Keeping Up through the Kardashians Season 14 episode 1 Review: The Cleveland Show

But first, the premiere kicked off with The Hollywood Reporter covering shoot that celebrated 10 year of KUWTK.

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It almost seems choose it"s to be 100 years.


Footage indigenous the photoshoot, which does not include Rob or Caitlyn, also opens the show"s brand-new intro/theme.

Kim and also Kourtney want to know an ext about Khloé"s life in Cleveland, especially after she discover she could spend the summer there through Tristan. Together a result, Kim, Kourtney, and Malika decide to go with her ~ above a pilgrimage to Ohio.

Let"s be the Cleveland show!


On the plane private jet there, Kim begins to watch news stories around Caitlyn"s memoir, consisting of one about her acquiring gender reassignment surgery. Kris breaks down when she sees the news, and Malika (perhaps come get much more screen time) is the one to patience her under on FaceTime. 

I"m no talking to you because you"re a bad, typical person.


The family members makes it really clear the their issue with Caitlyn is not since of her transition, but because she go not communicate anything with them and also is "mean."

Kim cases that the advanced copy that Caitlyn"s book, which Cait provided her to review as a heads up, was absent a lot of information.

In enhancement to the gender reassignment surgery info, the recent copy of the memoir had actually a story about their dad Robert Kardashian telling then-Bruce that knew that OJ Simpson was guiltily and also only protected him to get ago at Kris.

Kim: Dad so thought in him.Kourtney: choose to market a book? You"re walk to do something up?

Kourtney, Khloé, and Kim do it clear the the story isn"t true, and I discover it ironic this episode aired the job OJ was released from prison. Ns wonder if he"s watching! 

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Khloé and also Tristan"s friends speak about setting up Kourtney through Kevin Durant. (Golden State Warriors fans cannot be happy around this potential duo).

The group additionally plays "truth or truth," rather of "truth or dare," and Kourt expose she would certainly have one more child v Scott sooner or later if the timing to be right... Ns hope new boyfriend Younes Bendjima isn"t watching!

Speaking the babies, Khloé is likewise put in the hot seat, and admitted she really hopes to have kids with Tristan yet doesn"t understand when. Spoiler alert: the time is now!

Tristan and also I, within the following 70 years, we will certainly hopefully have kids together. And also if not? the will just be him and also I, clubbing it up, rosé all day.


Khloé offers her sister a tour of Tristan"s house, and also they quickly find it"s Tristan and Khloé"s house when they watch her next of the closet and hear about her renovation plans.

I wonder exactly how the city that Cleveland felt around the Kardashians invading because that a couple of days, especially after the Hamptons had actually such a an unfavorable reaction a few years back. Castle should more than likely be thanking them for the complimentary press due to the fact that I"ve never had a desire come visit "The Land" before.



The model defines that she trusted Pepsi because of the various other famous encounters who have been featured in Pepsi commercials like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Pink and also Beyoncé.

However, after ~ the an answer to the commercial was so negative, Kendall taken what to be wrong v the ad. (Kris jenner must have actually been too busy to walk to the shoot and investigate the project).

  I totally shut down.


I recognize Kendall didn"t write, develop or come up with the concept behind the commercial, but it"s tough to feel negative for someone when they only apologize ~ receiving such negative attention. 

Kim call Caitlyn come make sure that she won"t to speak anything also controversial ~ above her book tour about Kendall"s commercial because Caitlyn is known to "always say the not correct thing." despite Kim"s warning, Cait talks around Kendall in an interview and upsets her even further.

I simply felt for this reason fucking stupid. The fact that I would offend other world or pains other human being was certainly not the intent. And that"s what acquired me the most.

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And the seems favor Cait hasn"t learned she lesson yet due to the fact that she reportedly evidenced Kylie"s pregnancy in the media critical week. Kimmy cannot be happy v her!

In the end, whether you love, hate or love to hate the Kardashians, it"s for sure to say there is tho plenty the drama happening to keep human being entertained on Sunday nights while game of Thrones is on hiatus. 

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