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"Come on, take it the bait, you recognize you desire it."The King the the Hill price quotes Page: "Jumpin" cracked Bass" Click right here to return to the Main price quotes Page price quotes from "Jumpin" Crack bass (It"s a Gas, Gas, Gas)"Written by Alan Cohen & Alan FreedlandDirected through Gary McCarverHANK: us don"t fish because that the fish. Ninety percent the what i like around this sport -- and also it is a sport -- is sitting in the watercraft doing nothing. And also the icing on the cake is when God smiles on you and also you hook one. And then when you"re reeling it in, every little thing else falls away. Girlfriend don"t think about taxes or web traffic or that pushy gal that"s do the efforts to get into the Citadel or who"s going come take care of you as soon as your mother and I room old and incapacitated. All there is is a man, a rod, a lake and also a fish. And also it every starts through a hand-dug American worm.BOBBY: Uh, Dad...? that is going come take care of me?JUDGE: Billy ray Walters, you"ve gotten in a plea that guilty. Have actually your legal rights been described to you?HANK (to Peggy): "Rights?" This far better not be among them Carter appointee judges.PEGGY: Honey, patience down. If you have a stroke, who will aid me take treatment of Bobby?LUANNE: sometimes I get stressed the end in the beauty school -- girlfriend know, with all the combing and also politics. And I just do yoga. I deserve to put my feet increase behind mine head. Want me to show you?HANK: Aaaah! No! save your legs below your waist, for God"s sakes!DALE: You and also your worms room fishing in the past, Hank, in the job of black-and-white television and also a democratically elected Congress.RAY: You ever before hear that a guy named Jack?HANK: Well, I visited high school with a male named --RAY: No, no, this guy never went to school, he prospered up in the hills. Yet he created the book on homemade bait. "Course it"s just a bunch that scribbles "cause he never went come school.HANK: room you Jack?PUSHER: I got your Jack right here, Jack.BILL: I like beer, Hank. Don"t you prefer beer? ns mean, ns love beer.BOOMHAUER: Man, that"s quick, man, talkin" "bout Hank"s the man, man, dang ol" fishin" magician, man.HANK: Well, now, this is the dangdest thing. This is the very same fish I simply threw back.DALE: Don"t lie come us, friend, "cause once you lie, you make an ass out of you and me.BOOMHAUER: Yeah, Hank, don"t be bogartin" that dang ol" bait, man.BOBBY: can I have some an ext butter because that my pancakes?HANK: That"s it! I"m walk fishing!HANK: Come on, take it the bait, you understand you want it.HANK: Dale, what space you doing here?DALE: I followed you. Every twist and also every turn. By the way, I"m walk to must follow friend home.LAWYER: Mr. Hill, this bass-fishing defence isn"t walk to cut it. Hmm. Were you abused as a child?HANK: What? No!LAWYER: are you sure? Juries eat that up.HANK: maybe I need to tie that lengthy hair on her head to the brief hair on her ass and kick you under the street! ns told you, i am no a doper!LAWYER: Come on, Mr. Hill, we"ve all used drugs, even the president.HANK: no my chairman -- ns voted for Dole. Just thing he"s on is painkillers, and he deserve it.DALE: I perform not identify the authority of a court that hangs the gold-fringed flag. A flag with gilded edges is the flag of one admirality court. An admirality court signifies a navy court-martial. I cannot be court-martialled twice. That is all.BOBBY: Objection, your honor! my dad doesn"t use drugs. The only thing he needs to be happy is fishing. Sustained.JUDGE: Gribble, this fish is frozen.DALE: I caught it. That"s my position.JUDGE: You shot something prefer that again and I"ll double your sentence.HANK: Dale, friend giblet-head, if you to be going to cheat, why did friend buy a frozen bass?DALE: I had a coupon.DALE: Don"t execute it, Hank. He"s currently caught us cheating once. He"ll double our sentence.HANK: I"m not cheating, Dale.

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