Jesse James is ago to create some of many mind-blowing vehicles to ever before drive throughout television screens!

Jesse James of West coastline Choppers is excited come announce the return that Monster Garage. The new garage is in Austin Texas and the change in scenery has been an excellent for James. Jesse has actually only gotten far better in his craft and has build he didn’t get to perform the very first time around. Look the end for Monster Garage top top

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If you’ve acquired gasoline running v your veins, then it’s time to get excited. Jesse James is happen his talents back to engine Mondays! A brand-new season the the high-octane series, Monster Garage, is returning 14 year after the last illustration aired. The beloved American outlaw and founder that West coastline Choppers is earlier with one upgraded garage, cutting-edge an innovation and a renewed passion for developing some of most mind-blowing vehicles to ever drive throughout television screens.

The revamped legendary collection will as soon as again emphasis on transforming regular vehicles right into functional makers with a distinctive purpose while elevating mechanical and also automotive vision in the shop. James is once again looking to accomplish the impossible and also will be functioning with some of the most talented craftsmen and women in the country.

In the years since Monster Garage ended, James has traveled the world, expanding his skill collection along the way. With brand-new expertise in forging and blacksmithing, Jesse James is more talented than ever. He’s ready to break every the rules once it pertains to custom builds. He is back…and he is just obtaining started.

Stay tuned for as soon as you can watch new episodes the Monster Garage in 2020. Follow Channel ~ above Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

Jesse James pushes tradition builds come the border in MONSTER GARAGE, premiering January 4 ~ above

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