This main I’ll be assessing the Tallest man on Earth’s “King the Spain”. The Tallest guy on planet is the stage name of singer-songwriter Saras every Kristian Matsson from Dalarna, Sweden. He went solo in 2006 and also has because produced four full albums and two EPs. Ns haven’t listened to much of his stuff, however from the small that I have listened, he has actually a very natural, folky sound. His primary instrument is acoustic guitar which is the main resource of sound in his songs.

“King that Spain” has this same acoustic, natural sound with an upbeat feel throughout the entire piece. The track starts off v the lyrics “I never knew i was a lover” and also then the goes on to define the points he observes and gains native being about a specific woman. In this lyric, the depiction of remote love can finest be seen. He then goes on to describe that that is not “from Barcelona or even from Madrid” and that he is in reality from the north Pole. With this, he sings the being from the phibìc Pole “can mess up any type of kid”. I think the this addresses the lengthy periods that darkness which have the right to lead come Seasonal Affective Disorder, a kind of seasonal depression. That contrasts this feeling with the emotion of the sunny Spain i beg your pardon is also a metaphor for the uplifting feel this woman brings him. He climate jumps right into the chorus whereby he sings around the reinvention that himself v this woman and also that because of this he is willing to and wants to it is in “the King of Spain”. This is a more representation the the joy that the mrs he is singing about brings him. He later on goes ~ above to song “all the senioritas sighing will certainly be the fountain of mine lies”. This lyric exemplifies the truth that the male isn’t actually the “King the Spain”, and also that this head he is placing on is all a ruse. However, after this, that goes ago into to sing the chorus stating that thus woman, that is willing to be someone else, someone that in his mind, is far better than the phibìc Pole “kid” the he really is. Toward the end, that goes ~ above to song that this woman begins to “stab in ~ illusion”, mirroring that she is beginning to gift him ago to that he really is. After this, that goes ~ above to sing that since this woman “named together her lover” the he believed “he can be anything”. This mirrors that probably the woman has been deceiving the the entire time. However, when again, the chorus stating that because of this woman he can reinvent his surname which mirrors that in spite of the love that might have died, that still has discovered a brand-new man in ~ himself.

Overall, ns really favor this song. The beat is uplifting and I think in spite of the ending, the song is still an extremely sweet. Kudos come The Tallest guy on earth for reinventing himself.

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