Juan Manuel Marquez is a retirement Mexican-born experienced boxer. He was born on august 23, 1973 and his birthplace is Mexico City, Mexico. He began practicing boxing in ~ the period of eight at his father’s encouragement. At almost 47 year old, Manny is retirement from boxing and also is maybe to reap his career together a commentator and is may be to reap time v his beautiful family.

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Juan Manuel Marquez net worth is $20 million dollars. He is a well known person who is ideal known together a Boxer. A skilled boxer in the welterweight, lightweight, super featherweight, and featherweight divisions, Juan Manuel Marquez was a human being champion in three departments (WBA, WBO, and also the Ring).



Juan Manuel Marquez is a well known person who is ideal known together a Boxer. He began practicing boxing at the period of eight in ~ his father’s encouragement. That is the third Mexican boxer to end up being a civilization champion in 4 weight classes, having held nine human being championships consisting of the WBA (Super), IBF and also WBO featherweight titles between 2003 and 2007.He had a effective career v his retirement in 2017. Márquez won plenty of titles transparent his career. His most notable enemies were Manny Pacquiao and also Marco Antonio Barrera. In 2008 Márquez shed to Pacquiao in their first bout versus each other. In 2012, Márquez earn $5 million in his third fight against Pacquiao. The allegations incorporate money laundering and also forging a strength of attorney in Juan Manuel Márquez’s surname at Chase bank branches in Los Angeles, California.

Before he to be famous, the made his skilled debut together a boxer once he was 19. The Márquez family has constantly been close. Growing up, Manny was specifically close v his big brother Rafael since of their shared love that boxing. The brothers always hung the end together.

In fact, once Manny began dating his currently wife Erika, his brothers Rafael began dating Erika’s larger sister, Araceli. Both couples are now married. Juan had actually three kids with his wife Erika Marquez.

Juan Manuel Márquez was born in Mexico City on august 23, 1973. Together devout roman Catholics, Rafael and Maria instilled in their youngsters the value and importance the prayer and education.Despite coming to be a professional boxer at the age of 19, Manny also completed an audit degree at a Mexico City profession school.

Juan Manuel Márquez started his experienced boxing career in 1993 in ~ the age of nineteen. Having actually trained because that eight years, he was ready. He had a successful career with his retirement in 2017.A professional boxer in the welterweight, lightweight, super featherweight, and also featherweight divisions, Juan Manuel Marquez was a world champion in three divisions (WBA, WBO, and the Ring).He has a full of 62 fights to his name with an outstanding record that 55 wins and also only 6 losses and 1 draw. Juan earn 5 million native his fight through Manny Pacquiao on 8th December 2012.

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Marquez\"s net worth is an estimated $20 million. Juan Manuel Marquez earned $5 million native his 3rd fight versus Manny Pacquiao on December 8th 2012. If Marquez had actually beaten Pacman, the would have been entitled to a $10 million rematch. On may 17, 2014, JMM defeated Mike Alvardo in a 12 round unanimous decision. His purse because that the fight was $1.6 million. That is currently a regular boxing analyst.