In 2017 there was only one feud in wrestling the anyone talked about: Okada vs. Omega. Ever since their an excellent match at Wrestle Kingdom 11, fans anywhere the human being wondered what they’d perform next. Castle wondered whether these two phenomenal wrestlers would have the ability to match their an initial epic or somehow control to out-do themselves.

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To some human being they did. They confronted off again six months later on at rule 6.11.17 and it to be yet an additional amazing match. Yet no feud ever ends after only two matches. There’s obtained to it is in a 3rd one come decide that the much better man is and to tie up any loosened ends. And that’s exactly what we acquired here.

Today we revisit the 3rd encounter in between NJPW wrestlers Kazuchika Okada and also Kenny Omega native the 2017 G1 climax Tournament.

As a reminder, i am reviewing five Star and also almost-Five Star wrestles matches together rated by wrestles Observer’s Dave Meltzer. That goes ago to the 1980s and I’m going to pick different matches from various eras to see how they watch today. Examine out ahead entries in my 5 Star complement Reviews series right here.

The story

There were two stories walking on here. The very first and most apparent one to be the rivalry between Okada and also Omega the had started in January of the year. Omega placed Okada far in a 48-minute epos at Wrestle Kingdom 11. Six months later, they had actually a rematch at rule that visited a 60-minute draw. Here, Omega hope to even the score totally by lastly doing the one thing that had actually eluded him: pinning Kazuchika Okada decisively.

But there was additionally a second, more pressing story walking on. Both Omega and also Okada were in the exact same block the the G1 the year. Going into this match, Omega had actually 12 points when Okada had actually 13. All Okada had actually to execute to breakthrough to the finals was attract with Omega. Meanwhile, Omega needed to win Okada to acquire two an ext points, which would placed him over Okada in state of full tournament score and send him to the finals because that the second straight year.

So not just was over there an immediate urgency developed for Omega to victory within 30 minutes, yet he also wanted to prove to anyone that, if the stars aligned, that could beat Okada decisively.


The match

This enhance took location on respectable 12, 2017.

Okada has actually a taped-up neck therefore he’s working hurt here. They begin things off conveniently with some hard strikes. Okada whips Omega because that the dropkick however Omega hangs onto the ropes. Both a V-Trigger and also a Rainmaker obtain dodged. Snap dragon suplex through Omega. Omega charges because that a V-Trigger right into the corner however Okada dodges and tries to ar Omega on the peak rope for the big dropkick. Omega kicks the away and also goes because that the One-Winged point of view (OWA). Okada escapes and also dropkicks Omega native the top rope to the floor.

Omega gets whipped into the stole ring barricade then gets booted over it. Okada gets a running start and lands a vast running crossbody onto Omega. That looked cool. Okada tosses Omega earlier into the ring and also lands a diving elbow drop. Rainmaker pose. He desires to end this early. Sensing danger, Omega counters by cram Okada the end of the ring. Diving plancha by Omega. Okada landed pretty hard and might’ve hurt his neck part more. Okada it s okay thrown back into the ring and Omega lands a vicious diving missile dropkick onto the earlier of Okada’s neck because that a two-count. Omega adheres to this with a rear chinlock, cranking Okada’s currently weakened neck as we reach the five-minute-mark.

Okada make the efforts to drag himself to the ropes utilizing his feet, however Omega pulls them away. He hits Bryan Danielson-style elbow to the collarbone and also rips turn off the ice on Okada’s neck and also shoulders. A pendulum backbreaker gets Omega a two-count, together does a flurry of tough strikes to the chest and also back. Omega with a rear chinlock, then an ireland whip, however Okada reverses right into a large boot. Okada goes because that a senton yet Omega it s okay his knees up. Omega teases a piledriver but Okada powers out of it. Okada charges through an elbow however misses, Omega charges, however walks right into a turning back neckbreaker from Okada. Lock crisscross, Okada fall Omega v an elbow and lands a DDT. The tries to kip increase Shawn Michaels-style, however doesn’t have the toughness to carry out so. A basement to run uppercut it s okay Okada a two-count together the pan chant for both men equally. Okada tries for a Tombstone but can’t elevator Omega up because of the damages to his left collar. It isn’t helping that Omega keeps hitting substantial forearm clubs to that same spot.


We’re in ~ the ten-minute mark as Omega tries a Tombstone of his own however Okada escapes. Omega goes for the fireman’s bring slam/moonsault combination, however Okada it s okay his knees up. Okada charges but walks right into a snap Frankensteiner indigenous Omega followed by a slide dropkick to the back of the neck. But the Terminator no rise since Okada counters a charge into a flapjack. Okada do the efforts to follow up v a Tombstone however Omega lands on 3 apron and slaps Okada tough in that exact same spot that’s resulting in him problems. Omega goes for a springboard however Okada dropkicks him in midair, sending him the end of the ring. The teases a ringside Tombstone ~ above Omega, yet Omega counters into a poisoned frankensteiner. Wow, the looked brutal.

The referee brings physicians to inspect on Okada, who hasn’t moved. Omega trash-talks the ref as the group cheers for Okada. The commentators are selling this prefer it’s a actual injury, especially as Okada bring away his finger to view if that still has actually feeling in them. And also as shortly as Okada nods that he’s ok, Omega tosses the doctor away and throws Okada ~ above the apron. Climate he teases the complete nelson v a slow, dragged-out motion. No, he’s not going to execute it. However he does. Dragon Suplex on the apron. Okada landed best on his neck. Omega follows with a fisherman neckbreaker. Okada’s neck it s okay smashed into Omega’s knee. The referee counts one, two, thr—no, Okada kicks out. In which method that difficult SOB kicks out.

