The Los Angeles Chargers running ago position reportedly may not it is in a treasure trove of production for fantasy football players this season.

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According come ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler, it doesn"t seem as though the Chargers arrangement to lean greatly on a single running earlier in 2021, which could make for a dicey fantasy situation and the absence of a "slam dunk" an option for fantasy managers.

Fowler noted that Chargers head coach Brandon Staley said:"We really think in having that diversity, that selection of runners that can really change the speed on a defense."

Austin Ekeler is collection to enter the season as the Chargers" No. 1 back, but the expectation is the Justin Jackson, Joshua Kelley and rookie sixth-round choose Larry runountree III can see plenty of action as well.

If any of the quartet is walking to find a means to put up elite fantasy numbers, it would certainly be Ekeler, especially after the Chargers signed him come a four-year, $24.5 million contract extension in march 2020.

Ekeler to be a fantasy beast in 2019, rushing for 557 yards and three touchdowns, yet most importantly capturing 92 receptions because that 993 yards and eight scores. Even an ext impressively, lot of that production came when he was sharing the backfield v Melvin Gordon.

After Gordon left because that the Denver Broncos in complimentary agency, Ekeler seemingly had the backfield all to himself in 2020. Injuries cost him 6 games, though, and he wasn"t quite the very same player also when healthy.


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Ekeler perfect the year v 530 yards and one touchdown top top the ground, to add 54 records for 403 yards and also two touchdowns.

Although his receiving numbers were down quite a little bit last season ~ transitioning from veteran Philip Rivers come Herbert together his quarterback, Ekeler must still it is in a valuable commodity in point-per-receptions leagues in 2021 together a safety valve for Herbert.

Ekeler has never to be a true bell-cow back as a runner, however, which might open the door for few of L.A."s various other running backs to have actually a significant role.

Last year, Kelley rushed because that 354 yards and two touchdowns in 14 games, if Jackson taped 270 yards and also no touchdowns in nine games. They linked for end 40 receptions and over 300 receiving yards together well.

Ekeler"s fantasy owner may additionally have to worry around Rountree, who Fowler provided that the Chargers coaching employee is high on.

While Ekeler is undoubtedly still the Chargers running ago fantasy supervisors want come target due to the fact that of his ceiling together a pass-catcher, security a pick on that in the an initial two rounds could be a risky proposition offered how crowded the backfield is.

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