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Quick Summary: The original tier 1 Japanese cruiser v her historical armaments restored, bumping her up to tier 3. Slow, fragile, under gunned, but equipped with torpedoes, a float airplane fighter and given access to the Aiming Systems alteration 0 module to compensate.
Patch & date Written:, November 24th, 2016

Closest in-Game Contemporary: Yubari, tier 4 IJN Cruiser

Degree the Similarity: Clone / Sister delivery / related Class/ Similar duty / Unique
I struggled to find a similar ship. I wanted to compare the Katori to the Hashidate -- the tier 1 cruiser that replaced her yet I think the Yubari"s a far better fit. They"re both soft skinned. They"re both utilizing a quite similar mix of weapons. But the Yubari has actually agility on she side if the Katori is ... Well, she"s a hippo through a gland trouble is what she is.
PROs:Healthy hit allude pool the 22,000hp.Has access to Aiming Systems change 0, which substantially improves weapon performance and handling.Great range, able come reach out to 13.5km v her rifles.Guns space accurate and reasonably difficult hitting an unified with a usual ranged torpedo armament.Has a float plane fighter which have the right to be helpful with help spot enemies.Decent AA rating because that a tier 3 cruiser.Great agility, with a little turning circle and also fast rudder shift.CONs:She has actually no genuine armour come speak of save on the roof of her citadel. Otherwise, she has actually less than 10mm of stole plate anywhere.Horribly under gunned.Slow turret traverse.Torpedo armament is reliant on the adversary making mistakes come able to use it. The Katori is painfully slow-moving at 18.0 knots.



The Katori finishes turn off the USS Burns through her secondaries.


Once ~ above a time, a long, lengthy time ago, the Katori to be the tier 1 IJN Cruiser. As soon as you first started world of Warships, this was the ship the greeted girlfriend in your first matches as you started on the Japanese tech tree. To fit her into the tier 1 slot, the Katori had actually to have actually much the her historic armament stripped away. Her an additional battery to be rendered inactive and also her torpedoes were removed. That didn"t sit well with some purists that wanted to view the vaunted IJN Cruiser which went toe to toe with the Iowa-class Battleships restored to her historical armament. Thus, we have actually the tier 3 premium cruiser Katori, in all of her glory. Those tier 9 American Battleships had better watch out.


This ship first went on revenue on the phibìc American server in a $400 black color Friday bundle that had every other premium ship currently available. Lert is comes by to carry out a 2nd opinion, due to the fact that I think I might have difficulties reviewing this one through a right face.


The Lertbox

Hello and also welcome to another Lertbox in among LWM"s reviews. Let"s acquire straight down to business, now we"ll be talking around the Katori. What provided to it is in the highly nerfed Japanese tier throughout beta has actually been restored to its complete - ... Uhm ... "glory". I usage that word an extremely loosely.


I"ll be comparing her to St Louis and also Bogatyr. Why those two? since they"re the gold standard for tier 3 cruisers, if friend can"t organize your own against those two on also a simple level, you"re no a player. I"ll litter in Tenryu too for great measure since Japanese.


Options, Upgrades & Consumables

The Katori, just like the Yubari and Iwaki, has access to the Aiming Systems change 0 upgrade. This godly mod is an pure must-have. Make certain you equip it.
Consumables:Damage control PartyCatapult Fighter

Module Upgrades: Two slots, has accessibility to Aiming Systems modification 0.Premium Camouflage: Tier 2-5 Standard. This provides 30% bonus endure gains, 3% reduction in surface ar detection and also 4% reduction in foe accuracy.

