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"Journey to the facility of the Mind" is a track released through the Amboy Dukes in 1968. It reached number 16 ~ above the Billboard charts in 1968 and number 19 in Canada.

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Leave her cares behindCome through us and also findThe pleasures the a trip to the facility of the mindCome along if girlfriend careCome along if you dareTake a ride come the land within of your mindBeyond the seas of thoughtBeyond the realm of whatAcross the streams that hopes and also dreams where things space really notBut you re welcome realiseYou"ll more than likely be surprisedFor it"s the land unknown to manWhere fantasy is factSo if girlfriend can, please understandYou might not come backHow happy life could beIf all of mankindWould take the time to trip to the center of the mindWould take the time to journey to the facility of the mindCenter of the mind (The mind, the mind)

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The Amboy Dukes The Amboy Dukes to be an American absent music band of the late 1960s and early 1970s native Detroit, Michigan, finest remembered for your hit solitary "Journey come the center of the Mind", and also for launching the job of Ted Nugent. The band"s name originates from the location of a novel through Irving Shulman around a Jewish street gang of the same name in the Brownsville community of Brooklyn during the 1940s. In the UK the group"s documents were released under the name of The American Amboy Dukes fan to the presence of a homonymous brothers group. More »


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