“Jus Know” is a collaboration between PARTYNEXTDOOR and Travis Scott, exit by PARTY in 2014 as part of his color saga. This is very early version of the track the leaked… check out More 

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Back once we were young...Back as soon as we were young, I...Back as soon as we to be young...Back when we were young...I remember everything, understand that I'm watchingI remember everything, just knowI see you climate look away, just know'Cause ns remember what you took away, just know (Ah, ah)Not anyone is her friend, baby, no, no, no, no, no, noNot every nigga is mine nigga, baby, yeah, no, no, no, no, noHey, you used to kiss me then laugh (I remember every, oh)Shit that ns missed because that a when (Oh, oh)I remember whatever (Ooh)I remember everythingI remember whatever (I psychic every...)Oh, oh, oh, oohI psychic everythingI remember everything, yeah (I psychic every...)Oh, five (I mental everything)It's a party (It's a party), it's a partyYou invited, invited, simply know (You invited, invited)It's a party (It's a party), it's a partyYou invited, invite (You invited, invited, right up)Girl, why her nigga comin' at my neck?Is that 'cause he watched a nigga leave her crib in the sweats? (Why?)Is the 'cause her nigga scented a nigga odor on her neck? (Why?)I apologise, the gotta recognize that your pussy the best (Straight up)Woo, that's forreal (La Flame)I'm never ever gon' call you, I'm always gon' sphere youI'm ballin' (oh no), I'm also trill, yeah
Girl, ns remember everything (Ooh)I remember everythingI remember everything (I remember every...)Oh, oh, oh, oohI psychic everythingI psychic everything, yeah (I mental every...)Oh, five (I mental everything)I remember everything, know that I'm watchingI remember everything, just knowI check out you then look away, simply know'Cause ns remember what you took away, simply know (Just know)Mama still checks the lettersThat I used to compose you when we broke upWhen I said shit like..."When we thrive up, I'ma buy friend shit once we punch up"Hey, us were the initial Kanye and also KimYou know, Kanye and also KimNow it's Drizzy and also Rih, it was so noticeable then, oh, yeahYou recognize I remember, ns remember everything (I remember)Even details around the wedding ring (I remember)I got questions about everything (I remember)Broke your heart, girl, you worthy these points (I remember)Are you still mad that ns made you pay for everything, everything?Girl, I acquired it now, girl, I gained it nowGirl, I gained you now

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I remember everythingI psychic everythingI remember whatever (I mental every...)Oh, oh, oh, oohI remember everythingI mental everything, yeah (I mental every...)Oh, five (I mental everything)I mental everythingI mental everything, yes (I psychic every...)Oh, oh (I psychic everything)Sun go down, us ride about townFeel prefer nothing's going downFeel like nothing's walking downSo once the sunlight goes down, us ride approximately cityJust know, simply know it's goin' downJust know, just know it's goin' downJust recognize we out right here forrealJust understand we out right here forrealJust recognize we out below forrealJust understand we out below forreal