NBA All-Star DeAndre Jordan is pass the love ago with a performance of Seal"s "Kiss indigenous a Rose."

The Lip Sync fight Preshow is on the back! Elliott Morgan interviews Kate Upton and asks her around Ricky Martin"s cameo in "Idle Hands" (seriously). Lee Newton acts together your guide to what does and doesn’t bang. Someone’s living under our phase – but who?! and also much, much more.

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It to be an epic battle that observed Kate Upton"s variation of Britney Spears go toe-to-toe with Ricky Martin"s rendition that "Footloose." hear the competitors recount exactly how it all came together.
It’s the Lip Sync battle Preshow! uncover out what happened when Ne-Yo was told over there wasn’t any kind of actual singing on the show. Hear Taye Diggs talk about Ne-Yo’s abs. Plus, Lee and also Elliott…talk much more about Ne-Yo’s abs.
Ne-Yo performs an ode to Larry Blackmon of Cameo when rocking a wild flat-top and also even wilder red codpiece.
How execute you gain in her opponent"s head? Perform among his very own songs. Here"s Taye Diggs doing just that.
John Michael Higgins asks us to transform him right into a meme - and also we oblige. Nicole Richie reveals her brand-new alter ego. Lee Newton fall a hot brand-new track.
What will Nicole Richie execute with the championship belt? What was john Michael Higgins" favourite moment? uncover out right here.
John Michael Higgins recreates his famed scene from "The Break-Up" through his "Great News" co-star Nicole Richie acquisition the ar of Vince Vaughn.
As the battle over floor rages on, the Duttons space targeted like never ever before, and also everyone is payment the price for strength on Yellowstone Season 4, premiering top top November 7.
Expect much more action, drama, humor, next hustles, steamy hookups and secrets indigenous the previous on the debut season the 68 Whiskey.

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A clinical unit in the U.S. Military utilizes unorthodox methods in that is mission to keep soldiers alive on the original collection 68 Whiskey, produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard.