We’ve seen the cock pics. We’ve seen the bulges. Yet how well endowed space celebrities likeBrad PittandP. Diddy, really?A current studydeclared the main average length of one erect dick to be 5.16 inches, v circumference of 4.59 (and 3.6 customs long, 3.66 inches approximately when flaccid, in instance you were wondering). We’re not sure exactly how these masculine celebs measure upexactly, yet we’re going to execute our finest to try and guess. Us did part investigating, and whether these claims are finish fallacies or an effort at revenge by an ex (coughKim Mathers), this is what us found.

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Ashton Kutcher:In 2008, Kutcher’s so late ex-girlfriendBrittany Murphyjoked about the relationship between him and his then-wifeDemi MooreonDavid Letterman: “To him period doesn’t matter and to her dimension doesn’t matter.” followed by many “Kidding!” assurances, obviously.

Brad Pitt:Pitt’s exJuliette Lewiswas the end at a bar when sheclaimed, “He was no… huge deal, if ya know what ns mean!” once a group member asked her to clear up his situation, she apparently laughed so tough she banged right into a table. Later, hisOcean’sco-starGeorge Clooneyjokingly(?) put a “Small dick on Board” sticker ~ above his car. Haters gonna hate.

Enrique Iglesias:Iglesias isn’t packing and also he’s not ashamed. Healwaysreferences his tiny manhood, one timesaying, “The next product I’m gonna placed my name on is extra-small condoms. I can never find extra-small condoms, and I understand it’s really embarrassing for people, friend know, from experience. Hopefully world won’t be ashamed once I action forward.” You have the right to run, you deserve to hide, and his penis still won’t it is in there.

Jude Law:After we learned regulation was having actually an affair with his nanny, points got also worse whenpicsof his dick were revealed. Publications likePage Sixwere not impressed,comparinghis “meager manhood” to George Costanza’s “shrinkage” inSeinfield. Woof.

Shia LaBeouf:In a 2009 interview, the previous Disney startoldPlayboyabout losing his virginity: “It placed her in ~ a monster angle, wherein I couldn’t acquire in correctly. I’m not extremely well-endowed… and plainly this wasn’t the move.”

Nick Cannon:Before he was set to be Mr.Mariah Carey, Cannon’s exSelita Ebankssaid “no comment” once asked around his size in this amazing 2011 throwbackinterview. We’re guessing she’s sparing that the embarrassment.

Eminem:In 2007,Eminem’s estranged ex-wifeKim Matherstolda Detroit radio terminal that he to be “not really well-endowed” and that sex v him to be downright “bad.” she advice: “If you’re going to have actually sex v Marshall, make certain you have a tiny blue pill, because otherwise it does not work.” That’s low.

Daniel Radcliffe:TheHarry Potterstar go full-frontal inEquus. He blamed on-stage shrinkage on phase fright,sayinghis member “tighten up like a hamster.” Hey, at least he had actually the balls to it is in nude top top stage.

Daniel Craig:Craig’sCasino Royaleco-starDame Judi Denchclaimedhis penis was “absolute monster,” adhering to up with, “Sorry, i shouldn’t to speak that, have to I? just how uncouth of me.” However, the gibbs alsoadmittedto having “four or five” stunt penises. So…

Calvin Klein models leave very tiny to the imagination, so perform you prefer them clothed or nah?



Diddy:Diddy’s junk wasdeemed“medium”-sized follow toKarrine Steffans’tell-all bookConfessions that a video clip Vixen. In instance you were wondering, she states his bed field of expertise is simply “average.”

Nelly:Nelly’s prick is likewise rumored to be “medium” in sizeaccording toSteffans. Not as well insightful, yet it’s all us got.

50 Cent:In she book, Steffanssays50 Cent is supposedly “medium-long” under there. Not bad.

Justin Bieber:There has been lot speculation about the dimension ofJustin Bieber’s penisafter the alleged Photoshop debacle through Calvin Klein earlier this year. Brave souls — prefer Brazilian modelTati Neves, whoclaimed“he’s well-endowed and also very great in bed” — have concerned his defense. Therefore, us concluded the it’s probablyaverage.

Ben Affleck:In 2014,Chuck Lorre jokedabout peeking at Affleck’s member at the urinal. “Yes, ns peeked. And also yes, Comic Con, he deserve to play Batman.” We witnessed a tiny side activity of his member inGone Girl, so let us reemphasize the Lorre joked. It to be nice, but we weren’t swollen away.

Colin Farrell:Thanks to his sex tape, we’ve seen theproof. It’s nice, but nothing that will shock and awe you. They each other ’em fine in Ireland.

Common:The Oscar winner is“long however too skinny,” in Steffan’sopinion. Therefore, we averaged it at a tool size.



Chris Brown:There space no debates to be made here. Chris Brown has a vast dong and also we have thepicto prove it.

Trey Songz:Same thing have the right to be used to this beautiful man. Watch nofurther.

Ray J:Unless you’ve to be living under a rock or don’t have actually wifi, you have probably watched Ray J andKim Kardashian’ssex tape. It’s time to establish Kim’s ass wasn’t the only star that the video.

David Beckham:We refuse to think those H&M billboards andEmporio Armaniadsare Photoshopped. We’ve checked out his under-the-pants bulge, which way we basically know it’s the real, gifted deal.

Jay Z:Jay Z is “real thick and juicy”accordingto Karrine Steffans. She then took 5 steps backwards with: “You can’t was standing looking in ~ him when he’s ~ above top.” us bet Queen Bey will fight her on that one.

Eddie Murphy:In the bookPenis Size and Enlargement, authorGary Griffindescribesthe actor as being “very well hung, 8-9 range.”

John Mayer:It transforms out Mayer has the items to back up thecockiness. Maybe.An ex-girlfriend was overheardsaying, “His body in reality is a wonderland.” We know it most likely isn’t his glowing personality, so there needs to be a factor these girl flock to him right?

Will Smith:Steffan’s booksaysWill Smith’s member is “long.” That’s every we need to know around that.

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Ja Rule:Steffanclaimsthe rapper is “long” and “full that energy” in the bedroom. They additionally allegedly hadthreesomesso it couldn’t of been terrible.

Snoop Dogg:Not only is Snoop’s dick “big,” however Steffansdeemedit “too long.” Is the a bad thing?

Timbaland:Timbaland’s peen might be “long and fat” yet Steffanssaidthat the “can’t f–k.” So, we’re assuming that’s not a compliment?