Democratic Pennsylvania Auditor basic Eugene DePasquale (left) is being challenged by Republican Northampton ar Executive john Brown (right), the eco-friendly Party"s john J. Sweeney and also Libertarian Roy A. Minet. (MORNING CALL paper PHOTOS)

Incumbent autonomous Pennsylvania Auditor general Eugene DePasquale deals with three opponents. Northampton ar Executive john Brown is the Republican. John J. Sweeney the Wyoming County to represent the environment-friendly Party. Roy A. Minet that Lancaster county is the Libertarian candidate.

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uneven the various other two state row offices on the ballot this year, the auditor basic office has actually been clean the scandal because the 1980s. The auditor general serves together the fiscal watchdog, tasked with following tax money is spent as necessary at the executive-level state agencies, institution boards and local governments.

DePasquale, 45, the York is seek his 2nd term together head that the 468-person agency, which has a budget plan of $48.2 million. He is a previous state representative.

DePasquale has actually garnered bipartisan worship while racking up endorsements from union and business-centric groups.

DePasquale claimed he deserves re-election based upon his work, which contains uncovering $200 million in rubbish spending, reforming his office, and conducting a power audit that brought about faster service on the state"s emergency pointer line because that suspected situations of child abuse.

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"All that that screens I have been a tough, fair and also independent watchdog for the world of Pennsylvania," that said.

Brown has raised $68,447 and also spent all yet $7,831 of it together he looks for to broaden his politics reach exterior of Northampton County.

Brown is the previous Bangor mayor and also business advance specialist because that the pharmaceutical and also chemical industry. He claimed he is ready for statewide office.

as county executive, Brown has clarified the county"s gaue won health. While his predecessor had challenges projecting where the budget plan would be by year"s end, Brown has substantially improved the accuracy the the county"s audit process, stockpile cash and also develop long-term maintenance plans.

once he came right into office, Brown said, the county-owned Gracedale Nursing house was wasting upward of $4 million on overtime and outsourcing due to the fact that employees to be calling out as well frequently. By negotiating with the union, that said, they set a brand-new policy on exactly how employees contact out the work, which cut the lack rate in half and conserved money.

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If chosen auditor general, Brown said, the would carry out a far better job 보다 the incumbent that working with the Legislature and also audited organ to make sure taxpayers benefit from audits choose at Gracedale. It"s one thing to find waste, he said, it"s another to do a settle that benefits taxpayers.

"A lot of waste is no within the heat item budget," Brown said. "It"s within the system, in between the cracks."



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