William J. Fishlinger, founder and former CEO & Chairman the The wright Insurance Group and its subsidiary companies, is just one of the top entrepreneurs in the insurance allowance industry, having developed WRM and also seen it v to consolidation with Brown and also Brown in among the industry’s largest transactions that 2014.

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Bill reinvented the financing of public sector risk in a partnership with public institutions in 1989 through the development of the new York schools Insurance Reciprocal. In 1992, in partnership with the brand-new York Conference the Mayors, combination of Towns and the association of Counties, Bill developed the brand-new York Municipal insurance Reciprocal. At this time both the those companies have received one A.M. Finest A rating and also are the primary underwriters of publicly sector danger in the state of new York.

In October 2008, invoice teamed up v Aquiline capital Partners gmbh to type WRM America and capitalize WRM America Indemnity Company, Inc., a dedicated property casualty insurance company. WRM America Indemnity served the insurance demands of the education market, particularly K-12 public and private schools as well as colleges and also universities. Today, in partnership with Catlin Indemnity Company, the wright program gives property and also liability coverage to over 850 educational institutions in the united States. In 2010, Wright got the biggest writer of commonwealth flood insurance native Fidelity Financial, rebranding the firm as wright Flood.

Before creating WRM, invoice led a top law firm with expertise in insurance, federal government and major corporate sectors, Congdon, Flaherty, O"Callaghan, Reid, Donlon, Travis and Fishlinger. Together an attorney, he led the defense of many of the largest and most facility civil cases lugged in the new York State and Federal Courts. A graduate the St. John"s University school of Law and the university of Maryland, that is admitted to practice law in the federal and also state courts of brand-new York. Prior to law school, Bill served in the United states Air Force.

In June 2014, bill announced the development of Gramercy threat Holdings, gmbh to, among other things, provide financial, operational and also legal resources for both domestic and also foreign property and casualty insurance entities throughout the country. Invoice serves together Chairman & CEO of Gramercy.

As a volunteer, bill is deeply associated with not-for-profit institutions that support the educational demands of young people. The is a Trustee of the university of mount St. Vincent and also is a receiver of its highest possible award, The St. Vincent DePaul Medal for service to other man. He has been honored by the Diabetes study Institute at the college of Miami wherein he sits on the national Board and also has been a landmark contributor.

Together with his wife, Joan, the Fishlingers started the Future management Foundation, whose mission is to aid young human being hurdle health and also education obstacles that block their routes to ending up being future leaders. Today he is deeply associated in the Fishlinger family Foundation, which has actually a comparable mission.

Bill Fishlinger shares with Henry Ford, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, Donald Trump and also thirty leaders of America’s optimal companies the IFNY’s prestigious free Enterprise Award.

Bill and also Joan Fishlinger reside in Manhasset, NY, and also they have two get an impression children, Matthew and Alexandra, who are involved in the family’s charitable and also corporate ventures. Watch the video here to learn much more about his passionate commitment to discover a cure.

Harold G. Doran, Jr., is a veteran the the banking industry with over 30 years of experience. Despite retired indigenous the business, he proceeds to serve on several corporate and also philanthropic boards and also is a strong supporter that his community.

Mr. Doran served as President and CEO of the Peoples financial institution of Murray in Murray, KY, native 1988 come 2000. He began his career at the financial institution in 1977. He currently serves on number of boards that directors, consisting of Investors Heritage capital Corporation, investor Heritage Life insurance allowance Co., Murray State University foundation and the Murray-Calloway Economic advancement Corporation.

Additionally, he has actually held various leadership positions with several organizations, consisting of Chairman of the Kentucky Economic advancement Finance Authority and also the financial institution of Lyon County; chairman of the Murray State university Alumni Association and also the 4 Rivers reconnaissance Council, young Scouts that America; evil Chairman that the Dees financial institution of Hazel; manager of the bank of Livingston County; Trustee the the nationwide Scouting Museum; young Scouts of America; and also member of the management Kentucky course 1988.Mr. Doran received a Bachelor of science in organization at Murray State university in 1975 and also earned a master of Business management from the Wharton school of the college of Pennsylvania in 1977.Mr. Doran is married to Kelly Williams Doran, a retired math instructor in ~ Murray State University. The pair has 2 children, Sarah and also Will, who was diagnosed with kind 1 diabetes in 1994 in ~ the period of two.


John Doscas has actually been on wall Street because that over 30 years and is managing Partner of Axios Capital. Previously, man was Co-Founder and President of Hudson just Capital. He has actually served on numerous financial industry panels and committees. Mr. Doscas likewise invests and also is active in the commercial real estate market globally.

The Doscas household has supported the Diabetes research study Institute and foundation since 1999. In 2009, in ~ the age of 20, John’s son, Christopher, was diagnosed with form 1 diabetes. At the time, John began a world-wide find to recognize an organization that he believed was ideal equipped to find a cure for diabetes. The DRI became John’s company of choice. In 2012, the was favored to serve as the honoree because that the decision Ball and also joined the DRIF nationwide Board of Directors.

John stop a BS in finance from Fordham University and also has went back to lecture there. He has actually served ~ above the executive committee that Fordham University’s president Council, the Parents management Committee of Vanderbilt University, and also the plank of travellers of The Wake forest Schools the Business. He created the Doscas Family foundation to assistance leading scientific, education and medical study institutions, consisting of St. Francis Hospital, the Diabetes research study Institute and others.


Bonnie Inserra has worked relentlessly on behalf of a multitude of charity organizations, filling numerous different roles as plank member, fundraiser, facilitator and also often, caregiver. She is an point of view within she community. Bonnie possesses an ability to discover people’s strengths, i beg your pardon helps overview innovative conversation and forward progress with whomever she could be engaging in ~ the time. Bonnie trust in the power of collective intelligence.Most civilization never uncover their objective in life, yet if you recognize Bonnie, you quickly realize the she, in fact, has found hers. She has actually a identify aim, vision and also purpose, no issue what the an outcome may be. She is one ardent proponent and champion for medical research. Bonnie is particularly knowledgeable in the fields of diabetes and cancer.Bonnie’s son, Lawrence, is a 22-year cancer survivor because of the diligence of a mother. She commitment to the Diabetes research Institute started after she daughter, Lindsey, to be diagnosed with a difficult-to- manage type of type 1 diabetes 19 years ago at the period of 11. Due to Bonnie’s tireless search of a revolutionary medical treatment to conserve her child’s life, lindsey has straight benefited indigenous groundbreaking research and development, which enabled her to it is in the very first child in the human being to usage the MiniMed Intraperitoneal Implanted Pump.In enhancement to her function as vice Chair of the DRI Foundation’s nationwide Board, Bonnie also serves top top the nationwide Board’s executive, management Committee. She is a member that the Foundation’s Northeast Board and its executive, management Committee, and acts together the current co-chair for the Foundation’s annual DREAMS in the City fundraiser in brand-new York. The occasion has raised more than $7 million to date for the DRI"s cure focused research.She also currently sit on the plank of Converge Biotech, Hackensack University clinical Center’s Special occasions Committee and also The Colleen Giblin Foundation, which support childhood neurological and cancer research. Bonnie has had the distinguished honor that being the foundation’s very first recipient of your “Woman of the Millennium Award”.Bonnie’s best honor however, is her role as representative and staunch supporter of the Inserra family Foundation, whereby she can directly affect change in the resides of others. Bonnie has actually committed her life come the pursuit of peace, health and purpose for so many. She is an inspiration.

Rick Tonkinson, MBA, MPA, CFP®, CLU, AIF®, has actually been passionately committed to the Diabetes study Institute because that over 10 years. He was diagnosed with form 2 diabetes in December 2006 and also has been a patient at the DRI’s Eleanor and Joseph Kosow Diabetes therapy Center since then. Rick has actually been a member that the Florida board for six years. He and also his wife, Margarita, are distinguished Humanitarians of the DRI structure and members of the DRI heritage Society.In June 2017, they donated $50,000 to support the #MultiplyCellSupply Match an obstacle campaign in assistance of the stem cell research conducted by Dr. Juan Dominguez-Bendala. Rick and Margarita, v The Tonkinson Foundation, have actually just do a five-year pledge of $250,000 and are currently at the Governors’ society donor level.Rick and Margarita at this time financially support 46 charities and also they think in tithing.Rick is Chairman that the Advisory plank of the Florida global University (FIU) university of Communication, Architecture and also the art (CARTA) and also a board member that the college of Miami (UM) college of service Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. For 5 years, he was a plank member of the Miami Music association (MMA) i beg your pardon financially supported the Cleveland Orchestra residency in Miami.Rick is the founder and also President the Tonkinson Financial that has noted money monitoring services because that 25 years.Rick has actually a master’s in Business management (MBA) and also a master’s in Public wellness (MPA) v a emphasis on budgets and also cash flow.

