have the best woman in the world and I’m taking an excellent care of ours relationship. I’m making sure it’s walking to last forever.”

Third marriage

After Marcia, Neil went on to marry Katie McNeil ~ above 12th April 2012. They involved in September 2011. After being married to Katie ~ above a personal ceremony in prior of friends and also family in LA, Neil wrote,

“The wedding was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it,”

He was 71 in ~ the time and also his mam was 42. Lock met each various other in the year 2007 as soon as he signed to the management company where she worked. He added,

“It was an excellent to have family there that ns haven’t viewed in year … and also to satisfy the new Irish side of the Diamond family,” 

Katie Mcneil and Neil Diamond married in 2012 (Source: Pinterest)

He is very thankful to Katie for coming come his life and also making him believe in marriage once again. Even though over there are troubles in their partnership as they occupational together and their work-related interferes in their marriage. They worked to settle the problems and are happily married.

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Talking about Katie, the said,

“Katie’s got a large heart and also she’s very transparent. I have the right to read she heart indigenous a mile away. She does a great English interval too, which provides me laugh every time.” 

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Short bio top top Neil Diamond

American Neil Diamond is the best selling singer and also Hall of call inducted songwriter. The is renowned because that his Adult modern Charts.

As one actor, in 2010, he showed up in Neil Diamond: Radio 2 electrical Prom. Read much more bio…