HBO’s brand-new show, Last week Tonight with John Oliver, had a funny and also spot-on take on the POM vs. Coca-Cola supreme Court Case, misleading food marketing claims and also how to acquire even. 

HBO premiered a new late night comedy present yesterday called Last week Tonight with John Oliver. The host, john Oliver, take it aim at current news including NFL Cheerleaders, Oregon’s failed healthcare website and also the NSA. But, his take it on the POM vs. Coca-Cola supreme Court case was priceless.

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Starting in ~ 15 minutes and 30 seconds right into the present (if you’d like to go straight to the clip on YouTube), the 5 minute segment hits every the important points around false and also misleading advertising, government ineptitude and the shams that us all space subjected to at the hands of huge food suppliers who want to exploit customer desire for healthy food.

After a quick introduction, Oliver reflects a news clip from Justin Gray, Channel 2 in Washington, DC, who holds increase a party of Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry Juice and says: It claims Pomegranate Blueberry in huge letters top top the label yet this juice is actually 99% apple and also grape. Come see exactly how much pomegranate juice is in reality in this Minute Maid, you require something as small as one eyedropper. That’s it.

JO: Seriously?

Oliver climate points out that POM, together I’ve detailed previously, should be ashamed to be spreading dispersions at Coca-Cola.

JO: … in Coke’s defense, they only mislead us around what’s in your juice. For years, POM Wonderful has actually mislead us about what’s in pomegranates.

JO: … The US government will let you speak just about anything about your products, however promising immortality was also much even for them.


JO: Which means, what this instance is really about is POM wonderful saying: “Hey, us didn’t spend years misleading people around the wellness benefits the our snake oil because that you come come in and also lie about how much snake oil you have in her products.”

Oliver goes on to comment on false and misleading labeling for a selection of assets such together Hellman’s Mayonnaise and also Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats. Every these insights are also priceless.

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JO: Its extremely rare for companies to be referred to as to account for any type of of this… plainly we are currently at a allude where food companies feel no responsibility to accurately stand for what is in your products and also what they do for you.

Oliver and the folks in ~ HBO end the segment by directing viewers come the last Week Tonight on facebook page. There you will certainly find fake nutrition labels and also some advice:

Print lock out and tape them come food item you have actually at home. Yet please perform NOT use them because that hilarious action of windy vandalism. And also if you execute that, ABSOLUTELY do NOT tweet them to us at
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