Bruce A. Siegel is executive, management vice president and also general counsel with very first Long Island investors and also is a member of the firm’s investment Committee. Bruce has been employed by FLI because 1989.

His responsibilities at FLI include wealth management, heritage panning, insurance evaluation and acquisition, and real estate advisory services. Bruce began his career as an attorney v the U.S. Securities and also Exchange Commission. He operated in private exercise with a new York City law firm, to be assistant basic counsel because that a publicly company, and also managed the cooperation Review team for Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and also Smith. Bruce to be a an elderly vice chairman of W.P. Stewart Asset administration (N.A.) native 1998 come 2003.

Bruce i graduated from Cornell college in 1970 and received a J.D. Level from new York University regulation School in 1974. He to be admitted come the new York State Bar in 1975. Bruce at this time serves as co-chairman of the Diabetes research study Institute foundation Northeast region and is a member the its executive committee, and also a member of DRI’s national Planned providing Committee.

He formerly served ~ above the board of directors of the brand-new York thing of the youth Diabetes Research structure International (JDRFI) for 10 years, as vice chairman of federal government relations, and also was federal government relations brand-new York State leader – downstate. Bruce likewise served on the invest committee the JDRFI indigenous 2001-2002 and also served top top the plank of director of JDRFI’s Westchester Chapter because that over 20 years, including serving as chairman of the nominating and major gifts committees.

Bruce and his wife, Rachel, are parents of two adult children, Jason and also Sara.

Sean Kramer, MBA, is the Chief executive Officer of the Diabetes research study Institute Foundation. He brings to the DRIF much more than two decades of proven fundraising success and a track document in achieving impressive results for capital campaigns and also other major development initiatives.

Kramer has been a influential fundraising leader for few of the most respected and also highly known nonprofit organizations, specifically in the wellness area. He many recently was senior vice president and chief development officer because that Parkinson"s Foundation"s Miami and new York offices, where he directed a nationwide breakthrough team and also increased revenue almost 60% in two years. Previously, as assistant vice president for Baptist health and wellness South Florida, he led the significant philanthropic initiatives that created the Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute and Miami Cancer Institute, surpassing the project goal by 55%.

With deep roots in southern Florida, Kramer has also held executive, management management and fundraising roles at American Cancer Society, Barry University, Florida international University, and American Red Cross. While the has focused his job in the non-profit sector, he invested time in the for-profit sector in ~ Palm coast life insurance certain Jones Lowry, wherein he developed brand-new business relationships with ultra-high network worth individuals.

Kramer got a bachelor"s level in political science from Florida global University and a master"s level in business administration with high honors indigenous the university of Miami.

Marlene Berg is the chief advancement officer at Miami Heart research study Institute and has been a faithful member of the MHRI fundraising team since 1992.

Marlene has served her community for much more than 35 years as a leader, innovator and also ultimate volunteer.

With the an abilities of a professional and also the love of a volunteer, she has actually served ~ above the Diabetes research Institute Foundation"s (DRIF) Love and also Hope committee for plenty of years and also has been affiliated with the organization since her daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.


Pamela Brylski is a Director in ~ Blackrock and also is responsible because that executing on the firm’s institutional client business strategy in the south east region. Before Blackrock, she was a senior vice chairman at Morgan Stanley. Formerly she served as a vice president in the invest management division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. Before joining Goldman Sachs & Co, Pamela practiced as a corporate lawyer in new York with worldwide law this firm representing exclusive equity firms, hedge funds and also international companies in a range of domestic and also international transactions. She also worked as a transaction advisor because that the worldwide private same firm, The Carlyle group in Washington, DC. Before her career as an attorney, Pamela additionally served together a White home Intern.

