This quest automatically initiates after one week has passed because completing the ‘A friend In Need…’ quest. Go to Ledetchko and speak through Matthew and also Fritz around how castle are obtaining on with their brand-new job.

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Keep in mind that you should complete the quest as soon as the is caused in your log. If you fail to carry out so, the pursuit will expire within a couple of days.

Once girlfriend have found that things room not going well because that Matthew and also Fritz, you have a number of options to assist your friends. The an initial is by arranging a beating because that Old Thomas. This have the right to be done either through suggesting an ordered brawl (with dialogue alternative ‘Actually, no. They’ve had sufficient of you.’) or through ambushing the in the woods (with dialogue alternative ‘The Wren of course.’).

The 2nd option involves diplomacy. You deserve to speak through Old Thomas about the problem and suggest a pair of parting conditions; the he offer Matthew and also Fritz a few extra Groschen when their job is done, giving it is done well, and also that they stay away indigenous Jane (with dialogue choice ‘I desire there come be peace in the mill.’).

The third is more complicated, however results in Old cutting board leaving the mill altogether. Speak with Miller Oliver about how things room going through Matthew and also Fritz. When he knows they are good carpenters, the is likewise aware that the trouble through Old Thomas. Exhaust the dialogue options until you learn about the fatality of the miller’s son. Once you are done, Jane, the miller’s daughter, will speak come you and confirm your suspicions that thomas is up to something.

You can now pickpocket Old cutting board to discover a grubby scarf which as soon as belonged to the miller’s son. This is enough evidence to incriminate him, bring about Jane to face him and also ask that to leave the mill for good. Alternatively, you deserve to avoid telling Jane first and demand that he leave yourself, but Jane will certainly not be really happy the you did no tell her first.

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If you select to aid Matthew and also Fritz by incriminating Old Thomas, lock will remain on and work in ~ the mill for a short while. If you aid them through fighting through Old cutting board or agreeing the they need to leave after ~ their project is done, they will leave within a couple of days. Either way, lock will end up at the Inn in the Glade, whereby you deserve to speak to them for much more quests.