But Omega no done. The does the Bullet club gesture and also throws the referee aside. Then he it s okay Okada to his knees. V-Trigger knee strike. Followed by another. He gets Okada to his feet and Okada tries to fire back with forearms. But Omega answers with hard chops and clubs come the collar. Another V-trigg-no, Okada records the leg. The fires back with forearms. Omega lands a third knee strike. One-Winged Ang—no, Okada counters right into a Tombstone.

After a long time, Omega it s okay up first and teases one avalanche fisherman suplex, yet Okada fights out v forearms. Enormous shotgun dropkick by Okada native the peak rope. Omega goes flying throughout the ring. One more running dropkick sends out Omega flying right into a corner. Okada with the Rainmaker, Omega block it, Okada fires ago with chops and also charges….and walks into a V-Trigger knee strike. He charges for one more one, yet Okada answers v a was standing dropkick. Both males down again. This is crazy intense.

Okada goes because that a Rainmaker, however Omega answers with another V-Trigger. The goes because that a Kotaro Crusher, however Okada counters right into a German suplex. Rainmaker, no, Omega ducks and also lands a substantial Uranage. One-Winged Angel! the countered. Rainmaker lariat. Both men go down. Omega kicks the end at 2.9 at the twenty-minute mark.

Both men are slow to get up. Okada goes for a Tombstone yet Omega counters into a victory roll because that two. That tries a backslide however Okada kicks out again. But in doing so, Okada take away Omega’s arm. A second Rainmaker. Then a third one best after. However he doesn’t go for the pin and also fires up instead. The goes for a 4th one, however Omega duck it. German suplex by Omega. Then a second one. Okada escapes a third one with elbows. And Omega answers with another poisoned Frankensteiner. He goes for the pin. One, two, thr—no, Okada kicks the end at 2.99.


Omega signals the end. OWA attempt as soon as more. Okada lands some elbows. Omega reverses right into Croyt’s Wrath (deadlift Bridging German suplex)! One, two, thr—no, Okada kicks out again. Omega charges, however walks into another dropkick. Omega staggers, duck a Rainmaker and lands a Rain cause knee! followed by a double-underhook piledriver! that pins. Okada kicks the end yet again. Another V-Trigger knee by Omega. One-Winged angel connects! In the middle of the ring! One, two, three! it is it! Omega has actually finally beat Okada! Omega advances to the finals that the G1! and also the series is now 1-1-1!

Winner after 24:40: Kenny Omega


I chosen this complement a lot much more than their 2nd encounter. That felt more focused, had less filler and featured much better selling and also drama. Yes, Omega was his normal ‘explosive’ self, yet he also seemed come focus more on Okada’s neck 보다 he did in your previous huge match. He shown some suitable psychology that made this match feel a bit much more refreshing. By attacking Okada’s collar and also weakening his neck, Omega was able to take advantage an ext easily, which helped him for sure the victory.

And Okada was his usual amazing self here. The sold choose a ceo for Omega and had to fight indigenous underneath an ext than in ahead matches. In his previous matches, Okada had reached this practically godlike aura by which he took a lot of punishment indigenous his opponents yet constantly managed to get rid of it in the end. That wasn’t the situation here. Okada was fragile from the beginning and also there were moments the looked like Okada to be legit injured. He offered the damages to his neck incredibly well. He tried to store what tiny positive inert he had, however couldn’t carry out anything past a few short bursts since of that damage. And when he kept coming ago to proceed the match, he presented tremendous heart and also fighting spirit, which just made the crowd desire to view him fight even more.

Of course, Omega winning below was the perfect choice to additional his rivalry v Okada. An initial he lost, climate he tied, and how he had won. Yet Omega’s win below wasn’t 100%, undeniably decisive. Since Okada was rather weak/injured, Omega’s success came across as hollow. He didn’t win because he walk enough damages on his very own to defeat Okada; he took benefit of an already-weakened Okada to do further damage to a human body part. Yet a win was a win for Omega, and also he supplied it to display that the was, at the really least, ~ above Okada’s level. Luckily, this match’s result would be provided to construct up their following epic encounter, i beg your pardon would end up continue ten month later.

Final Rating: *****

While that doesn’t enhance up to your Tokyo Dome encounter in terms of epicness or significance, this is still a an excellent little match. It’s a inside wall in exactly how to call a straightforward yet dramatic story without having to take it too lot time. Okada’s taped neck foreshadowed every one of Omega’s offense because he centered his strategy top top attacking that body part. Omega verified some wrestles smarts through taking benefit of the weakness. And since the stakes to be so exceptionally high for both men, they had actually to hit as plenty of high-risk move as feasible in order come win.

All in all, this enhance had the right mix of airtight psychology, limbwork, pure excitement, and also daredevil acrobatics. And every one of these aspects came with each other in a means that relocated their storied rivalry in the right direction. The goes to display that friend don’t have to drag things out and also put together a long match to call a good story. Sometimes, having actually time constraints pressures wrestlers to trim the fat and also keep points focused, i beg your pardon is exactly what occurred here.

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Check the end previous entries in my 5 Star enhance Reviews collection right here. Many thanks for reading.