Voice Talking: but anyway I..I..I like to worth myRelationship with women. You understand sometimes I get soDeeply affiliated I just, ns just have to feel likeOral sex would finish our relationshipYo-Da-Lin In The ValleyYo,Yo,Yo, Yo Da Lin In The ValleyA delicious rest from PotatoesYo Da LaheeeeooooooooHere us goYo, Yo, Yo Da LaheeeoooooLet em know just how I"m layinUnusual kinda casual yes v me girls space obsessedTo gain undressedGet fresh and also have meYodle In The ValleyAnd I"d carry out it in ~ the drop of a dime (dime)Sometimes goin indigenous behind (from behind)Slowly strokin, no jokinMy tongue simply keeps ~ above pokinAnd the best kind of oochie coochieIs the form that tastes choose sushiEat itWatch a girl obtain frickyAnd then wash it down v a shoot of whiskeyYo-Da-Lin In The ValleyYeah child Rock boy RockYo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Lin In The ValleyYeah child Rock boy RockYo Da LaheooooYo here"s a story(Check the out)I remember as soon as I invested the night in ~ Sally"s houseWoke up with Cotton MouthCouldn"t speakMy tongue to be weakFrom Yo-Da-Lin In The ValleyOh ns love them hill thighsAnd a pizza pie before my eyesBut before I taste lock juicesI make certain this Sally douchesBut she"s not the just oneI prefer to Yodle OnIt sounds wicky wacky ticky tackyBut yo you recognize that I"m most happyYo-Da-Lin In The ValleyYo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Lin The ValleyA delicious rest from potatoesYo Da LaheooooooCheck it Out(Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo Da Laaaaeeeeeoooo)I need some more yodle musicCould you gain break this down and give me someYoolllloooYo, Yo, Yodalahe(A delicious break from)Yo, Yo, YodalaheYo, Yo, Yodalaheho(A delicious rest from potatoes)"Cause I choose it favor that"Cause girlfriend know"Cause cause cause I like it choose thatYo Da LaheooooooYo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yodalin in the valleyI can"t figure it outGirls think I"m a freak reason I don"t speakWhisper In their ear and also make it clearI love em"Sorry too ~ don"t hate"Cause I"m not gonna say ns love you once your sit upon mine faceOh yes It"s warm and wetIn the valley you bet (bet)And gain this, one girl ns yodled onHad a shrub thicker than the amazonForestI felt choose a touristA backpackerOh shit where"s my weedwackerCame out through hair on my toungueBut quiet I obtained the job doneYo-Da-Lin In The ValleyYeah kid Rock boy RockYo, Yo, Yo-Da-Lin In The Valley(Get funky through it)Yeah child Rock boy Rock(Get funk, funk, funk, funk, funky with it)Yo Da LaheooooooI get funky v itFor The 1-9-9-0"Cause you recognize I"m exhausted of menCottage cheese and salad and also greensI like that half a burger..heheWell done, well doneMmmmmmm YummyYodalin the entirety beast crewYoda lahehooooThe black color man"s yodalinYolllllllll"Cause you know I"m talkin around yodalinBe like a lagitamint girlYodalin in the valleyDiss, diss, diss, dissYodalin in the valleyUhhhh....uh huh...uh huhYoda lahehooooYo, Yo, Yo-Da-Lin In The ValleyA delicious rest from potatoesYo, Yo, YodalaheYo, Yo, YodalaheYo, Yo, YodalaheYodalahehooooooooooA delicious break from potatoes

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