From '90s son star to sheathe star, JGL has absolutely had his re-publishing of layout ups and downs. Us track his rollercoaster ride to sartorial stardom



Did you understand that Joseph Gordon-Levitt began his career as a smarmy standup comedian working the village club scene? Okay, so possibly he simply looked it.

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Here he is every grown up, in the late '90s, "I'm a teen who deals with troubles relevant to kids today every weekday afternoon" kind of way.



Woah! ~ above one hand, he it s okay a pass because he's at the premiere the Disney's Treasure Planet. (Remember that? No? Okay.) top top the various other hand, dude is 21 year old. This is what 15-year-olds imagine they'll dress prefer for a night on the town—i.e., like an are John Travolta.



The credit states that he's in ~ a screening at Stuyvesant High institution in brand-new York. Which, if you take away the red carpet and all the "Tribeca film Festival" logos, makes him as necessary dressed.



Just with time for his adult breakout in Brick, this is the first time we watch JGL attempt a grown-up red carpet look. Not bad, really, beside from that Mayan calendar-patterned tie.


Can girlfriend tell the this is from the premiere that (500) job of Summer? could you there is no the best side that the photo? maybe with just a close-up shooting of the scarf? We're guessing yes on every counts.


Boom. simply when you assumed Levitt to be destined to it is in a red carpet leper for the rest of his career, he stars in the ultra-stylish Inception and starts busting the end dapper numbers favor these. It's a lesson us can't seem come teach guys enough: slim suit, slim tie, simple shirt, and also the vivid lapel pen is just icing ~ above the cake.


This shadow plaid is a tad larger than many guys might have the guts for—but he just looks like he's having such a good time, it's difficult not come go in addition to it.


The textured black color tux is awesomely decadent, while the patterned bow tie add to a touch of preppy grandpa style. Say what friend will about the combo, but JGL proves that once you pond the important bits favor fit and also proportion in every outfit, you start to gain away v pretty much every little thing you damn well please.

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