Demetrious Johnson protected his UFC Flyweight Championship against John Dodson in ~ UFC 191 in another technical masterpiece.

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Mighty mouse was never in any kind of danger in this fight and also showed that is the finest flyweight on Earth. Dodson was never ever a aspect in this fight. The just thing he obtained to showcase was his defensive wrestling. Other than that, that was just a heat body in former of Johnson.

It was one more stellar performance from Johnson, who won via unanimous decision, however it’s a shame it wasn’t competitive. This is what us learned after one more five ring of technical greatness.

And still...


What we’ll Remember around the Fight

Brett Okamoto

That's it. Little crowd at MGM boos. Johnson and Dodson both raise your hands. Easy DJ win. 49-46 or 50-45. The computer mouse does the again.


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I hate to speak this after one more masterful power by the flyweight champion, yet nothing was memorable in this fight. That’s simply the reality of the matter. Johnson did whatever right, but that"s no what pan remember. Pan remember finishes, significant and to chat exchanges or fans remember unique offense. Nothing choose that happened in this fight. That was just Johnson being Johnson.

Dodson didn"t engage enough to do memorable exchanges between the two. He donate up consistently looking come counter, but Johnson never ever opened himself as much as clean counterpunches. And Dodson"s remarkable takedown defense retained him upright. This to be a clean fight.

We will ultimately forget these 2 performances. Us will just remember the Johnson won.


What we Learned about Dodson

Dodson to be competitive in the very first fight in January 2013 and virtually walked away through the gold. We learned Saturday night the his time together a hazard to Johnson has passed. Johnson has developed past Dodson. There was nothing Dodson go to even remotely threaten the champ.

It to be a classic performance that said, “I just do not want to it is in finished.”

Dodson is a an excellent fighter, but he is no on Johnson’s level.

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What we Learned around Johnson

Mookie Alexander

If y'all want to keep pretending the UFC can magically make boos go to substantial cheers because that Demetrious Johnson, it is in my guest.