“Hit that Hard,” indigenous co-directors Gabe Spitzer and David terry Fine, premieres top top ESPN this evening at 8 p.m. ET.

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The latest 30 because that 30 documentary take away a look at the rags-to-riches journey of one of sport’s most vivid personalities, pro golfer man Daly.

SportsCenter critical night… and also his figure did no disappoint! https://t.co/rdnDMZudMD

— 30 for 30 (
30for30) October 26, 2016

Ever due to the fact that Daly shocked the sports human being by coming out of nowhere to win the PGA Championship in ~ Crooked stick 25 year ago, the blond bomber from Dardanelle, Ark., has been one of the most renowned – and also polarizing – figures in a sports that cherishes that traditions and also minds that manners.

When we began the film, we went in reasoning ‘This male is walk to it is in crazy, he just doesn’t offer a damn,’ yet we discovered that there room definitely much more layers come Daly. – Gabe Spitzer, co-director, “Hit it Hard”

He is the people’s champion. Yet as Spitzer speak Front Row, Daly is not specifically what civilization expect.

“When we started the film, we went in thinking ‘This guy is walking to it is in crazy, he simply doesn’t give a damn,’ but we discovered that there are definitely more layers to Daly,” stated Spitzer. “He had a the majority of success thrown in ~ him early and in plenty of cases, that was just not maybe to address it.”

“Hit that Hard” is a revealing and also rollicking documentary the covers Daly’s rise and also fall, his redemption at the British open up in St. Andrew in 1995, and his struggles with various vices and also depression. It additionally reveals a person whose story runs lot deeper than his motto of “Sip It, grip It, Rip It.”

As watched in the exclusive movie clip above, Daly cherishes having an moral relationship through his fans.


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TSN1040) October 31, 2016

Spitzer remarked, “As we got to understand John, it ended up being clear the he truly desires a tradition where people look back and respect him.”

Fans deserve to join the society conversation throughout tonight’s premiere through the hashtag #HitItHard. Watch the film’s trailer below.


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