The 3rd time’s the charm! top top Sunday, December 8, 16 and also Pregnant alum Jennifer Del Rio and her husband, Luis Gutierrez, celebrated wedding No. 3 as they walked down the aisle however again. They pair threw a gorgeous winter wedding with a country theme, and also it looked like something straight out the a fairytale. Though the MTV star-turned-vlogger there is no uploaded her video about the huge day to her YouTube channel simply yet, she has actually shared a couple of details around the day.

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Posting a photograph from the celebration, Jennifer, 26, captioned the shot, “P.S. I LOVE YOU,” v a love emoji. On she Instagram Story, she shared a few pictures and also videos, consisting of the hilarious moment her toddler daughter stepped on she veil. Another highlight was the daddy-daughter run she mutual with she father. “A daddy-daughter love is unconditional,” she wrote. “There room no words in the civilization that can tell you exactly how much i love this man. Constantly forever my daddy’s small girl.”


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Courtesy of Jennifer Del Rio/Instagram

On the couple’s wedding website, they opened up up about their plans for the 3rd nuptials. “Our love story is far from any type of fairytale, but, if you’re trying to find the next notebook love story, we room pretty dang close. Indigenous breakups come makeups. Significant event after significant event. One wedding come another,” the mommy of four and her male wrote. “It’s no every day the you gain to marry the ‘one’ twice. To peak it off, currently we desire to perform it in former of every one of you and also in front of the lord’s eye for a third time!”

The bride and also groom an initial tied the knot ago in 2013, and also their family members has grown a lot due to the fact that then. In 2017, lock revealed they to be expecting baby No. 4 — a small girl they later named Annabella. Together, the parents currently shared a son called Sebastian and Jenn’s twins v ex Josh Smith, Joshua and Noah. In 2018, they walked under the aisle a second time.

not many people know ours story. & soon it will certainly be on video for anyone to know. Every increase & down will be the end of the bag. Yet we did something yesterday not a many of human being get to do. We gained married to our soulmate a second time!