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Typically it"s used in the phrase, "Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!" or "The King is dead, long live the King" This means that the (previous) king is dead and we wish the (new) king a lengthy life. It"s likewise to suggest that over there is never ever a time without a king.

Wikipedia walk into much more detail

The examples you list frequently mean miscellaneous like, " to be bad, now has been improved, or is being provided in a totally brand-new way."



The original phrase is

The King is dead. Lengthy live the King!

According come wikipedia:

The original phrase was translated from the French Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!, which was very first declared ~ above the coronation the Charles VII adhering to the death of his father Charles by means of in 1422. ... The phrase arose from the legislation of le mort saisit le vif—that the carry of sovereignty occurs instantaneously ~ above the moment of death of the previous monarch. "The King is dead" is the announcement of a monarch who has actually just died. "Long live the King!" refers to the heir who instantly succeeds come a throne ~ above the fatality of the coming before monarch.

In these modern-day variations, the apparently inconsistent phrase is used as one attention-grabbing headline to appeal to the reader"s curiosity.

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Something the other answers here are missing is the bitterness irony that the phrase. The exclamation "Long live the King!" is used to indicate that it would be a dreadful tragedy if the King were to die. The implication here is the the King is together a an excellent King that the world want him come live a long life so as to continue such a great rule.

Then the King dies and another King arrives and... Nothing changes. The people instantly begin wishing the new King lengthy life which type of indicates that, as lot as the tragedy of a King"s death is horrible, the old King was simply as good as the next is intended to be. "The King is dead. Long live the King!"

Its use through regards to contemporary technology doesn"t really accomplish this irony well, however, and also it is more often supplied to suggest that together one usage of a technology dies the an innovation will endure in one more form. People often call out the one modern technology or an additional is "dead" and so this phrase finds a use keying right into the idea the something have the right to "die" and then endure in another means or form. Likewise, some technologies are notoriously stubborn and also refuse to walk away no matter exactly how much we all want them come fade right into the history books. (coughCOBOLcough)