Prog Redemption is a distinct collection for albums the didn’t get the respect they deserved in your time. The Shaming that the True  is thought about to it is in a masterpiece among many steady rock musicians and critics, but I still operation into world all the time that room unfamiliar v this occupational of art. So, I decided to compose this write-up to permit everyone recognize why i think it’s among the best modern progressive releases, and also deserves one effusive, 17 year so late review.

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It to be 17 years earlier that The Shaming the the True was released. I remember it generated some discussion amongst the miscellaneous message boards ns frequented, yet I don’t psychic it gift released to much fanfare exterior of specific circles. Kevin Gilbert want to create a rock opera based on his life and also the stories he had seen, and so he composed an synopsis of a story about a young, talented, obsessive musician called Johnny Virgil. Virgil conveniently becomes a star ~ numerous an individual and creative compromises, only to be chewed up and spit out by the fame monster. Kevin passed far in 1996, prior to he might finish the album, yet the components that the left behind would become the basis of the last product. The album was released in 2000 together a restricted release v Kevin Gilbert’s estate. It was an prompt classic amongst critics and fans. The Shaming of the True is hilarious, offensive, thought provoking, tragic, and so numerous other things.

Historical Context

Nick D’Virgilio, who many know as the ex-drummer and later frontman for Spock’s Beard and also current drummer for large Big Train, was crucial in bringing The Shaming that the True to every one of us. Nick walk an interview with The Prog Report last year (click link to read) where that talked around how the storyline had been in Kevin’s mind for numerous years. “He had been working on that record for years prior to I ever before met him. He had some songs from means back once he was in Giraffe that he reworked for the record. For this reason I’m sure he had the story in his mind for a long time. And then as particular life experiences he went through, prior to me ever meeting him, he gained inspired come write an ext tunes and also to type of try and begin fleshing the end the story that the whole thing.” After part nudging indigenous Nick, Kevin was convinced to make some progression on the album, however was at some point sidetracked through his sardonic, hypersexual commercial project, Kaviar.

Kevin was able to chart the end the simple idea of the album, and also record numerous instrumental and also vocal tracks, before his untimely and also tragic accidental fatality the complying with year. Kevin Gilbert’s manager, Jon Rubin, sought to lug this project to the world, with the aid of friend and bandmate, Nick D’Virgilio and also engineer john Cuniberti. This tiny team looked through Kevin’s mess of notes and also were maybe to create a patchwork quilt from every one of the different parts the Kevin left. While it was Kevin’s baby, and also much of his original tracks were preserved, it’s clear that without Nick, John, and Jon, this album would have never pertained to light, so i am truly grateful for their job-related on Kevin’s behalf. Lock pored through countless tapes and recordings and also notes through care and also attention to detail to develop a product that close to Kevin’s vision for the project.

Track Analysis

The album itself starts with the naive and also eager “Parade”, whereby we are introduced to our flawed hero, Johnny Virgil, that represents any young human who has ever before ideated reputation or imagine themselves in front of massive, rabid crowds. His eagerness is sweet and also relatable, as he talks around how his heroes will one day recognize his name. It doesn’t take lengthy for Kevin’s trademark feeling to destroy it all, through the acerbic “City the the Sun”, whereby Johnny meets a gas station attendant ~ above his method to fame, who talks around the hit track he had written back in the day. The grandeur the the chorus is interrupted through Johnny’s conscience, who, together the album progresses, i do not care a quieter and quieter voice. The song ends through a preacher, screaming a sermon around some kind of prosperity gospel, and Johnny’s conscience returns, no to it is in heard again.

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Art by man Seabury, had in the deluxe Edition

“Suit Fugue (Dance the the A&R Men)” is a ridiculously complicated musical track that functions Kevin play the function of number of A&R men in brilliant counterpoint, all competing for Johnny’s attention, in an detailed fugue (thus the name). At an initial they sloppily bid for his attention (“You remind me of myself” or “You sound favor Air supply meets GWAR…in a great way”). That doesn’t take really long because that the words to become urgent, as Johnny is encouraged to take it a vacation, intake his band, etc. ~ an outro that wild circus music, the tune “Imagemaker” kicks in. “Imagemaker” is a simple rock tune with smarmy speak-singing. This song was created by Kevin year before, with his tape Giraffe.