For K.Flay, what began off as rapping for fun throughout college in ~ Stanford University has turned right into a full-blown music career, and is now the an initial artist signed come Dan Reynolds\" (Imagine Dragons) Night Street documents Imprint, and also with Interscope Records. The 31-year-old singer/songwriter indigenous Wilmet, Illinois, actual name Kristine Flaherty, simply released her EP Crush Me, which attributes four song -- consisting of her an initial single to ever before land top top the us Billboard alternative chart, \"Blood In The Cut.\" She will likewise be out on tour this loss in the U.S. And also Canada, i m sorry you deserve to learn much more about here.

K.Flay recently told us about her new EP once she newly stopped by thedesigningfairy.comRadio HQ in brand-new York City during an to exclude, interview. She likewise told us around how she became the first artist signed to Night Street Records.

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On just how she was signed come Dan Reynolds\" Night Street Records

\"Connecting up through Dan happened completely unexpectedly. Ns was out in Nashville working on music through a guy named JT Daly, who actually I operated on 3 of the songs of the EP with, and also JT\"s manager is Dan\"s brother. It just so happened we to be gearing up because that an independent release, and then Dan got in call with me, and also he and also I began chatting. We\"re very aligned in our orientation of music and creativity, and also how we desire to be as people, and as I got to recognize him and the way that they run points in his family and vice versa, it to be a great friendship and partnership. I placed out this very first release with him, and it\"s been really cool, because I think he has an knowledge of very high level ingredient in regards to being an worldwide commercial crazy famous act, but he\"s supervisor in touch v all the DIY facets of music that are so necessary to me, too. It\"s been yes, really good.\"

K.Flay likewise revealed the an interpretation behind each track on Crush Me. She described what each tune is about, what inspired the lyrics, and what they typical to her.

Check the end our interview through K.Flay wherein she breaks under the an interpretation of she songs on her Crush Me EP below:


Track 1: \"Blood in the Cut\"

\"\"Blood in the Cut\" started as a breakup anthem. I composed the lyrics and the riff in 20 minutes, and I was in reality at house for Christmas, therefore I remained in my parents\" basement doing that. I was in a rather dark emotional place. I created that, and also I automatically felt filled with this vigor that I had actually previously to be missing. And then developing the song, just embracing that spirit of relax in the chorus.\"

Track 2: \"Hollywood Forever\"

\"I simply moved come LA about five month ago, and I had actually been thinking around this idea of our image and how we connect with that best now, due to the fact that I think it\"s very facility and has actually never been this complex ever. And also then ns was driving under Santa Monica pass this cemetery in Los Angeles dubbed Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I was like, \"That\"s a great title because that a song.\" Then i was simply thinking around celebrity and notoriety, and how us look at ourselves.\"

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Track 3: \"Dreamers\"

\"\"Dreamers\" is a tune I created for myself, a bit simply as a reminder. I have a many friends who space artists and also do creative things, yet I also have a most friends that don\"t, and sometimes i look at a more mainstream lifestyle, and also I\"m like, \"What am ns doing? ns did it all wrong.\" ns think in order come be creative as your profession, there requirements to be a small voice within you spurring you come continue, despite your own doubts and also the doubts of others, and also whatever obstacles might come. That tune was me talk to myself speak this life and also your truth is everything you make it and it\"s every little thing you strive because that it to be. It\"s a reminder to store dreaming, store going.\"

Track 4: \"You feeling Right\"

\"\"You felt Right\" is really simply a storytelling song. There\"s not much an allegory or extra meaning. It\"s a simple thing about the progression of a connection that doesn\"t work-related out. Yet I think at the end, there\"s at the very least a feeling of empowerment ~ above the narrator\"s side. As a narrator, you have actually the ability to spread stories and also tell castle the method that you desire to call them, i m sorry is kind of cool.\"