Jesse Lee Soffer together Detective Jay Halstead and also Sophia shrub as Detective Erin LindsayMatt Dinerstein/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images

Linstead fans, rest easy! Jesse Lee Soffer promises that an ext “skinstead” is on the means for Chicago P.D.’s favourite couple, Jay Halstead and also Erin Lindsay. The hunky actor opened up up about the character’s romance, and also told united state Weekly which scene in between him and Sophia Bush is his favorite.

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“Linstead is going strong. If you space a large Linstead supporter, ns think currently until the finish of the season there can be part skinstead, if you follow what ns saying,” Soffer, 32, speak Us. “It’s going to get steamy.”

Soffer’s and Bush’s personalities finally hooked increase in season 2 when working together in their knowledge Unit. Fans quickly gave them the nickname “Linstead” and also coined their nearly naked moment “skinstead.” The pair have actually plenty of chemistry top top screen and are generally scene-stealers, many thanks to their playful banter. (Soffer and also Bush break-up last June after practically a year of dating, but were recorded holding hand in NYC in September.)

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“One the my favorite Linstead scene — yes a scene at the bar, ns think in season 2, wherein Sophia’s personality is providing my character crap around dating the bartender and we finish up utilizing Scrabble in quotes as analogy for having sex,” Soffer recalls, laughing. “It’s a really funny scene. Even just analysis it the very first time, i think i loved it and also it come out an excellent too.”

The costars and their castmates have become close when filming in the windy City end the years. But Soffer, Bush, 33, and Patrick man Flueger, that plays Adam Ruzek, actually very first worked together prior to Chicago P.D.


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“We every did a pilot with each other playing siblings, i beg your pardon is simply crazy. It’s unheard of that three people end up on one more show the following year together,” Soffer tells Us. “It was sort of intended to be. We were all claimed to it is in in Chicago together, and I’m grateful to have them there.”

Read an ext of Soffer’s Q&A below:

US WEEKLY: There room a the majority of shirtless scenes. What’s a job in the gym prefer for you and the cast?

JLS: The schedule is so challenging sometimes the it’s an ext like midnight in the gym. You go, ‘Ah, i gotta obtain in there due to the fact that I had the mac and also cheese and the fried chicken today.’ it’s an uphill battle, yet we perform a an excellent job. We all prefer to train together.

US: You and a the majority of your costars also love to ride motorcycles together.

JLS: We have actually a biker corridor going! It’s choose the next show, the 5th show, Chicago Biker gang or Chicago sons of Anarchy. Taylor <Kinney‘s> acquired a bike, Amy <Morton‘s> acquired a bike, Nick Gehlfuss, Monica Raymund has a bike. … you will do it see united state cruising the highways together. Watch out!

US: What space items the fans could find in her trailer?

JLS: Motorcycle keys. And I have actually a ton that nerd firearms in my trailer. … I choose to take shots in ~ Patty or LaRoyce <Hawkins> if they obtain too close. You deserve to probably find about eight of lock in mine closet.

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US: What episode has been the hardest to film so far?

JLS: Physically, the first episode that season 3, i was acquiring tortured. That was emotionally draining. However what ns look forward to is acquiring a motorcycle ~ above the show. This has actually been an continuous joke through Derek Haas, one of our producers.

US: do you ever before get worried that your character could get eliminated off?

JLS: No, ns mean, you are on a cop present — you never understand what’s walk to occur in the story line! That’s component of why it’s fun. If it to be to happen, ns would simply hope that it’s good TV. You never know, we’ll see.