Pamela is actively engaged in the community serving a number of philanthropic and also educational organizations including serving together a national board member because that the Diabetes study Institute Foundation, national board member because that the Women’s combination of Venture and Equity (WAVE) and founder the the southern Florida chapter, global board member of the Hedge money Association, hatchet member for the board of directors on international Relations and also national the supervisory board member for the Anderson Ranch Arts center in Aspen, CO. She is an alumni of the Sponsors for Educational possibility (SEO) career program.

She obtained a B.A. In liberal arts Honors (Pre-Medicine) from The university of Texas at Austin and her Juris Doctorate native Georgetown University law Center. She stays in Miami v her husband, Cezary, and their 2 wonderful children, Alex and also Olanna, together with their goldendoodle Coco.

Ronald Maurice Darling, Jr., is an American former right-handed starting pitcher in significant League Baseball who played for the new York Mets, Oakland Athletics and Montreal Expos. Ron right now works together a shade commentator for nationwide baseball coverage top top TBS, and for the Mets top top both SNY and also WPIX. In addition to offer on the DRIF"s national Board, that is the founder the the Ron Darling Foundation, i beg your pardon raises funds for diabetes research and also other charities, and is a member that the plank for Habitat because that Humanity.

Born in Honolulu to a Hawaiian-Chinese mother and also a French-Canadian father, Ron is a fluent speak of both Chinese and also French. That attended Yale University, managing a double major in French and also Southeast oriental history. Ron was collection to graduate in December 1982 but was drafted in June 1981. He compiled the many prolific significant league career of any kind of Yale alumnus because 19th century pitcher bill Hutchison.

During his 13-year career, Ron amassed a 136-116 win-loss record, consisting of 1,590 strikeouts and a 3.87 ERA. He was selected to the 1985 All-Star team and likewise won a Gold gloves Award in 1989.

Post retirement in 2006, Ron to be hired through SportsNet new York involvement veteran Gary Cohen and also former Mets teammate Keith Hernandez. He likewise appears on several of the SNY-produced WPIX broadcasts in the brand-new York urban Area. He won an Emmy Award together “Best sports Analyst” for his work-related on the Mets broadcasts.

Ron is married come Joanna Last and also has two children, Tyler and Jordan, and also currently resides in Manhattan.

Ron uncovered himself personally influenced by diabetes once his youngest kid was diagnosed with form 1 at age 11, and has since specialized himself come making a difference. He has actually teamed through the DRI come fight diabetes, find a cure and find it now.


Piero Gandini, indigenous Bovezzo, Italy, is the chairman of Flos Lighting, an global lighting agency that operates subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Norway, Belgium, China, and also on long Island, NY, in the USA.

A husband and father the three, Piero was influenced to become energetic in diabetes causes when one of his daughters to be diagnosed with the disease. In 2001, he started Associazione Sostegno 70, a non-profit organization created by a team of parental of kids with diabetes that assists children, teens, and families after the beginning of the illness. The organization aims to improve the high quality of life because that children and teens with diabetes with education, raised awareness, and also the assistance of research.

Piero and his wife, Paola, have come to be generous supporters of the DRI, travel from their house in Italy to attend fundraisers right here in the unified States and designating financial presents towards the furthering of study on yongin induction. Lock are leadership Council members that the Foundation, and Piero was elected to the nationwide board of the Diabetes research study Institute structure (DRIF) in 2004.


Marc S. Goldfarb currently serves as an elderly Vice President and also General Counsel for Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc., one of the world’s most recognized fashion companies. Marc previously served as senior Vice President and also General Counsel for FULLBEAUTY Brands, Inc., the leading brand investment portfolio of women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, lingerie and swimwear dedicated exclusively to plus sizes; an elderly Vice President, general Counsel and also Corporate Secretary of child Brands, Inc. (f/k/a Russ Berrie & Company), a NYSE-listed manufacturer the infant and also juvenile products (2005-2013); and Vice President, general Counsel and Corporate Secretary of newspaper Register Company, a NYSE-listed newspaper publishing agency (2003-2005). Prior to that, he served as controlling Director and also General Counsel that The upright Group, an global private equity firm, and as a companion with a brand-new York City law firm.

