Country superstar Keith urban is such a talented artist. In addition to his plenty of hits and awards, the Australia-born singer has at times been the target of gossip. Urban has actually been the topic of several rumors that he has gotten plastic surgery, particularly as of late. The husband that Nicole Kidman is recognized as among the nicest males in the music business. Metropolitan is even a mentor and also friend to Taylor Swift and also tries to help brand-new artists. 

So why go the singer keep gaining hit v gossip around plastic surgery? look at no additional than Twitter ~ above the night the the 2021 Academy of nation Music Awards, where host Urban confirmed up on screen looking a bit more enhanced 보다 the last time anyone experienced him.

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Twitter user
juleslalaland wrote, "Keith Urban has actually spent lockdown obtaining some supervisor creepy plastic surgery. Wow." one more fan city hall the ACM Awards tweeted, "Keith Urban, allow yourself age gracefully. Plastic surgical procedure is making you look prefer a cross between Siegfried & Roy & a lesbian."

Keep reading to discover out much more about the plastic surgical procedure gossip bordering the "Blue Ain"t her Color" singer.

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Gossip neighboring Keith Urban obtaining plastic surgery appears to swirl roughly the country superstar. In 2018, Gossip Cop shot down a tabloid rumor city was trying to gain some "work done" top top his alleged "turkey neck." The outlet evidenced with Urban"s spokesman that the turkey neck story was totally untrue.

The plastic surgery watch sometimes consists of his beautiful wife, Nicole Kidman, too! after ~ a TV illustration in 2020, one viewer tweeted, "We watched CBS Sunday morning display yesterday, and also Keith city was on it. Ns couldn"t accurately decide what was going on through his face, yet something looked weird come me... And when they showed Nicole ... The height of her head looked a lot broader to me."

Another plastic surgical procedure rumor making the rounds about Urban was the he and also Kidman do Botox together. According to Gossip Cop, though, the story is false. The media outlet reported the Urban"s spokesperson said, "Good lord, what won"t lock say?"

While news about Urban"s plastic surgical treatment or Botox keeps popping increase — and Urban"s confront seemingly keeps transforming — the singer himself hasn"t been forthcoming about any information concerning enhancements. So the is that!

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While Keith Urban organized the American country Music Awards, his challenge wasn"t the only physical difference that fans noticed. Together the Daily Mail pointed out, the Australian singer had actually some new ink in the form of a tribal-inspired tattoo top top his best hand. The swirling design could be viewed as Urban hosted a microphone v his sleeves rolling up, presenting the awards present from the grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

The nation star is well-known for his amazing tattoos. Every the Mail, he currently had a comparable tribal architecture on his left bicep, a phoenix on his left forearm, the sun on his chest, an eagle on his right shoulder blade, and also the word "love" written throughout his left shoulder blade.

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Two the Urban"s tattoos top top his right arm pay tribute to his wife Nicole Kidman. A tribal-style bracelet attributes the initials "NMK," which stand for "Nicole mar Kidman," and also an complex heart-shaped stakes on his ideal bicep incorporates the name "Nicole."

Besides potential cosmetic changes, Keith Urban has been continuing to be busy in 2021. He not only organized the American country Music Awards, alongside Mickey Guyton, yet is additionally on the verge of release a new album.

But as metropolitan told CBS News, it take it a while because that him to shake turn off his lockdown routine. "I didn"t shift smoothly into this new means of act things," the shared. "I to be gonna placed my sweatpants on, sit top top the couch, watch TV v the family, and also wait "til the entirety thing blows over." The nation musician revealed the "the turning point" come after he complained come a friend about how much he couldn"t do: "And he said, "Keith, is over there anything that you can do?""

"And within that call, I began to pivot. And also I recognize it sounds so cheesy, yet really, that"s what the was. Ns pivoted over in the direction of what ns could do," urban explained, including that "probably a great third" that his new album wouldn"t have been written, if not for the COVID-19 pandemic. He likewise described why he to be "hopeful" around the world opening earlier up,

"We will learn so lot from this moment, so much," city claimed. "And when this come again – and there"s no doubt it will at some point –- we"ll be way better prepared because that it, and I think just have a new method of act things. We"re always gonna beat somehow, some way. We"re gonna figure out a way to do it."