Keshia article Pulliam is a brand-new Jersey-born actress who has actually made a name for herself in Hollywood. End the years, she has actually partnered with directors choose Tyler Perry to produce films together as residence of Pain and also Madea Goes come Jail.

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She is additionally a former alumnus that Spelman College whereby she attained a level in Sociology. While at University, she pledged for the Delta Sigma Sorority House. Learn more about Keshia knight Pulliam’s net worth and age as we take a closer look at at her daughter Ella elegant Hartwell.


Who is Keshia knight Pulliam?

Keshia article Pulliam is an actress who made her name as a kid actor through a starring role on the struggle sitcom, The Cosby Show. The collection centered top top an afri American family first premiered on September 20th, 1984.

It walk on to gain a close to two hundreds episode operation that extended over eight seasons. With 177 illustration under she belt, Keshia article Pulliam was among the longest-running actors members ~ above the show. She also earned an Emmy compensation nomination for superior actress in a comedy show.

The role of Rudy Huxtable made her a family name and a clip in future blockbuster movie to come. It detailed her through the structure to star on films like beauty, beauty Shop, Motives, fatality toll, and The wait Room. Her occupational in comedy has actually seen Keshia knife three different NAACP photo Awards for finest supporting actress. This year, Keshia is slated to appear in mine Brother’s Keeper. The movie is tho in article Production.

Career Start.

Remarkably, the actress’ very first big break came before she was even a year old! Keshia featured in an ad for Johnson and also Johnson. After several more ads, she transitioned to tv after a stint on Sesame Street.

Apart from television shows and movies, Keshia article Pulliam also enjoyed a effective career as a truth star. Back in 2002, she was brought on to feature on the Celebrity variation of The fear Factor. Keshia displayed true grit and also went ~ above to victory the contest.


Caption: Keshia items Pulliam with her ex-husband Ed Hartwell

Ed and Keshia announced that they were expecting a baby the very same year. Their daughter to be born the really next year. By the time, however, the pair was already in the process of filing for a divorce. Sources say that the marital relationship only it is long for fifty percent a year.

Their divorce to be officially finalized in April 2018. Presently, Keshia knight Pulliam lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with their daughter. This came after the actress won a an extensive custody fight over she daughter v her ex-husband.


Full nameKeshia knight Pulliam
Age42 years old
Date of BirthApril 9th, 1979.
Place of BirthNewark, new Jersey, USA.
ProfessionActress, Producer, reality Television Personality
Net worth$14 million
PartnerEd Hartwell (ex-husband)
EthnicityAfrican- American
Zodiac SignAries
ParentsJames items Pulliam Sr. And Denise Pulliam

Keshia items Pulliam is the daughter the Denise and also James items Pulliam. She parents are the ones that nurtured and managed her career, best from the onset. Regardless of being a star at a relatively young age, castle strived to keep Keshia grounded and also down come earth. This shows in the human being she has grown up to be.

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Keshia was increased alongside brother James article Jr. And also Mshon Knight, and a sister. She is the oldest among her siblings. Keshia often credits the Cosby present for laying the structure for her would-be acting career. Most recently, on her Instagram page, she came out to share she grief ~ the happen of NBA legend Kobe Bryant.