Marc graduated from Cornell university in 1985 and also received a J.D. Degree from the university of Pennsylvania regulation School in 1988. He has served on the plank of director of the Diabetes research Institute Foundation, Northeast Region, since 2006; together a member of the DRIF Northeast region Executive Committee because 2012, and as Co-Chair that the Northeast region Board that Directors due to the fact that 2013, and currently offer on the Diabetes research study Institute Foundation"s nationwide Board of directors Audit Committee. He additionally served together Co-Chair and/or a member the the event Committee for the DRIF’s Carnival because that a Cure indigenous 2006 - 2011, along with his wife, Carolyn.

Marc and also Carolyn room parents the 13 year old twin girls, Brooke and also Isabelle. Brooke has form 1 diabetes.


Esther Goodman is a co-Founder and also Managing director of Conyers Consulting Group, a consulting firm because that asset management companies.From July-1986 until April- 2014, she was the global Chief operating Officer and senior Executive Vice president of the The Kenmar team (which became The Kenmar Olympia team in April-2012). Because that the 3 years prior to joining the Kenmar Group, Esther to be a marketing executive at commodities Corporation in Princeton, NJ. Indigenous 1979 to 1983, she to be a founder and also principal the Westchester Commodity Management, an alternate investment monitoring firm. Prior to that Esther worked in various capacities in the commodity futures industry.Esther i graduated from Stanford University v a B.A. Degree in son Psychology.

She is additionally a founder and Board Member of the Stacy happiness Goodman Memorial Foundation, a non-profit charity cursed to finding a cure for juvenile diabetes.


Marc Goodman is a co-Founder and also Managing manager of Conyers Consulting Group,LLC, a consulting firm for asset administration companies.

Until march 31, 2014 he to be Co-Executive Chairman and an international Co-Chief invest Officer the the Kenmar Olympia Group. Before that Marc was the President, Co-Chief executive, management Officer and also Co-Chief investment Officer that The Kenmar Group. Prior to Co-founding The Kenmar team in 1983, Marc to be a evil President and Director of Pasternak, Baum and Co., Inc., a worldwide dealer of cash commodities.

Marc i graduated from the bernard M. Baruch school of company of the City college of new York with a B.B.A. Degree and also an M.B.A. In Finance and also Investments. He to be awarded an Economics and Finance department Fellowship throughout his studies.

Marc is the Chairman of the board of the Stacy pleasure Goodman Memorial Foundation, a non-profit charity cursed to detect a cure because that juvenile diabetes. In enhancement to his function on the Diabetes research Institute Foundation’s nationwide Board, that is a member that the Foundation’s Northeast Board and also its executive, management Committee.


Lindsey Inserra attended brand-new YorkUniversity (NYU) and also graduated native NYU"s Silver institution of society Work. She began her career as asocial worker prior to joining Inserra Supermarkets, her family"s business.

She serves together Young skilled Chair of the DRIF"s Northeast Board, Young expert Co-chair in ~ Hackensack Meridian Children"s Hospital and on the children"s HospitalAdvisory Committee at Hackensack Meridian Health, plank member of Table to Table, and on the board of Pony Power.

Lindsey was called 2018 females of influence in the Food industry by the Griffin Report and was the receiver of the 2018 Girl Scouts that Northern new Jersey Chair"s Award. Lindsay was previously named gradual Grocer 2017 top Women in Grocery and also was the recipient of NJBIZ 2017 40 Under 40 award.

Lindsey began working in the ShopRite stores at 16 beforejoining the Donations department at Inserra Supermarkets in ~ the age of 21. She then went top top to establish a Health and also Wellness Department and also retail registered dietitian team at Inserra Supermarkets. Currently, she is the Vice chairman of Health and Wellness and also Marketing, where she monitor health business programs throughout 19 stores supplying nutritionaleducation come the surroundingcommunities top top avariety of health issues. Together Lindsey"s function in her family business continues come expand, she haslearned that she loves every facets that the grocery market with she newest duty overseeingcustomer engagement cultivate for all associates.Lindsey likewise works carefully with her household members to identify the philanthropic direction that The Inserra household Foundation. The foundation supports massive organizations and locally based groups in thecommunities lock serve.

Philanthropist Eleanor Kosow is a member that the leadership Council that the Diabetes research Institute structure (DRIF), and also is a member the the Love and Hope executive committee.