The Katori is armed with the very same guns found on the Yubari, Tenryu and Kuma. This guns, an especially with the consist of of the Aiming equipment modification, are laser accurate and rather difficult hitting for their tier. Your HE power is especially good, with a 10% possibility to collection fires and a quite high alpha strike for their shell size. She will feel underarmed though, one affliction that besets both the Yubari and Tenryu come a lesser level due to their capacity to supply their torpedo armaments come compensate. While her gun handling isn"t horrible (it"s no good, but not awful) you"ll feel prefer you"re struggling if girlfriend can"t carry both turrets come bear ~ above a target. The rear turret has actually a 76" blind spot to the front, through the front turret having a 68" blind spot come the rear. This will force you to existing much of her sides to lug both weapons to bear. 
Where her tools really do well is as a long variety sniper. By keeping the Katori in ~ range, this mitigates she fragility and allows her come pepper larger targets through impunity. The accuracy of this weapons, particularly with the aiming module, can not be understated. The only limitation is the somewhat sluggish muzzle velocity, resulting in quite a little bit of float to targets at a distance. Still, once picking on Dreadnoughts and also protected cruisers, this commonly isn"t one issue. Thankfully (?) her slow speed will certainly facilitate keeping opponents at arm"s reach together she will certainly often present up so late to whatever engagement you pick to pursue, giving her lot of of time to drop shells on distant targets while she attempts come close. Hopefully her team will still be over there by the moment your fire starts to include up.

Rivals: matches the St Louis

You"ve got better range and also are much more agile. That"s about it. St luigi has much better armor, much more hit-points, greater volume that fire, much more powerful guns, much better speed. Quick of the St louis driver being a noob and enabling you come "sneak" as much as use her torpedoes or being also distracted with various other people, you"re not going come beat him. His HE will certainly mess girlfriend up, his AP will certainly rend you asunder.


St louis is a bit of a tug-boat in maneuverability despite so as long as you can control to remain at the extremes that your selection you have the right to wither that down with relentless 140mm fire from your 4 barrels. Just be conscious that he is much faster than you, therefore the minute he gets annoyed sufficient to chase you, you"ve obtained your work reduced out because that you. Store wiggling, store turning, keep dancing to evade as much as feasible from his substantial volleys and also you could stay alive long sufficient to put a dent right into his wellness pool.

Like countless low tier ships, the Katori has a most wiggle in her tush yet not a the majority of speed. She 18 knots is top top the slow-moving side, also for short tiered vessels. This renders her the slowest cruiser at tier 3 and also tied for the slowest ship overall at tier 3 together the southern Carolina. This rather limits the performance of she torpedo armament as, brief of opponents coming to you, you"ll battle to find avenues to use them. Any type of touches to her rudder renders her rate plummet i beg your pardon will only slow her method further. This have the right to make dodging very difficult as she may answer she rudder immediately, but it will take a long time for she to complete the turn as result of her sluggish speed.
The great news is that the Katori has a pretty healthy and balanced hit point pool in ~ 22,000hp. The poor news is the she doesn"t have actually armour... At all. Well, except for that 2" steel plate welded to the roof of she citadel. This method she won"t have the ability to bounce any AP shells the hit her. The only AP shells she can bounce off she bow space 76mm AP shells native the Smith and Tachibana... I m sorry is kinda hilarious. The only good news is the if civilization are throwing AP in ~ you, they"re likely to overpen (if they"re not British). Her citadel is totally submerged, therefore there"s part hope girlfriend won"t acquire your machine spaces blown the end each time you take fire. Some, yet not much. The Katori is a fairly large, soft skinned pinata of struggle points waiting to be cracked open up to gush forth that juicy credits and experience for the foe team.

Rivals: versus the Bogatyr

It"s almost like Bogatyr to be made particularly to counter Katori, because it has actually the specific right set of tools to carry out so. High volume that fire, potentially superior range, better speed through a considerably margin, sufficient agility to do you occupational for her hits and enough hitpoints to tank damage. A stock Bogatyr or one utilizing the 152mm firearms isn"t together dangerous together a totally upgraded one with captain skills, however even against a stock Bogatyr, every little thing I said around fighting a St Louis applies here as well.

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Against a 130mm equipped Bogatyr captained by an AFT trained commander though? Kiss her aft goodbye. "Avoid at all costs" is my recommendation. He"ll outmaneuver, outrun and out-gun you. Your just real expect is to be able to sneak up once he"s no paying attention and drop fish right into his side, however with a sub-500m revolve radius ~ above the Russian people hero, an excellent luck gaining them to land.