—Smooth mover who has excellent versatility in hips, knees and ankles and can open to run through ease.

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—Has an excellent size with well-built lower fifty percent and athleticism come play boundary or slot corner.

—Playmaker mentality and also ball skills as a previous Arizona prepare standout at wide receiver.

—Play speed is also faster 보다 timed speed and also helps him recover when he falls out that phase.

—Closes fine on the ball and also often uses his suffer as a wide receiver come read and react to the route to acquire himself right into position ~ above the ball.


—Routinely loses battles because that 50-50 balls and also doesn"t use positioning or dimension at catch point like he should.

—Needs to discover to beat behind his pads and also bring part toughness to physical receivers.

—Work in ~ the line of scrimmage will require work to construct disruptive punch.

—Inherent questions about competition level means he"ll have to present he deserve to win against good or much better athletes.


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Someone requirements to call Jordan Brown how big he is so he actually starts come play prefer it. He has the size and also speed to it is in a No. 1 edge in the NFL, however he fixed plays favor it. His ideal reps would have actually him towards the optimal of this class, however it"s hard to know how regular his initiative will be and if the can construct the body regulate to compete downfield versus against optimal NFL competition. That has every one of the fundamental techniques to be great, and a little coaching could quickly unlock his NFL-starter potential.

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PRO COMPARISON: Marcus Peters 

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