Born in Boston, Eleanor has lived in southern Florida for more than 30 years. She has three children and also five grandchildren.

In addition to the DRI, she is a Platinum angel of Jackson Memorial Hospital, and also is connected with the Ovarian Cancer Center, The Eleanor and Joseph Kosow Bio-Chemistry facility for Cancer research study at Brandeis college in Waltham, Massachusetts, The phibìc Pavilion at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Founder, The Eleanor and also Joseph Kosow activities at the City of Hope, Duarte, California.

Eleanor is a Member that the Merrick culture at the college of Miami, Founder at Mt. Sinai, recipient of the Helping hand Award from the university of Miami institution of Medicine.

She has additionally volunteered at the DRI"s Kosow Diabetes treatment Center, which was called in respect of a landmark gift by her and also her late husband.

Sandra raise is a committed volunteer, who has been increasing funds for miscellaneous causes because the age of 18.

Years ago, she and also her so late husband, Sid, were as soon as voted among the "Beautiful Couples that Miami."

Sandra to be honored together Woman the the Year through the Women"s global Zionist Organization, as a Miracle device for large Brothers and also Sisters, and as a mrs of difference and Caring by the Hebrew home for the Aged.

She is currently Executive Chairman the the Love and Hope Committee, a volunteer group of women that raise funds for the Diabetes research Institute in the wishes of helping to uncover a cure because that diabetes.

Sandra has served as a board member because that the DRI structure (DRIF) for many years and also is a former vice president.

Sandra and her late husband are differentiated Humanitarians of the structure and, due to their generosity, the Institute’s 6th floor cabinet Biology/Signal Transduction room was called in memory of she late daughter, Jennifer Ann Boals.


Sean McGarvey is chairman of phibìc America’s structure Trades union (NABTU), one alliance the 14 national and international union in the building and also construction industry that collectively represent end 3 million experienced craft experts in the joined States and also Canada. Sean is a respected union building and construction expert amongst labor, government, corporate, and also private sector leaders. His strategic focus gives the livelihoods and also career opportunities of current and future rank and file members and their households primacy and also has strengthened NABTU’s affect and worth to owners, contractors and whole communities.

A graduate and also proponent of building registered apprenticeship, Sean has actually led the advance of Apprenticeship Readiness Programs, which emphasis on recruiting areas of color, women and veterans right into the building trades. Together his governing board of presidents, he established capital Strategies, a regimen to advance high-road requirements in procurement practices and grow partnerships with top wall Street and also Bay Street invest firms supporting job-creating enterprise in commercial, industrial, and also residential construction and public-private infrastructure. His bipartisan approach to policy and politics has navigated the structure trades through few of the toughest fights to safeguard and advance labor, training, and industry standards, lower obstacles to entrance for brand-new energy infrastructure and also promote invest in rebuilding public infrastructure.

Sean offer on several private and public ar boards, including the Export-Import bank (EXIM) Advisory Committee, Nuclear power Institute (NEI), Diabetes research Institute (DRI), the Secretary of energy Advisory plank (SEAB), and also the nationwide Workforce plan Advisory Board. That is a member of the Gates foundation Post-Secondary value Commission and also the U.S. Council on Competitiveness. Sean co-chairs labor-management committees that the American Petroleum Institute, American chemistry Council, Southern agency Power and Gas, and Nuclear strength LMCC. The chairs the board of Helmets come Hardhats, CPWR – The center for building and construction Research and Training, and also the nationwide Coordinating Committee for Multi-Employer to plan (NCCMP).

Sean has actually a Bachelor’s level in Business administration and is a graduate the Harvard University’s trade Union Program. Married come his beloved wife, Shari, Sean has two daughters, two step-daughters, and also three grandchildren called Lucas, Leah and also Liam.

Ramon Poo is chairman of Miami-based Altira, Inc., a plastic container manufacturer.

Born in Spain and also raised in Cuba, he involved Miami in 1961 and also earned a degree in engineering from the university of Miami in 1967.

Ramon became personally mindful of the tragedy of living with diabetes when his four-year-old daughter to be diagnosed with form 1. Working v the DRI’s scientific Director, Dr. Camillo Ricordi, he has actually designed and built a an equipment used in islet cabinet transplantation. Well-known as the Ricordi Chamber, this crucial piece of devices makes islet transplantation possible and is being provided by researcher worldwide. Ramon"s agency produces this life-saving instrument and distributes it to diabetes centers roughly the globe.

