Junior dos Santos Almeida, popularly recognized as junior dos Santos, is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and a previous UFC Heavyweight Champion, who right now holds victories over 5 remarkable UFC Heavyweight Champions: Fabricio Werdum, candid Mir, Cain Velasquez, Shane Carwin, and Stipe Miocic. Together of 2019, junior dos Santos is ranked #3 in the main UFC Heavyweight rankings.

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Junior dos Santos net Worth 2019

According come sources, as of 2019, the estimated Junior dos Santos net worth stands in ~ $10 million.

Junior dos Santos Age

Born on the 30th the January, 1984, small dos Santos is 35 year old.

Junior dos Santos Record

Junior dos Santos make his UFC debut in 2008 and is a one-time UFC Heavyweight Champion. At UFC

on Fox 1 in 2011, JDS winner the UFC Heavyweight Championship by defeating Cain Velasquez within 64 secs of the very first round via KO.

Junior dos Santos record in expert MMA stands in ~ 21 wins and 6 losses. Listed below is a malfunction of

By Knockout154
By Submission11
By Decision51

Junior dos Santos Wife

Junior dos Santos was married come Visana Piccozi, however, prior to dos Santos’ location fight against Cain Velasquez in ~ UFC 155, the couple announced your divorce ending their marital relationship after 10 years.

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Junior dos Santos Salary

Junior dos Santos last competed in the UFC ~ above June 29, 2019 as soon as he lost to Francis Ngannou via first-round TKO. However, the recent reports do indicate that dos Santos earn a total undisclosed payday the $400,000 for his loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC on Fox 2.


Net worth $10 Million
Age 35 Years
Nationality Brazilian
Last Updated2019

People also Ask

How old is junior dos Santos?

35 years (January 30, 1984)

Where is small dos Santos from?


What is small dos Santos net worth?

Currently, the previous UFC Heavyweight Champion small dos Santos has a network worth that $10 million.