He continues to work very closely with the scientists at the DRI come design and manufacture other pieces of tools that will help to boost the processes necessary to more diabetes research.

With his wife, Cristina, the pair are differentiated Humanitarians that the Diabetes research Institute structure (DRIF), and also the whole Poo family proceeds to support numerous of the organization’s fundraising efforts.


Charles Rizzo is chairman of Rizzo Group, Building and Zoning regulation Consultants in new York City. Considered by plenty of in his field as a leading skilled in building and zoning law, his clients incorporate some that the largest architectural firms, commercial real estate owners and Fortune 500 suppliers in new York City.

Charlie learned in the architectural routine at Pratt academy in brand-new York and worked in several architectural firms prior to starting CR&A. The is chairman the the subcommittee on the Americans with Disabilities act of the structure Owners and Managers Association and also a member that the genuine Estate board of new York, wherein he sits on the building Management Committee.

He was additionally an adjunct professor at the real Estate academy of new York University and sat top top the Mayor’s Committee for Service advancement and on the joint Fire and also Building department Task force on High-rise building Fire Prevention regulation in new York City.

Charlie has authored many articles featured in genuine Estate Weekly, much better Buildings Magazine and also other technological journals.

In addition to his role on the Diabetes research Institute Foundation"s nationwide Board, Charlie is a member the the Foundation"s Northeast Board and also its executive Committee. He started his connection with the structure after his daughter Andrea was diagnosed with kind 1 diabetes at the age of 12. He and also his wife, Marie, have offered their time and also resources to more the research committed to recognize a cure for the disease.

Stephen is a primary at RizzoGroup, the leading structure code and zoning consultancy in brand-new York City. RizzoGroup obtains building and construction and advance approvals v municipal agencies for countless of the largest real legacy occupiers, native the empire State building to JP Morgan, Facebook and also Google. Stephen likewise founded Codegreen Solutions, the leader in sustainability and energy consulting for real Estate nationwide. Codegreen is a pioneer in getting to the zero carbon building and also works towards that mission because that over 200 million square feet of buildings nationwide, indigenous the State the California (General Services) CalPers Funds, Tishman Speyer, Vornado and also Kilroy Realty.Stephen is affiliated in the genuine estate community, being an active member of BOMA, REBNY and also the United says Green structure Council. The is one adjunct Professor in ~ Pratt Institute and also supports numerous charitable causes including the Diabetes research Institute, wellness in Schools, and also the city Air Foundation. Stephen is a graduate of Bucknell University and Fordham legislation School. He lives in Brooklyn v his mam Agnes and also their youngsters Emilia, Max and also Luca.

Ricardo Salmon is a founding Partner of silver River funding Advisors. Prior to starting Silver River, he to be a companion and an elderly Managing Director in ~ Eton Park funding Management where he was responsible for public industries investments in arising Markets. Prior to Eton Park, Ricardo to be a Director in ~ Deutsche financial institution Capital Partners. He started his skilled career in merger & acquisition at James D. Wolfensohn, Inc. Ricardo i graduated from The Wharton college of the university of Pennsylvania v a B.S. In Finance and Accounting. He is a member the the Advisory plank of the Huntsman regimen of the college of Pennsylvania and a member that the Wharton Executive plank for Latin America. Ricardo is the Chairman and also a member the the board of director of ReachingU. He is additionally a member that the invest Committee of Catterton Latin America.Ricardo and also his wife, Leslie, have a daughter, Eliana, and also a son, Mathias, who was diagnosed with form 1 diabetes in ~ 3 ½ year old. Initially from Uruguay, he pertained to the United says in 1989.


David Sherr is Founder and Managing partner of One wilhelm Street funding Management, L.P. (OWS). That isresponsible for overseeing all elements of the firm’s day-to-day activities, consisting of investment strategy across all heritage sectors, hazard management, strategic business initiatives, operations, compliance and communicating very closely with clients. David is additionally the head the the firm’s Investment and also Management Committee and a member the the Risk and Valuation Committees.

David has 25 year of endure in the investing and origination businesses, fixed income markets, and also managing an international trading. Former to starting OWS in 2007, he to be a controlling Director that Lehman Brothers, whereby he served in a senior leadership function across a far-ranging portion that the firm’s Fixed earnings businesses. As worldwide Head of their Securitized assets Business; and a member of its an international Risk and Fixed earnings Operating Committees, he had actually responsibility for every one of the firm"s residential mortgage, CMBS and also asset-backed trade businesses globally and also responsibility for Lehman Brothers" global Structured and also Principal Finance, and Insurance related businesses. In addition, he was actively involved in the acquisition and management the a number of specialty finance companies involved in the origination and also servicing of various real estate and also consumer loans. David graduated through a B.S. In Finance from Babson College.


Sam Talbot, a semi-finalist top top season 2 of peak Chef, join the DRIF’s national Board through a deep expertise of the impact of food ~ above life and also life top top food. Talbot’s suffer as a chef, author, philanthropist, and also television personality enables for his real approachability and natural charisma to attract in an essential audiences and also increase awareness. Diagnosed at a young age with form 1 diabetes, Talbot lives with a distinctive perspective that has become the driving force in all of his projects. The is in ~ the head of the sustainable life movement, seeking to break down walls in between the way we eat and also live.Talbot has operated on plenty of endeavors if championing his philanthropic causes. In 2015, he launched Beyond form 1, a non-profit organization concentrating on motivating the diabetes community. Talbot is additionally the founding executive chief of The Surf Lodge in Montauk, which has end up being a nationally acclaimed cook destination.Talbot is right now working on his third book and new television and restaurant concepts. That is life in Venice, California, wherein he recently appeared as a celebrity referee on the television video game show collection Chopped.

Jill Viner’s personal connection come the Diabetes study Institute dates back several decades. She is a graduate of the college of Miami and during she years in university she to visit the Love and Hope ball with her parents. The family’s attention in supporting kind 1 diabetes research study was sparked once Jill’s brother, Craig Silver, was diagnosed v the disease as a child.

Jill has ongoing to champion the cause and also finding a cure for diabetes has become her optimal priority. She has come to be a significant supporter that the Diabetes research Institute foundation (DRIF).

Not only is Jill a contributor, she has helped steer various other donations to the DRI. A couple of years ago, she to be honored through Chanel and Saks fifth Avenue in ~ an elegant luncheon and fashion display held at the Boca Raton Resort. Jill was crucial in having the Diabetes research study Institute named as the beneficiary the this effective event. She likewise underwrote every one of the expenses, come channel the preferably proceeds to the organization.

Jill additionally hosted more than 300 human being in she Hamptons home to progressive awareness and funds because that the DRI. She engaged top Miami event planner, Barton G., to develop a spectacular evening of food and also drink, complete with a concert by Patti LaBelle. Jill Viner and also her an excellent friend, Barton G., underwrote the entire cost so that every one of the money raised would advantage the DRI. The complying with summer, they hosted another "Evening Under the Stars," and this time Diana Ross performed.

Jill is also involved with Love and Hope. She has served together an honoree the the sphere for the past couple of years.

Bruce Waller is the chairman of Gold coastline Properties and also Development, LTD., and also is an officer the a variety of genuine estate entitites. He is involved in exclusive real estate development, operation and management. Before this, he offered as an executive of a large private manufacturing and import/export conglomerate and also as chairman of Décor, Inc.

Bruce joined the DRIF"s long Island local Board in 2008 and also is proactively involved in the annual Crystal Ball. He right now serves ~ above the Foundation"s Northeast board of Directors. He likewise serves on the board of director of Congregation Tifereth Israel, glenn Cove, NY.

He and his wife, Northeast board member Roberta Waller, have actually been dedicated supporters that the DRI ever since their daughter, Dara, was diagnosed with form 1 diabetes 20 years ago at age 8. At the time, Roberta’s father, Rowland Schaefer, that is a member the the DRI Foundation’s Honorary Board and also a Visionary that the organization, guarantee them that the DRI to be the ideal hope for a cure. The DRI structure at the college of Miami Miller institution of medicine is called in respect of Roberta’s parents, Rowland and also Sylvia Schaefer.

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Bruce and Roberta reside in top Brookville, NY, and additionally have 2 sons, Andrew and Skylor.

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